McLennan County, Texas
January 1908

JANUARY 03, 1908

Mrs. Angelene Davis, mother of W. P. and H. M. Gilbert, died rather suddenly  this morning shortly after 12 o'clock; at her residence, 717 South Third street She had suffered earlier in the night from an attack of indigestion, and a physician was called to relieve her. She seemed better and the physician was about ready to leave when she suddenly exclaimed that she felt nauseated and died almost immediately. Miss Angelene McMahan was born near Richmond, Texas, and married Benjamin R. Gilbert, who died during the civil war She afterwards married Bivian R. Davis who died in 1882. She was a daughter of T. H, McMahan, a prominent banker, and well-known citizen of Galveston some years ago. She is survived by her two sons, W. P. and H. M Gilbert, and five brothers, A. G, Frank, H.J.W., L. J. and T. H McMahan Jr. She was an earnest and enthusiastic worker in the Eastern Star, Pythian Sisters, and Daughters of the Confederacy. She was noted for her cheerful, generous disposition, and was loved by all who knew her. The funeral will take place from the residence, 717 South Third street, tomorrow afternoon at 3 o'clock, Rector E. A. Temple of St. Paul's officiating at the house and the Eastern Star conducting the service at the grave. The pallbearers are: Active-Dr A. F. Sontag, Dr J. B. French, Robert Lazenby, Richard Jurney. W. S. Lewis and M.T. Bell. Honorary-D, A Saunders, C. M. Henry. G. H. West, D. A. Kelly, Bart Moore and J. M. Douglass.

JANUARY 05, 1908

On New Years Day there was laid to rest the body of Mrs. Anson Jones in the Houston cemetery. Eighty-six years of age, Mrs. Jones had lived her allotted time, yet her death marks an era in Texas History, and the Daughters of the Republic lose one of their most revered members. Mrs. Jones was the surviving wife of the last president of the Republic of Texas.

JANUARY 08, 1908

Richmond, Fort Bend Co., Jan 7--- J. Bandat, a truck grower residing near here, died yesterday of injuries received during a runaway of his team the evening before. Mr. Bandat came here from France about fifteen years ago, and was one of the pioneer truckers of this section.

 Hallie Rogers, a negro girl, aged 14 years, died rather suddenly at her home, Seventh and Tennessee, yesterday morning as a result of heart failure, it is believed. An inquest was held by Judge Tom Dilworth, who will make known his decision in the matter tomorrow. The funeral took place this morning.

Mrs. Emma Nalley, aged 36 years, died at the residence of John Coats, who lives two miles from town on the Springfield road, at 5 o'clock this morning. Interment will take place this afternoon at 3 o'clock at Greenwood cemetery.

JANUARY 12, 1908

Whitney Messenger---A.G. McMahan was called to Waco on the morning of the third on account of the death of his sister, Mrs. Angelina Davis, widow of B.R. Davis, which occurred in that city on the night of January 2. Mrs. Davis had been sick only a short time, being attacked with acute indigestion and dying very suddenly. Interment took place on the fourth. Mrs. Davis was one of the landmarks of area having been prominently identified with the early history of the state, both before and after the civil war, during which time she lived in Galveston. She is survived by two sons, W.P. and H.M. Gilbert, sons of Waco. Mr. McMahan was accompanied to Waco by his sons, Emment and Paul.

JANUARY 13, 1908

Died Early this morning
Robert Hirschfield, aged 40 years, died this morning at 1 o'clock. He was a native of Germany and had not been in this country very long. The funeral took place from the mortuary chapel of Fall and Puckett this afternoon, the remains being interred in Greenwood.

