Family Trees        
Descendants of William Mccann, Sr.
Generation No. 1
1. William1 Mccann, Sr. was born 1781 in Washington Co., PA, and died Bef. November 24, 1834 in Rush Co., Indiana. He married Mary Morris Bef. 1808 in Greene Co., Pa., daughter of Joseph Morris and Elisabeth LNU.
Notes for William Mccann, Sr.:
McCann Motto = "Virture grows under a Burden" Or "Virture Thrives under Oppression".
There was a James McCann in Whitely Twp., Greene Co. in 1810 c. This may be Laurence McCann's son James. Whitely Twp is due west of Greene Twp., and NW of Dunkard.There is the record of a James McCann marrying an Agnes Petty 9-5-1785 in Augusta Co., Va. This James may be the father of David b. 1775 who was the ferryman across the Mon in the Masontown area. It is very likely that this David is the father of William according to some tax assessment records. William m. a Martha Cline. The 1790 C. shows John McCann in Cumberland Township, Greene Co. with two male children under 16, and one female. It is on Mon River and across from German Twp. Around 1780 a John McCann's name and signature appeared on the petition to Cont. Congress for a new state to be called Westsylvania. This could be father of John McCann b. abt. 1790 who was m. to a Nancy and is on 1850 C. This John was a ferryman. (Misplaced source of this)
Greene Co. was created from Washington Co.
Date of birth about 1785. He probably moved from Pa. to Rush County, Indiana by 1830. It is not know whether he moved to Ill with the rest.
There was a William McCann on 1810 census for Green Co. Whitley Twp, Pa. This is probably not the same William. The census showed: 1 male 45 & up, 1 f. 26-45, 1 m. 16-26. l m. 10-16, l f. 1-16.
1820 census of Rush Co. Indiana does not show a William, however there is one in Greene Co., Whitley Township, Pa.
The 1830 Federal census for Rush Co. Indiana lists 3 households on the same pg.
Probate of the Estate of William ordered 11-24-1834; executed 12-14-1834; settled May 1836.
The 1840 Rush Co. census shows only a young William McCann.
The 1850 & 1860 census shows a son William born in PA. That William is 26-45 (which fits) and wife 26-45 (which fits) It has list of three boys, 2 less than 10 yr., and 1, 10-16. William should be 10 or 11, and Joe should be 9, (these fit as does l more boy. The census lists 2 girls less than 10 and 1girl 10-16. (all potentially fit).
The 1850 Rush Co. census has detailed Census. No older William listed, but son William is listed. His mother Mary age 61, born in Pa. is listed living with him.
In the 1860 census younger William & Joseph now in bond County, Illinois.
Daughter Lucretia was born about 1807 so presumably William and Mary married about 1805. Mary would have been 16.
These notes from Don Maxwell;
Probate of estate of William McCann, ordered Nov. 24, 1834; executed Dec. 14, 1834; settled May 1836.
Notes for Mary Morris:
1850 Census of Rush Co., Ind. showed wife of William McCann as "Mary"., age 61, as living with her son William McCann, Jr.
1860 Census of Greenville Twsp showed Mary McCann at age 72 (dob 1788) born in Pa.
Children of William Mccann and Mary Morris are:
2 i. David2 McCann.
3 ii. Elizabeth McCann. She married (1) John Kirkpatrick October 13, 1834 in Rush, Co., Indiana. She married (2) David Hardy May 19, 1842.
Notes for Elizabeth McCann:
Marriage of Elizbeth to John K. , Book 4;page 95, Rush Co., Indiana.
4 iii. Lavinia McCann.
5 iv. Mary A. McCann.
6 v. Nancy McCann.
+ 7 vi. Lucretia McCann, born June 19, 1808 in Pa.; died September 12, 1878 in Macoupin Co., Illinois bur Funderburk Cem. near Staunton..
+ 8 vii. William McCann, Jr., born 1810 in Washington Co., Pa.; died May 13, 1880 in Fillmore, Montgomery Co., Illionis.
+ 9 viii. Jane McCann, born 1812 in Pa.; died 1860 in Mercer, Mo..
+ 10 ix. Joseph W. McCann, born July 17, 1815 in PA. DOB fr. Augusta & Joseph Bible. Headstone says 7-15-1815; died November 25, 1883 in Moody TX , old Perry cem. Moody (S. of McGregor,Mclennan Co TX).
Generation No. 2
7. Lucretia2 McCann (William1) was born June 19, 1808 in Pa., and died September 12, 1878 in Macoupin Co., Illinois bur Funderburk Cem. near Staunton.. She married Absolumn Digman May 28, 1829 in Rush Co., Ind..
Notes for Lucretia McCann:
They married in Ind. and then moved to Ill. (One source says A. Digman went to Ill bet 1839 and 1841.
Value of husband's real estate on 1860 census was $2000 and his personal property at $469.
On the 1875 Platt map the Digman's is listed in Dorchester Township in Macoupin Co. (between Bunker Hill and Staunton Ill.
Cem. located farm road 050W, west of Staunton and North of Prairetown Rd., South of FM Road 1600e.
Children of Lucretia McCann and Absolumn Digman are:
11 i. Clarissa3 Digman, born April 27, 1830; died December 06, 1905 in Macoupin Co., Ill.. She married Issac Avery Funderburk.
12 ii. William Digman, born 1833 in Indiana.
13 iii. Henry Digman, born 1837 in Indiana.
+ 14 iv. Mary Ellen Digman, born 1839 in Hancock Co., Indiana (or Ohio); died Aft. 1920.
15 v. Francis Digman, born 1841 in Indiana.
16 vi. Martha Digman, born 1844 in Ill..
17 vii. Margaret Digman, born 1846 in Ill..
18 viii. George Digman, born 1848 in Ill..
19 ix. Lucretia Digman, born 1856 in Ill..
8. William2 McCann, Jr. (William1) was born 1810 in Washington Co., Pa., and died May 13, 1880 in Fillmore, Montgomery Co., Illionis. He married Phoebe Bebouts May 12, 1831 in Rush Co., Indiana.
Notes for William McCann, Jr.:
A source: Probate of William's Estate.
They were still in Ind. in 1850 per census, but were in Bond Co. Ill. by 1860 census. Margaret is 9 on Census hence they traveled to bond Co. between 1851 and 1860.
William had his mother Mary Morris McCann with him in 1860.
Notes for Phoebe Bebouts:
Diff. in name spelling (Peabody). see file notes.
On 1860 Census had born 1811.
Children of William McCann and Phoebe Bebouts are:
20 i. Elizabeth3 McCann, born 1832.
