Family Trees        

Submitted by Robert Kimble
Lydia Margaret Meek the wife of William Killian and mother of Rachel Killian, the wife of Robert Gifford.

1. Moses Meek b. 1811 TN d. 1852 TX
+ Rhoda Langston b. 1832 AR d. 1893 TX
2. Lydia Margaret Meek b. 1849 AR d. 1935 TX
+ William Killian b. 1842 TN d. 1919 TX
3. Rachel Killian b. 1885 IT d. 1975 CA
+ Robert Gifford
2. Noah Langston Meek b. 1850 AR d. 1919 TX
+ Ida Mae Rippley b. 1873 AR
3. Aaron Meek

Moses, Rhoda, Lydia and Noah can be found in the 1950 census of Milam County, TX. Moses was killed by Indians in 1852. William, Lydia and Lydia's brother Noah all lived in McLennan County and are buried their. Rhoda later married an Asa Bullard. Lydia lived with her mother and stepfather until she married William.

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