JANUARY 16, 1908

Remains of Charlie Shaffer will be Laid to Rest in Oakwood
From his late residence, 200 Columbus street, the funeral of Charlie P. Shaffer, who died yesterday afternoon about 2:30, will take place today at 1 p.m., Rev. J.J. Grier, pastor of the Second Presbyterian church, conducted the services. The pall-bearers are Frank Pudig, J.L. Bergstrom, W.J. Geisler, Ed Schneider, G.D. Parl and W.A. Turner. The interment will occur at Oakwood Cemetery.
Besides the wife, he is survived by his mother, Mrs. Mary Lack, two brothers, W.A. and L.M. Shaffer, and one sister, Mrs. E.P. Massey. Though not expected, the demise of Charlie Shaffer brought sadness to many friends.
At one time he was galley boy in the office of the Day-Globe, resigning that position to accept a similar one in the office of the Democrat, a morning paper formerly published in this city. Among the members of the printing fraternity he had many acquaintances, who esteemed him for the noble qualities he possessed. Recently he spent a considerable portion of his time in Western Texas, believing that the climate in that section would be beneficial, but the relief was only temporary and he returned to Waco, the city of his birth, a few months ago.

JANUARY 18, 1908

Mrs. Marie Bargas, aged 38 years, died at her residence, 719 South Ninth street, last night at 10:50. She is survived by her husband and eight children. The funeral will take place this afternoon at 4 o'clock from the Church of the Assumption; Rev. Father P.J. Clancy officiating, the remains being interred in Holy Cross cemetery. Mrs. Bargas had not been ill long and her death came as a great blow to a devoted husband and children, who did everything possible for her comfort. She was a most estimable woman and labored incessantly for the betterment of others. Her death is sincerely mourned by a large circle of friends.

JANUARY 19, 1908

Two Dead and Others May Die- Officers Investigating Found Arsenic in Flour
Cameron, Tex., Jan 18---- Mr. C. Sauer and family of the Connolly community, about four miles east of Thorndale, were poisoned with arsenic last night, it is thought by the poison being placed in the flour that was cooked for supper. There were nine members of the family, and all were made very sick.
The father and the youngest child, the latter about nine years old, have died, and two other children may die. Justice Scales went to the place early this morning and reports having found arsenic in the house. It is not known whether the poison put in the flour was by accident or with murderous intent. Officers are investigating the matter. Mr. Sauer was a pool man. The tragedy is much regretted.

JANUARY 20, 1908

Josiah Barnes Dead
The funeral of Josiah Barnes, aged 61, whose death occurred Saturday Afternoon at the home of his brother, Willis Barnes, near Elm Mott, took place today at 2 p.m. , the remains being interred in White Rock cemetery. Mr. Barnes had been ill about a week, pneumonia being the cause of his demise. He was a well known resident of this county and his death is sincerely mourned by many friends.

A Recent Attack of Pneumonia Has Fatal Termination
T.A. Hooks, Sr., aged nearly 75 years, died at his residence, 617 South Ninth street, at 12:30 noon yesterday. He was stricken with pneumonia only a few days ago. The funeral will take place this afternoon at 4 o'clock, the remains being laid to rest in Oakwood. The pallbearers are: Active- Oscar Myre, Albert Coleman, Ed Starr, J.H. Stribling, Cal Sparks and J.H. Hutcherson. Honorary--Judge W.H. Jenkins, M.H. Standifer, T.H. Killingsworth, E.A. McKinney, Capt. J.D. Shaw, A.R. McCollum, Wm. Lambdin and Leigh Goodnight. It was not believed that Mr. Hooks' illness would have a fatal termination, and the news of his death has caused profound sorrow to his many friends. He had lived in Waco for many years, winning the esteem and respect of all classes. The sympathy of friends and acquaintances is tendered to the bereaved relatives.

JANUARY 22, 1908

Death Of Doctor Law
Popular Belton Physician Passes Away After a Brief Illness
Times-Herald Correspondence. Belton, Tex. Jan. 21. -The people of Belton were shocked this morning to learn of the death of Dr. Jarrette D. Law, which occurred at his home at 4 o'clock after an illness of only two or three days. Dr. Law's death has cast a deep gloom over the entire town, for to so many it comes as a deep personal loss, and many friends who have been encouraged by coming in contact with his life, will miss him and grieve over his sudden taking away. Dr. Law was about forty-five years old and had lived in Bell county all of his life. About ten years ago, he moved to Belton from Salado, and since that time he has been engaged in practicing medicine and has been a most successful physician. But it was as a man that drew his friends the closest-always ready to be charitable towards his fellowman, looking on the bright side of all things, kind, noble-hearted and helpful. Dr. J. D. Law leaves as his own monument, the memory of a splendid and useful life and a place in the hearts of his friends, which will never be effaced. The funeral services will be held tomorrow morning after which the body will be laid to rest In North Belton cemetery.