21 ii. Sarah McCann, born 1834. She married FNU West.
+ 22 iii. John McCann, born 1836 in ILL dob Ill census 1860.
23 iv. Martha A. McCann, born 1838.
24 v. Phoebe E. McCann, born October 02, 1839 in Ind.; died February 25, 1889 in Bond Co., ILL.. She married John M. Hampton May 01, 1862 in Bond Co., Ill..
Notes for Phoebe E. McCann:
On 1860 ILL c. w/ father William McCann & mother Phebe and siblings.
25 vi. Hannah McCann, born 1842. She married FNU Brown.
26 vii. Oliver P. McCann, born 1844 in Ind. DoB 1860 ILL census.
Notes for Oliver P. McCann:
Another Oliver P. is the son of Joseph W. McCann, b. 1845, and buried next to his parents in Moody Cemetery, near McGregor, McLennan Co.,Tx.
27 viii. Willis T. McCann, born 1845 in DOB 1860 ILL Census.
Notes for Willis T. McCann:
1860 Ill. Census has a Willis T. age 15, making him b. 1845. Is he same as Wilson b. 1847 in Ind. ?
+ 28 ix. Leah McCann, born 1848 in Ind. DoB from 1860 ILL census.
29 x. Margaret McCann, born 1851 in Ind. DOB from 1860 ILL census.
+ 30 xi. Mary McCann.
31 xii. Morgan McCann.
9. Jane2 McCann (William1) was born 1812 in Pa., and died 1860 in Mercer, Mo.. She married John Power October 14, 1834 in Rush Co., Ind..
Notes for Jane McCann:
A desc. of Jane is Donald Power Maxwell, Jr., M.D.
Children of Jane McCann and John Power are:
+ 32 i. Joseph3 Power, born 1836 in Rush, Indiana; died March 28, 1872 in Modena, Mercer, Mo..
33 ii. Leonidas Power, born 1838 in Rush/Hancock, Ind.. He married Martha Jane LNU.
34 iii. Nancy Power, born 1840.
35 iv. Sarilda Power, born 1842.
36 v. Orlina Power, born 1843.
37 vi. Andrew Power, born 1845; died August 08, 1920 in Mercer, Mo.. He married Elizabeth LNU.
38 vii. Mary S. Power, born 1846.
Notes for Mary S. Power:
Or Mary A.
+ 39 viii. Thomas Carson Power, born 1849 in Rush/Hancock, In..
40 ix. John W. Power, born 1851.
41 x. Margaret J. Power, born 1855 in Mercer Mo..
10. Joseph W.2 McCann (William1) was born July 17, 1815 in PA. DOB fr. Augusta & Joseph Bible. Headstone says 7-15-1815, and died November 25, 1883 in Moody TX , old Perry cem. Moody (S. of McGregor,Mclennan Co TX). He married Augusta Dorotha Ruther June 01, 1838 in Rush Co., Indiana, daughter of Ruther and FNU Ahrens.
Notes for Joseph W. McCann:
DOB & DOD from Joseph and Augusta's Bible. His D.O.B. on his headstone was July 17, 1815, and Bible was July 15, 1815. ? DOD same on both. He is buried in "old" Perry Cemetery located 2 miles NE of Moody, just south of McGregor, TX. It is now known as the Moody Cemetery. There were 5 graves together, Joseph, granddaughter Nora A., age 8 , 9-13-1883,(daughter of William Edward McCann and M.E); Thomas A. age 10; wife Augusta Dorothea; & son Oliver P.
Marriage in Their Bible was June 1, 1838.
1841 they were in Indiana according to children's dob, and in Illinois by 1843, according to children's births.
1854-1857 2 daughters were born and died in Illinois.
1860 they were on Bond Co., Illinois Census.
1880 Joseph and Augusta and son Oliver P. (35 yrs old) were listed on McLennan Co.,Texas Census. Listed age as 63 born PA, farmer. A.D. as 65 born in Hanover, and O.P. as 35, born in ILL. (Son William said his mother was born in Germany)
#222 ED 116 and also 249 ED 119. Oliver never married, and we have a (partially mouse eaten) journal he kept.
Joseph was listed on daughter Delilah Jane and husband James A. Hall's household in the same year. Joseph age was listed as 63 making dob as 1817 which is incorrect if his Bible and headstone are correct. ( I have his and Augusta's Bible)
Notes for Augusta Dorotha Ruther:
Family has letters written in German by Augusta.
Family history says Augusta family came from German on ship "York". Her Father's name was Ruther, her mother's maiden name was AHRENS. It could be the Ahrens that came on ship York or Ruther's or perhaps both. Family thought AHRENS.
DOB of 8-15-1813, & DOD of 7-22-1891 are from Her Bible, also written was age 77 years, 11mo. & 7 days. I have pictures of headstones in the old Perry Cemetery. The headstones were small new ones. (My family recently found Joseph and Augusta's Bible stored away, and were nice enough to give to me.)
1860 census showed her age as 44, making her dob 1816, which was evidently incorrect.
1880 census shows 1815, also incorrect, according to her own Bible.
9-8-1883 A letter to Aunt AUGUSTA from CARRIE in Harding College, Mexico, MO. Carrie says she had letter from Oliver (Aug. son, Carrie's cousin) saying ANNIE HALL (James A. & D. Jane's dau & Augusta's g. dau). 2. She says FRED is coming this month to the Fair (World).
10-11-1887 A letter to Aunt Augusta from Sophie, Mexico, MO. Sophie says 1. Ma is writing with me. 2. She wishes Oliver would and could bring Augusta to spend the winter. She could see her TX cousins ?? 3. Is Clara Hall (Augusta's g.dau) still staying with you. 4. Mentions Chris talking about GINA GOLIGHTLY. 5. Says her cousins are scattering, JOHN AHRENS moved to Michigan, Indiana. 6. Aunt ELIZA couldn't come as LESTER is sick. 7. HENRY & PETER have been out to see us but none of Peters family. 8. Grandpa comes a lot. 9. They have a lot of company from ILL. 9. EMMA ANGEL came to see them, remember when CASSIE and I went to see her. 11. We have a Protracted Meeting in ME Church - They call the Church Grove Chapel. It has 45 members now.
