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The Scottsboro Citizen
Oct. 12, 1894, Thursday

Killed his father

On the 7th instant, in his own house and by his own son, William, without provocation. Gideon M. Gifford was shot and killed, dying in a few hours, William Gifford, the murderer, was at the time a fugitive from justice, he having escaped the vigilance of the officers. He was also under indictment in Franklin Co., Tenn. Gideon Gifford lived on Cumberland Mt. Near the Tenn. Line, and was over 80 years of age.

The Scottsboro Citizen
Oct, 18 1894, Thursday

Still at large

William Gifford, who so cruelly murdered his aged father, on the mountain near Francisco, last week, is still at large. He was heard of the other day at Town Creek, Ala., where he stayed all night at his sister's a Mrs. Nichols. He left early the next morning and stole his sister's horse.
It is said that Gifford has a brother living at Patrick, Lamar Co., Texas, and it is supposed that the fiend is going in that direction.

The Scottsboro Citizen
Oct. 25, 1894 Thursday

Wm. Gifford Suicides

William Gifford, who murdered his father on the 7th Instant, was arrested near his home on the 17th. He asked leave of the officers making the arrest to go by home to get a change of clothing, and on reaching the house he secretly took strychnine, and in a few hours was dead. He reached home with a horse stolen from his sister at Town Creek on the 13th, as related in you paper last week.

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