JANUARY 23, 1908

Tom Collins Dead
Tom Collins, whose home has been in Davenport, Iowa, and who has been in Waco for the past few months, died at 10:30 o'clock this morning at the Proctor House on Franklin street, corner Eighth, aged 31 years. He has been ill some time and his trouble was probably Bright's disease. A.A. Collins of Davenport, a brother of deceased, arrived in Waco last night and was with him this morning when the-end came. Deceased was a newspaperman and has done some work in Waco since he has been here. He was not generally known, owing to brief residence here, but he was esteemed by those who knew him. The remains will be shipped to Davenport tomorrow morning on the Katy Flyer and Interment will take place there. Collins was a single man.

JANUARY 24, 1908

Passed Away at 3:45 This Morning
Professor J. C. Hill, late of Gause, Texas, but formerly a resident of Waco, brother of Professor R. H. Hill, died at 5:46 o'clock this morning, after a brief illness, at 1609 Webster. Professor Hill and his family came here just a short time ago, for Professor Hill to teach in Hill's Business college, but they had not received all their furniture when he was taken sick. Mrs. Hill is also quite ill, and has a little boy just one day old. Deceased was about 44 years old, and will be recalled by many here. He was an excellent man, and made friends wherever he went. He was formerly in the grocery business here, later in school, and then went to Gause, where he has been for a few years. News of his death will cause sadness for all those who knew him. The funeral will take place at 9:30 o'clock tomorrow morning, interment at Oakwood Cemetery.

JANUARY 25, 1908

Burial of Mrs. Krejci
The funeral of Mrs. J.  Krejci who died suddenly Thursday night, occurred this morning at 9 o'clock from the Catholic church, Rev. Father Clancy officiating. The remains were burled in Holy Cross cemetery.

J.V. Smith Buried Today
Rev. Father P. J. Clancy conducted the services In connection with the obsequies of the late J. V. Smith, mention of whose death appeared in this paper yesterday at the Church of the Assumption this afternoon at 3 o'clock. Pallbearers were: W.D. Lacy. W. S Plunkett, Capt J. D. Shaw, W. H. Grider, Luke Moore, And Gen, Felix D. Robertson. Interment took place In Holy Cross cemetery. Friends of the deceased, who had resided in Waco for nearly half a century, were present in large numbers, a profusion of floral offerings covering the casket, these being sent by those who knew and esteemed this prominent and well known citizen.

JANUARY 30, 1908
Miss Bettie Moore Dead
Miss Bettie Moore, aged, 26 years, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Will Moore of 1822 Columbus street, died at 6 o'clock this morning at the family residence, rather unexpectedly. She had been In bad health for some time but
It was not thought, that her condition was serious, or that there was any immediate danger, hence her death came with more of a shock than might have been expected. Miss Bettie Moore was a member of the East Waco Baptist church and was a devoted Christian character; meeting cheerfully all the duties and opportunities of life, and news of her death will be received with real sorrow by all who knew her. She was the eldest of twelve children.
The funeral will take place at 10 o'clock tomorrow morning from the residence, conducted by Revs. E. Ammons and A. B. Ingram, interment at Oakwood cemetery. Following is a list of pallbearers: Active--Sim Sheppard, Robert Buchanan, Ross Barnard, Jim Wright, Earl Reed, and Cowan Pettigrew.
Honorary-John W. Baker, John Dollins, R.B. Dickey, Will Driscoll, W.H. Deaton and George Wallace.
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