11-13-1887 A letter from ANNA RUTHER, Staunton, ILL. Dear Aunt Augusta. She mentions her (Anna's) grandfather. She asks if Aunt A. has heard from Aunt AHLERS. Says something about ?---and GOLIGHTLY and TENA moving to Kansas, and that he is hoisting for a mine. She mentions Uncle PETER and Aunt MOR---? visiting Stauton. She says she had a letter from ANNIE RUNGE ?? they live in Kansas and she teaches and she is 80 years old. She says she went to grandma's to attend --? Wedding for Uncle WILL and aunt ---?. She sent a pic. of BENNIE , 7 yrs old. He remembers you and speaks of the BALL you made for him. (D. Pete's ball was made by her). She says GEORGE & JOHNNIE go to school. Says grandfather sends his love. signed Anna Ruther.
2-27-1888 A Letter from Anna Ruther in Mexico, MO, to Aunt Augusta. Anna says, I will be 13 the 17th of April (born 1875) . She has lived "here" for 4 years. Schools are not good. She mentions CRESSIE a new daughter of her bro. CHRIS. EDNA RUTHER was 3 on the 12th. Chris lives on "OUR old place in Stauton. He has bought one third in a coal mine in SORENTA , CLOSE TO WHERE YOU USED TO LIVE.
We sold our place and bought it back 1 year later. CHRIS comes out about 4 or 5 times a year. Mr. GOLIGHTLY moved to __? Kansas. Little LESTER still stays with aunt ELIZA. He talks as good "GEARNANAS" as English. JOHNNE AHRENS and his wife lives at Effingham, ILL. and own a Lumber Yard. HENRY BORNHOLD doesn't stay here now, he stays with ?? AHRENS and works at lumber yard. Emil, our other hand left this winter. We now have 2 new hands. Germans. We like them right well. KARDLE AHRENS stay in grocery store in St. Louis. His brother JOHN is at home. He bought out his brother GEORGE and so John and his father now own the store.
10-28-1888 A letter from MAMIE AHRENS in Stauton ILL to her Aunt. 1. She says Aunt DORA is visiting. 2. Aunt MARY is sick. 3. We all go to school leaving only CARRIE & LESTRE at home with Momma. She says they have" no girl" and we do our own washing and sewing,
4. LESTRE can not speak plainly yet. CARRIE is nearly as tall as LESTRE. 5. They moved their stove from their "Summer Kitchen" into the house. 5. G'pa is well, EMMA is still using medicine. HENRY also still using medicine. PETER is bothered by rheumatism. ALBERT is tallest in Family. HANNA is feeling good. ANNA RUTHER has grown ?? is help to Aunt MARY. ANNA nor GEORGE RUTHER went to school this winter. signed Mamie Ahrens.
1900 McLennan Co., TX her son William E. listed on Census she was born in Germany.
Letter from Neice EMMA AHRENS from Stauton, ILL to dear Aunt. She asks @ALBERT McCANN's folks, and about WILL McCANN's folks. Asks if Cousin CLARA HALL is at your house again. Says Aunt RUTHER had her teeth pulled. Says ANNA RUTHER spent the day with them. Says I give George Ruther your regards. In same letter another person writes : Dear Aunt from MAURIE ? AHRENS. She asks "Did you know Geo. Kuhlencamp near Brighton's wife died and Aunt DORA wants one of their 5 children but father said no. Says CORA, JOHN's wife has been sick for 5 weeks. She is in St. Louis, at her home. WHO ?
Children of Joseph McCann and Augusta Ruther are:
+ 42 i. William Edward3 McCann, born January 01, 1840 in Indiana; died July 22, 1916.
+ 43 ii. Delilah Jane McCann, born July 02, 1841 in Indiana; died April 20, 1918 in Fisher Co. TX, bur. Oakwood Cem. Waco, Mclennan Co., TX.
44 iii. George C McCann, born April 09, 1843 in Ill. or Ind; died June 11, 1844 in Ill..
45 iv. Oliver P. McCann, born January 31, 1845 in Illoinis; died May 01, 1904 in Bur. Old Perry Cem. Moody, McLennan Co.TX..
Notes for Oliver P. McCann:
Oliver never married. Family member has a Journal he kept , and I have copies of letters he wrote his mother.
O.P. had receipt of taxes on 180 acres of land.
On 1860 Greenville Twsp, Ill Census
On 1880 McLennon Co. census. Living with parents ( listed age as age 35)
4-5- 188?? A letter with heading of So. Bosque from Oliver to his mother. Says he visited Cousin John who worked at Lieburries then on way ate with Jim Hall's and caught train to McGregor.
5-13-1883 A letter from OLIVER in So. Bosque, to his mother Augusta who is in Stauton, ILL. When he comes to get her (his mother) he plans to stay a month. He has finished planting and hauled lumber for his house. He stayed a night at Luis Grims. He said they called their little boy Luis. s. Luis Edward Hall's folks are well. Hall is working for Henichman's. Lonzo working for Grims. 3. He has not heard from anyone in ILL since he left. (probably after he left after taking mother and leaving her). 4. He was glad to hear from little OTTO and anxious to see him and rest of my cousins. 5. ALBERT & MARY went to LU McLLAINS ?? today. 6. LIDA and WILLIS have had measles. 7. WILL's folks are o.k. He bought a county right to get a Patent on a Pump. He was in McGregor yesterday. He is still prospering. Signed Oliver.
5-25-1883 A letter from Oliver to mother . Heading has Home & So. Bosque. He mentioned brother Lu McClain and stayed with Albert. Bro. Wil sent Perry to tell Oliver he had been hurt and Oliver stayed up with Will. Will's wife Margaret was to let them know about Will. Louis Grim D. Jane and Alonzo Hall came up on train today and will go back on leaving train.
6-10-1883 A letter from Oliver to mother Augusta who was visiting in ILL with uncle and aunt AHLER (s)? He talks about bro Albert and Bro Lu McClain (May be his sister Maria's husband) Uncle Thomas Bonner and Owen Bonner and wife. (The Bonner's were in-law's)
1883 In letter Oliver wrote he wanted to build his mother a house. Also said Uncle Oliver Ayers was to move to MGregor.
1883, April, In Letter Oliver wrote his mother, Augusta that "Sister Jane Hall is visiting brother Albert's family" . Also that Jim Hall was working for Hinchman's again.
1883 A letter from Oliver to mother had written at top of letter, " So. Bosque" .
1883 A letter from Cousin Carrie in Stanton to Cousin Oliver. An envelope dated 1883 from Mexico, MO.
4-6-1883 A letter from Oliver to his mother.
