Crosses of Honor
Submitted by Carol Couch

APRIL 21, 1909

Mary West Chapter will bestow them upon Worthy Veterans

Times Herald:

The crosses for the veterans whose names are inclosed will be bestowed on Memorial Day, April 25, at Oakwood cemetery at 3 o'clock. We most earnestly desire that they all may be present to receive them, and we ask that you will kindly publish the list in a prominent place in your paper, so they will be sure to see it and come.
by Mrs. W.H. Lessing, President.

A. A. Beville, Company C, Fifty-First, Virginia Infantry
Reason Brown, Company K, Fourth Louisiana
F. R. Barrett, Company B, Thirty-fourth Alabama Infantry
S. J. Forsgard, Company C, Thirtieth Texas Cavalry
W. H. Gorman, Company F., Second Arkansas Cavalry
J. E. Hutto, Slaughter's Texas Cavalry
Frederick C. Karr, Company A, Thirty-second Missouri Infantry
W. H. Lessing, Company B, Fourth Texas, Hood's Brigade
George P. Lyon, Company A, Fifth Mounted
Daniel M. Moore, Company C, Thirtieth Texas Cavalry
J.H. Maggard, Company A, Fourth Alabama Infantry
S. D. Moore, Company C, Thirty-second Mississippi Infantry
Stephen N.Neal, Company H, Thirty-ninth Georgia Infantry
Jasop T. Rogers, Company F, Armstrong Battallion, Georgia Cavalry
Wm. J. Ross, Company E, Thirtieth Louisiana Infantry
L. B. Swain, Company A, Twenty-sixth Mississippi Cavalry
J. M. Sexton, Company H, Twentieth Mississippi Infantry
J.E. Sinclair, Company M, Texas Cavalry
Woodson T. White, Capt. Scott's Company, Home Gaurds, Florida
H. B. Williams, Company B, Fifteenth Texas Cavalry
R. B. Wilson, Company F, Eighth Mississippi Cavalry

McLennan County AHGP