4-19-1883 A letter from Oliver to his mother. He was staying with his bro. ALBERT. ALBERT's baby is sick with congestion of the brain. the Doctor says he will not live. Brother WILL's folks are not well. MARGARET has chills and WILL is grunting, and little OLLIE has been sick. WILL is getting money for UNCLE AHLERS., but if uncle WILLIAM is coming to TX WILL says wait to see if Uncle AHLERS sends money to countinterest too, to put into bank, etc. He, (Oliver) talks about building a house for his mother for them to live together, but he doesn't want to live in McGregor.
4-22-1883 A letter, with heading So. Bosque, from Oliver to his mother (Augusta must have been visiting someone as he was in Mclennan Co.) It says Albert & Mary's baby boy died.was buried on 22nd at Old Perry Church Yard. He died of Minnigitus. Albert was Oliver's brother. He also says sister D. Jane Hall and sister Maria & bro. Louis ? McClain (Maria's husband ?) were with us.
6-25-1884 A letter from Sophie to Oliver. and Cousin Annie Lawrence in Waxahachie, TX.
12-2-1885 A letter to Cousin Oliver from Sophia P ?? Says her Ma received a letter from his mother Augusta. She mentions a Fred. She says her Ma said to ask about if he had heard from Aunt Ahlers since they went to KANSAS. HENRY AHRENS is attending college in ?Warrinton, MO. A Chris came to visit.
4-17-1887 A letter to Oliver from Cousin Sophia, Mexico Mo. It mentions his mother Augusta, Emma singing with her and wishes Oliver was there to sing with them. Mentions Rosa Ahrens and a Willie Ruther. Mentioned Clara Hall still being with him (Oliver).
12-19-1887 A Letter to Cousin Oliver from Marie. Karl received letter from Mary . Sister Dora in Mexico Mo, Christena in Lansing 4 miles from Leavenworth Kansas and her husband is engineer at St. Prison Coal Shaft. Peter and I were at Stauton ,,stayed one night at uncle John's and one night at Chris' On other side of letter was a letter in german from Marvin M. Ahrens.
1888 Have two receipts for taxes in McLennan Co. - O.P.'s.
1889 A letter from Oliver to mother, Augusta. Mentions he, Owen and Allice in Garden.
Someone wrote Oliver's death date as April 30, 1904, in his mother's Bible. His mother was already dead. My grandmother Nellie (Hall) Talley had this Bible. He is buried beside his parents, a niece, and (probably) a nephew in the "old Perry Cem" now known as Moody Cem. in community of Moody, Texas, just South of McGregor, TX in McLennan County.
46 v. Maria A. McCann, born August 03, 1847 in Ill.
Notes for Maria A. McCann:
Husband may have been a Louis McClain.
+ 47 vi. Augusta C. (Gussie) McCann, born March 25, 1849 in Ill; died December 18, 1928 in Waco, TX.
+ 48 vii. Albert Marion McCann, born January 09, 1851 in Illoinis; died 1931 in TX.
49 viii. Hellen McCann, born September 24, 1854 in Illoinis; died September 24, 1854 in Illoinis.
50 ix. Elnora McCann, born January 09, 1857 in Illoinis; died January 09, 1857 in Illoinis.
Generation No. 3
14. Mary Ellen3 Digman (Lucretia2 McCann, William1) was born 1839 in Hancock Co., Indiana (or Ohio), and died Aft. 1920. She married Issac J. Balmer June 13, 1863 in Stauton, Macoupin Co., IL..
Children of Mary Digman and Issac Balmer are:
51 i. Mary Lucretia4 Balmer, born May 28, 1872 in ILL; died May 10, 1926 in ILL. bur Elmwood cem, Litchfield, Montgomery Co., ILL. She married William Graves Calcott.
Notes for Mary Lucretia Balmer:
Cause of death, Breast Cancer.
52 ii. Mabel A. Balmer.
22. John3 McCann (William2, William1) was born 1836 in ILL dob Ill census 1860. He married Lydia June Scott in Bond Co., Ill..
Notes for John McCann:
1860 Ill. census lists him as a 25 yr old farmer b. in Ill.
Notes for Lydia June Scott:
1860 Ill. Census lists her as "Jane"., age 20, b. in Ill.
Child of John McCann and Lydia Scott is:
53 i. William34 McCann, born 1859.
28. Leah3 McCann (William2, William1) was born 1848 in Ind. DoB from 1860 ILL census. She married (1) John Wilson. She married (2) Samuel Boone Brockman Abt. 1864.
Children of Leah McCann and Samuel Brockman are:
54 i. Ambrose4 Brockman.
55 ii. Artemisia Brockman.
56 iii. Jesse Walter Brockman.
57 iv. Samuel Francis Brockman.
30. Mary3 McCann (William2, William1). She married William Baker.
Notes for William Baker:
No wife listed on 1860 census.Was she already dead??? He and son John age 3, are listed with William McCann, jr. Also listed on William McCann Jr. is his mother Mary Morris McCann. (William McCann Sr. had dau named Mary A. McCann. I do not have her husband.)
Child of Mary McCann and William Baker is:
58 i. John4 Baker, born 1857 in Ind. DOB per 1860 census.
32. Joseph3 Power (Jane2 McCann, William1) was born 1836 in Rush, Indiana, and died March 28, 1872 in Modena, Mercer, Mo.. He married Mary Hannah Milner December 08, 1864 in Mercer, Mo..
Children of Joseph Power and Mary Milner are:
59 i. James Henry4 Power, born September 18, 1865 in Modena, Mercer Co., Mo.; died November 15, 1937 in Okla. City, Ok.. He married Sarah Ellen Rogers December 12, 1895 in Raton, Colfax, N.M..
60 ii. Rosetta A. Power, born January 07, 1867 in Modena, Mercer, Mo.; died Abt. October 08, 1934 in Bazaar, Kansas. She married FNU Jackson.
61 iii. Mary S. Power, born April 13, 1869 in Modena, MercerMo.; died October 04, 1934 in Cottonwood, Kansas.
62 iv. Margaret Florence Power, born April 11, 1871. She married Llewellyn Peck.
39. Thomas Carson3 Power (Jane2 McCann, William1) was born 1849 in Rush/Hancock, In.. He married Susan Hamilton.
Children of Thomas Power and Susan Hamilton are:
63 i. Rose4 Power.
64 ii. Walker Power.
65 iii. Sadie Power.
66 iv. Stella Power.
67 v. Martha Power.
68 vi. Lula Power.
69 vii. Bessie2 Power.
70 viii. Jesse Power.
71 ix. Neil Power.
72 x. Gladys Power.
42. William Edward3 McCann (Joseph W.2, William1) was born January 01, 1840 in Indiana, and died July 22, 1916. He married Margaret E. LNU 1882 in In TX in 1883 (c. has they had 10 child) 2nd m. ??.
Notes for William Edward McCann:
His Date of Birth (1-1-1840) and Date of Death (7-22-1916) is from his parents Bible.
1860 Ill. census shows him as 21 in July, and born in Ill instead of Indiana.
8-12-1861 Enlisted from Bond Co., ILL; Co. D. 3rd Calv. (Union) . Distinguished Service Unit #247. Mustered out 9-5-1864 as full Corporal. He applied for pension of Ill Calv. while living in TX.
In 1875 his young daughter, Nora, was buried next to William's parents in the "old Perry Cem", Moody, South of McGregor, in McLennan Co.,TX.
In 1879 he was in Waco, McLennan Co.,TX per a Promissory Note.
Certificate for land in McLennan Co., section 13, abstract 1052, and final title is Patent 265 Vo. 3.
In 1879 a note to Sallie L. Winn or bearer, was cancelled. W.E. McCann , Waco, TX. J. 9th, 1879.
In 1880 he was on McLennan, County TX. Census.
1880 census showed him age 40, as a farmer, and born in Indiana, instead of Illinois as 1860 census showed.
5-25-1883 In letter from his brother Oliver to his mother, Oliver mentioned Will being hurt and Will sent PERRY to tell Oliver and Oliver stayed up with Will. Margaret (wife) was to let them know about Will. (Who is Perry? Did he have a son named Perry??)
In the 1884 "Gazelleer" McGregor Directory, it had William listed as owning a cotton gin.
It also listed a William E. McCann as a minister.
1900 McLennan Co. census Vol 76, ED 87, sheet 10, line 96 shows b. Jan 1840 age 60, mar. 18 yrs. He born Ind. His father born UNK, and his mother born in Germany, Occupation Teamster, Can read and write, owns his house and farm free and clear.
1900 census has he is 60 yrs old and married 18 yrs. Was he m. before ? What about Nora, buried w/family in old Perry Cem. Said dau of W.E. & M.E. McCann.
Notes for Margaret E. LNU:
1900 McL. Co., TX census shows married 18 yrs., had 10 children with 7 living in 1900. Father b. NC, mother b. SC, Cannot read or write.
If she had been married to W.E. McCann only 18 yrs then what about Nora, listed as dau of W.E. and M.E. McCann in Cem. Books. Buried in old Perry Cem. McGregor, McLennan Co., TX. Is she step-dau or dau to M.E.?
Children of William McCann and Margaret LNU are:
73 i. Nora4 McCann, born September 02, 1875 in Calculated from 8 yr and 11 days of age at time of death; died September 13, 1883 in Buried - old Perry Cem., Moody, McLennan Co.TX (near McGregor).
Notes for Nora McCann:
Listed as daughter of W.E. and M.eCann. in Cem. Books.
74 ii. Lillie McCann, born July 1885 in TX (1900 Census).
75 iii. Iva McCann, born April 1888 in TX (1900 Census).
76 iv. Emmey E. McCann, born September 1890.
77 v. George E. McCann, born November 1892.
43. Delilah Jane3 McCann (Joseph W.2, William1) was born July 02, 1841 in Indiana, and died April 20, 1918 in Fisher Co. TX, bur. Oakwood Cem. Waco, Mclennan Co., TX. She married James A. Hall March 05, 1863 in Bond Co., Greenville, Illinois, son of John Hall and FNU Mueller.
Notes for Delilah Jane McCann:
On 1860 Greenville Twsp, Ill. Census. Shows born in Illinois. All other Census show INDIANA.
1863 Date of Marriage License Bond County, ILL, March 4, 1863.
1863 Copy Marriage Certificate Bond Co., Illinois. Dated March 5th, 1863.
In Delilah's daughter Mary's Bible she had Delilah born in INDIANA.
1870 On Coryell Co., TX Census.
1880 On McLennan Co., TX Census.
4-30-1883 A letter from D. JANE to her mother Augusta Ruther McCAnn. D. J. says Oliver went home yesterday. 2. Sympthizes with ALBERT & MARY for loss of baby (BERTIE). (Albert is D.J.'s bro) 3. Lonzo (her son J. Alonzo) is working for LOUIS. ? 4. CLARA (her dau) is still trying to work. 5. Measles are still on the go. 6. Talks about her garden and roses and Lebanon Cedars and how hey have grown.
1892 A letter to NIECE Jane from AUNT SARAH J. AKINS of Waxahachie, TX.
1893 A letter to J.A. Hall from Mineral Wells, TX. Evidently they bought and sold Mineral Water or something from a doctor in Mineral Wells. There was a Mineral Spring there.
1893 A letter to D. Jane from a granddaughter , no other signature. On back of envelope, not an address area had scribbled "2926 Scoddrd ?? Street St. Louis, Mo" (May have been Clara?)
(no year) A Letter from Cousin Hannah to D. Jane, included was a letter from Aunt Sarah J. Akins to D. Jane. Sarah lives with dau Hannah and Louis Lawrence. They lived in Waxahachie. Sarah calls D. Jane's husband, "Jim" James A. Hall, Hannah's Cousin (so they must be related to the Hall side, not McCann). Also Rebecca, James A.'s mother or step-mother called this Sarah James's aunt. Could she be John's sister?? Sarah also mentions she has "another" dau living in Wallesville in Chambers Co. ? and doesn't know where John is, probably around Gulf.
1894 A Letter from REBBECA Hall 1905 Lucas Ave. St. L., Mo. to granddaughter CLARA. (D. Jane's Daughter). She mentioned LIZZIE (ANNIE Lawrence's sister) in Waxahachie, TX.
1894 A letter to Cousin Jane from Hannah Lawrence. Talks about sister Lizzie and Bert Hall. Aunt Sarah sends her love. She asks if she hears from St.Louis. Asks if she likes house plants, and say hello to dear cousin Jim. (James A.)
1896 & 1897 D. Jane in McGregor per letters.
9-10-1901 A letter to Daughter Clara from "Cousin Ivy" 1808 Bacon St. St. Louis saying "Grandma is dead" It is Rebecca Hall, John's Widow. She also mentioned Elsie, Orlando, Loretto & Celeste, Della & Papa & Mama.??
1907 D. J. in Sweetwater.
1910 A letter from Mary in Claytonville (prob. Mary Hall, Bert's dau living with her uncle Lon Hall) to Grandma D. Jane in Sweetwater.
1910 On Nolan Co., TX Census. She was living with son Albert (BERT).
1911 A Postcard from daughter Nellie to D.Jane in Merkel, Rt 5.
1911 Letter to D. Jane from Clara % Logan, ( Logan is her daughter Izella's married name & D.J. stayed with her.) (has Dora TX also??)
1912 D.J. in Sweetwater, Nolan Co., TX with her daughter Izella Logan.
1913 Card from Nellie to D. J. in Sweetwater.
1913 Card from granddaughter Annie Ensminger to D.J. in Sweetwater (Post mark Dora, TX.)
1913 Card from Frances in Gillespie, ILL.
Dec 1914 A letter from FRANCES L. AHRENS of GILLESPIE ILL. she said she saw Harm Adkins (Clara's husband) and Uncle CHRIS in STAUTON.
1914 Card from granddaughter Burnice to D. J. at Claytonville, signed from Burnice daddy's little girl.(Burnice was dau of Mary Ellen Whiseanant)
1914 Card from Marie to D.J. & Izella (Whiz g.dau)
1914 Card from Bailey (Whis,g'dau)
1914 A Card from Helen (Whis-g.dau)
1914 A card from Rosa to D.J. addressed % her son Alonzo Hall in Claytonville.
1918, Delilah was living with her daughter Clara in Capitola-Claytonville Community in Fisher County when she died. Earlier she had lived with her son Alonzo. Date of her death, April 20, 1918, is from her parents Bible that some of the family filled in (probably my grandmother Nellie Hall Talley) and from her funeral home obit. (I have both the Bible and the Obit.) On April 22nd she was buried in Oakwood Cemetery in Waco. Address is 2145 South 5th, Lot #20, Blk #3. Her husband James Hall is buried there, as well as other members of the McCann family. The Oakwood Cemetery book had Delilah Jane with a "Name Unknown" buried next to her. There were originally 12 Hall spaces, but after 50 years of non-contact by family the unused reverted back to the City. Her headstone dates are incorrect, if you use her parents Bible and the funeral home obituary, which I have. Her granddaughter Marie had the headstone put up in year 2000. She was in her mid 80's, and the dates are wrong.
Her Birth registered in her parents Bible.
Marriage license from Illinois.
Death Record from Roby, Fisher Co., Texas.
Her Name and date of burial from Oakwood Cemetery Book.
Her Obit. in Glass from Funeral Home.
Relatives from letters:
Uncle Ahlers
Sarah J. Akins is Aunt
Carrie is Cousin to D. Jane
Marie is cousin to D. Jane
Annie Lawrence is cousin to D. Jane
W.H. Ruther is cousin to Delilah Jane.
Hannah (Mrs. Louis Lawrence) is cousin to D. Jane (Sarah J. Akins dau)
Sarah is cousin to D. Jane (she is Sarah Akins dau also Sarah)
Anna Ruther wrote AUNT Augusta so she is cousin of D. Jane. she mentions:
Uncle Peter & Aunt Mary
Grandfather sends love
Annie Runge in Kansas
John Ahrens moved to Michigan Ind.
Mamie Ahrens wrote AUNT AUGUSTA so she is cousin to D. JANE she mentions:
Aunt Dora
Aunt Mary
Anna & George Ruther
P.F. Ahrens of Stauton, ILL was Lumber Dealer. Have Business Card.
Notes for James A. Hall:
James was born in PA, per all Census. He listed PA as birth place of both his parents.
On 1850 PA census shows an 8 yr. old James A. Hall. Listed in census book in Alphabetical order, not with family. ?? This is correct age.
On 1860 Bond Co., ILL census it shows Mueller, Hall and Ingold in same household ?
In 1862 I found a 20 yr. old James A. Hall in Chester Bloom Post Office (What State , TN , see below,??)
Dec. 1862 a 20 yr old James A. Hall enlisted in Conf. Army and deserted from Co. C. 8th TN Infantry. The book said desertion date unknown". This found in Confederate Book of Desertions. The P.O. was listed as Chestnut Bloom. It is unknown if this is OUR James A. Hall, but fits.
On Internet - Bushnell, Ill Two James A. Hall's shown. One enlistment date as 10-7-1862 and one date as 8-1-1862, listed as private in 119 Inf. Regemont, ILL One Deserted on 3-29-1863. ??
March-5-1863 James & Delilah Married in Greenville, Bond Co., ILL.
Nov. 30, 1863 his first child, Clara was born in ILL per census.
1865 2nd child Alonzo born in ILL per census.
1866 -1867 He and Delilah Jane and two children and came to Texas from Illinois by covered wagon along with others, I do not know all, but know some of the McCann's came along. They settled in the Waco area. >From dates of Children's births He was in ILL for James Alonzo's birth in 1866, and in Texas for Rebecca's birth in 1867.
Stories from his granddaughter, Marie, are that he hid under a feather mattress on the way to TX anytime another traveler was seen. She said it was told that there were hard feelings coming from the Civil War, and that they came to TX before the war was ended, but according to births of their children they did not come until after 1866 when James Alonzo was born in ILL. Family also said he had always said he did not have any family, when anything was said about the supposedly mother and sister left in St. Louis. (I think from my research, that this was his step-mother and the sisters were step-sisters. I know his mother was supposed to be a Mueller, per letters in the family, and word of mouth from relatives. This wife of his father was not a Mueller, but St. Clair. I think his mother died when he was small, and he did not have siblings. See his father's notes)
Family says he went on cattle drives as well as being a house builder.
On 1870 Coryell Co., Census. P.O. Gatesville, Coryell Co., TX. Shows James age 28, b. Pa. , Laborer; Delilah 29, born Ind. Clara age 6, b. in ILL.; James Alonzo age 4, born ILL.; Rebecca age 3 born in TX.
On 1880 McLennan Co., Texas Census. Moody community. On census it shows he was born PA, and his age as 38. (Coryell Co. adjoins Mclennan Co.)
1893 A letter from Rebecca Hall to James A. from St. Louis.
On Rebecca's letterhead was embossed "DeKalb". ??
1896, At age 54 James fell from the roof of a house he was building and died. He was living in McLennan Co. at the time.
I have picture of headstone, but the dates are incorrect if you use the family Bible. The dates for his wife are also incorrect using the Bible, her obit, and the courthouse death records. There was no headstone until the year 2000 when their elderly granddaughter Marie had this one put up. I do not know where the error was made.
Burial in Oakwood Cemetery in Waco, McLennan Co., Texas, Block 3, Lot 20. (see notes on Delilah Jane)
A loan note for a coffin and burial robe to Cunningham Hagen at McGregor, TX. signed by Albert and Lon (Alonzo) for $30.00 dated 8-26-1896. Record shows he died on 25th.
9-8-1900 (After James A. Jim had died ??) A letter from John Ahrens of Warren TX, (Tyler Co., I think) He mentions sister ANNIE and also mentions JOHN ST CLARE (Is this relative of Rebecca's?) He says he came to TX in 1859.
Wife D.J. rec'd letter from Ollie Schwenk 2928 Cass Ave. St. Louis, Mo. called herself D. Jane's neice. (Think this is Rebecca's dau)
Children of Delilah McCann and James Hall are:
78 i. Clara Edwardena4 Hall, born November 30, 1863 in Ill.; died October 13, 1921 in Fisher Co., Texas -- no children. She married (1) John Pinkerton July 16, 1900. She married (2) Harmon Adkins January 14, 1906. She married (3) H.T. Patterson July 01, 1917.
Notes for Clara Edwardena Hall:
Clara was born in Ill per census, in Mo. per her sister Mary's bible. Some of the older family say Clara spent most of her youth in St. Louis, Mo. with her Grandfather John Albert Hall and his wife Rebecca. (I think this Rebecca was John's second wife, and not the mother of our James A. Hall. There were three girls in this family, which I am not sure were John's. There is a tin-type photo of just John and his granddaughter Clara when she was about 9 or 10 years old.
On 1880 TX Census shows she was born 1863 in Ill. Showed age as 17.
1901 A letter to Cousin Clara from Ivey, return address 1808 Bacon St., St. Louis, Mo.
Clara married John G. Pinkerton 7-16-1900. After his death she married Harmon Adkins 1-14-1906. Harmon was a brother to Mary Elizabeth Adkins( Dunlap) (Bonner). Clara was married to Harmon Adkins when she took her brother Bert's children (Lee and Metta) following the death of their mother. When Lee was grown he married Mary Elizabeth Adkins Dunlap's daughter, Alba Dunlap.
After Harmon died Clara married H. T. Patterson July l, 1917.
She did not have any children.
Clara's mother Delilah Jane (McCann) Hall was living with her when Delilah died in 1918.
1920 Census Fisher Co. TX shows her nephew Lee age 20, and Neice Meta age 15 still living with her. She was a widow.
Notes for Harmon Adkins:
Harmon Adkins was a brother to Alba Dunlap Hall's grandmother. (that Grandmother married a Bonner) (Alba was S. Lee Hall's wife)
79 ii. James Alonzo Hall, born May 12, 1865 in Illinois; died January 11, 1939 in Fisher Co., Tx.. He married Beulah Toliver August 19, 1891 in Texas.
Notes for James Alonzo Hall:
Birthplace per his sister Mary's bible is St. Louis, Mo. but all Texas Census has Ill.
Uncle "Lon" was a farmer.
Uncle Lon and Aunt Buelah reared one of his brother Bert's daughter, after Bert's wife died.
Notes for Beulah Toliver:
Family information is 1876, and headstone says 1878.
80 iii. Anna Rebbecca Hall, born August 03, 1867 in McLennan Co., Tx.; died September 1883.
Notes for Anna Rebbecca Hall:
Alba Hall's records show b. 8-3-1867.
Anna is on 1880 TX Census b. in ILL age 13 on this census, which would be 1867.
Anna and little sister Emma died days apart. Emma had a high fever.
81 iv. Joseph Oliver S. Hall, born January 03, 1870 in Coryell Co., TX.; died February 23, 1870 in Buried in Coryell Co., TX, Date per family, but Cem. bk had May..
Notes for Joseph Oliver S. Hall:
Baby was about one month old. He was buried in Coryell County instead of McLennan Co. (they border).
Most McCann's buried in Oakwood Cemetery in Waco.
Alba Hall's records say b. 1-31-1870, instead of 1-3-1870.
82 v. Izella Jane Hall, born April 09, 1871 in McLennan or Coryell County,Texas; died July 18, 1948 in Texas. She married Luther H. Logan December 14, 1911.
Notes for Izella Jane Hall:
Izella had no children.
83 vi. Ida Augusta (Gussie) Hall, born July 04, 1873 in McLennan or Coryell County, Texas; died August 03, 1898 in McGregor, McLennan Co., TX. She married Ben. C. Twitty May 03, 1898 in McLennan Co.,, TX.
Notes for Ida Augusta (Gussie) Hall:
She was born in Texas per census. Family say she was pregnant with her first child when she died, and think that was the cause of her death.
84 vii. Albert Galatin (Bert) Hall, born March 26, 1875 in McLennan or Coryell County, Texas; died October 12, 1949 in Ft. Worth, Texas, buried Sweetwater. He married (1) Thella Avon Morgan August 14, 1898. He married (2) Huntis Caffey 1916.
Notes for Albert Galatin (Bert) Hall:
Albert was born in Ill. ( per 1880 TX. census) (roll 1318, ED 119, line 20)
1910 Nolan Co., TX Census ED 175 Supervisor 16, Sheet 4 a under 965. Bert listed as age 35 widowed, worked as general labor; with sister Izella age 39, work as owner Steam Laundry; and mother Delilah age 60. Age 60 is error. Widow and has own income.
After his First wife died "Bert" married Mrs. Huntis Caffee in 1916.
His children were reared by his sister Clara and her husband, and his brother Alonzo and his wife Beulah.
Date of Bert's death date is from Alba Hall's records. Alba was Bert's daughter-in-law. He died in Ft. Worth, but was buried in old Sweetwater Cemetery beside his son S.Lee Hall and family.
Notes for Thella Avon Morgan:
Thella died in childbirth.
85 viii. Emma Christine Hall, born May 18, 1877 in McLennan or Coryell County, Texas; died September 17, 1883 in McLennan Co., TX.
Notes for Emma Christine Hall:
She was playing outside and came into house and someone noticed she had high fever. She died in a week. Family did not know what she had, but her sister Anna died a few days from her.
86 ix. Mary Ellen Hall, born March 20, 1879 in Mclennan Co. TX; died February 24, 1976 in Sweetwater, Nolan Co.,Texas. She married Ross L. Whisenant April 06, 1902 in Texas.
Notes for Mary Ellen Hall:
On 1920 Fisher Co., TX census Pct. 5, Slyvester, with husband age 42, rent. Children, Helen 16, Baily 15, Hazel 7, Jennie Marie 5, Carmeleta 3,
Mary was buried in Whisenant family plot, Newman, Texas.
87 x. George Walter Hall, born December 24, 1883 in McLennan County,Texas; died December 02, 1884 in Mclennan County, Tx..
88 xi. Nellie Laura Hall, born May 12, 1886 in McGregor, McLennon Co., Tx; died February 18, 1960 in Sweetwater, Nolan County, Texas. She married Robert Johnston Talley November 02, 1901 in Mclennon Co., TX.
Notes for Nellie Laura Hall:
Nellie was born in McGregor, Texas. Her parents were James Alonzo Hall and Delilah Jane McCann. She had dark curly hairy and hazel eyes. She married Robert J. Talley November 2, 1901 in McGregor with Church of Christ minister W.T. Cypert officiating. She was only 15 years old. Nellie had seven children. She had cancer of the Esophagus and died 2-18-1960 in Sweetwater. She was buried in the "old" Sweetwater Cemetery.
She was a member of the Church of Christ.
Marriage Certificate from McLennan Co., Texas
Death Certificate from Nolan Co., Texas. Bk 11, pg. 568
Obit from Sweetwater Reporter.
Notes for Robert Johnston Talley:
R.J. (Bob) was b. in Wilson Co., TN, He came to TX with his parents in 1898 and settled near Waco. He married Nellie Laura Hall in McGregor, TX in 1901 with C. of C. minister W.T. Cypert Officiating. He moved to Fisher Co., TX., 15 miles north of Sweetwater , in 1904. In 1944 he, Nellie, and granddaughter Clydelle moved to Sweetwater, Nolan Co., TX. He died there in 1972 following Hernia Surgery at age 94.
He had Blue Eyes and a full head of premature Gray hair. He was a tall and well built man.
He was a farmer, and a member of the Church of Christ.
Cause of death was Arteriosclerotic Heart disease. He never showed any signs of dementia, always loving and joking with everyone. He died intestate.
Birth Certificate bk 11, page 568 delayed. Nolan Co.
Marriage Certificate from Mclennan Co., Texas
Death Certificate from Nolan Co., Texas , Book 9, page38
Obit. from Sweetwater Reporter.
Buried in "old" Sweetwater Cemetery..
47. Augusta C. (Gussie)3 McCann (Joseph W.2, William1) was born March 25, 1849 in Ill, and died December 18, 1928 in Waco, TX. She married Louis E. Grim.
Notes for Augusta C. (Gussie) McCann:
"Aunt Gussie" as family called her married Louis Grim. Letters from family members mention the Grims.
These are Kathy Clark's Great Grandparents. (We met on internet).
Gussie's husband Louis Grim died young and Gussie cared for her mother in law as well as her children.
On 1860 Greenville Twsp, Illoinis Census dob 1849, b. in Illinois.
She was found listed in Waco, TX. cemetery book.
Notes for Louis E. Grim:
Found a Lewis Grim in So. Bosque Area. (we have unidentified picture of men with So. Bosque on it.?
A family story is that one time after he had married Gussie McCann he and Gussie had several families visiting. The men went off hunting and left their woman folk home. While the men were gone some dark skinned men, speaking something other than English came. The women were afraid and hid. The men started checking out different trees, finally chose one and began to dig. They dug up a metal "pot" and left with it. The story was told by Mary Hall Whiseant. Mary's mother was Delilah Jane McCann Hall.
Children of Augusta McCann and Louis Grim are:
89 i. Henry Wallace4 Grim. He married Unknown.
Notes for Henry Wallace Grim:
Family story is that Henry WALLACE Grim was tongue tied and one day he walked to town and talked to his grandpa Hall and his grandpa gave a dollar to go to the doctor and have his tongue snipped loose.
90 ii. Edd Grim.
91 iii. Lester Grim.
92 iv. James Albert Grim.
Notes for James Albert Grim:
James Albert is Kathy Clarks grandfather.
93 v. Robert Elmer Grim.
94 vi. Olive Grim.
48. Albert Marion3 McCann (Joseph W.2, William1) was born January 09, 1851 in Illoinis, and died 1931 in TX. He married Mary Elizabeth Bonner November 16, 1876 in Texas, daughter of Thomas Bonner and Elizabeth Dodson.
Notes for Albert Marion McCann:
1860 Census of Greenville Twsp, Illinois shows Albert born in Illinois in 1851, which is correct, making him 9 years old.
1880 Mclennan Co. census shows age as 26?. b. Ill . vol 23, EE119 sheet 10 line 20.
1880 census shows a dau. age 6 mo. not shown later.
1891 Letter from A.M. McCann to "Dear Brother" ?Oliver? Has to drive cattle to Sweetwater.
1900 Fisher Co. census shows born May 1851, 49 yr b. Ill , (father born in ILL (Wrong, PA) mother born in Germany, Pct 5 ED 168 sheet 6, line 76.
1910 Fisher Co., Census, Pct 5, Ed 168, line 76 has he owned farm free of mortgage. It showed his father Joseph W. born in Ill, but Josepth's Census has him being b. in Pa.
1910 Texas Census also shows Albert living with his son Owen. Perhaps working??(He was 59) Mary was not living with them, but she did not die until 1931 per Bonner family.
Notes for Mary Elizabeth Bonner:
Marriage date per 1900 Fisher Co., TX Census.
DOB from same 1900 Census. May 1859 in Tn.
Mary was sister to O.E. Bonner. O.E. was friend to Talley's, Hall's, etc, and preacher in Claytonville-Capitola community.
Also, Mary was Desmond Bonner's Aunt. Desmond was married to Hattie Hoskins Burnett Bonner. It was second marriage for both, after their first spouses died.
corresponded with Bonner desc. at e-mail
Children of Albert McCann and Mary Bonner are:
95 i. Owen Perry4 McCann, born August 25, 1877 in TX; died September 22, 1910 in Nolan Co, TX. He married Annie Belle Nunn January 1905.
Notes for Owen Perry McCann:
1900 Fisher Co. Census Vol 42 Sheet 6, Ed 168., pct 4, line 43 has him as age 22, and DOB August 1877. He was working for Joe Nunn as a laborer. He later married Anna Belle Nunn in 1905.
Have pictures of Owen and wife.
96 ii. Ada Pearl McCann, born March 28, 1884 in TX.; died April 27, 1962. She married Unknown.
Notes for Ada Pearl McCann:
1900 Fisher Co., TX show her b. March 1884 and being 16 years of age.
97 iii. Alice Lenora McCann, born April 28, 1880 in TX; died January 25, 1913. She married Ira Edmund Mauldin March 20, 1898.
98 iv. Bertie Erastus McCann, born September 09, 1882 in (Washington Ark?? unable to read); died April 20, 1883 in McLennon Co, TX.

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