McLennan County, Texas
March 1907

Friday March 1, 1907
Waco Daily Times Herald

Mrs. Sarah Brock Died Yesterday

    Mrs. Sarah Brock, aged 74 years, died at 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon at the family residence between China Springs and Valley Mills, after a short illness.
   The funeral will take place this afternoon at the Chapel Hill cemetery.  The chief trouble seemed to be old age and a general breaking down of health.  Mrs. Brock has been right active until within the last year or two, when her health began to break.  She was a woman who claimed the entire esteem of all who knew her.
   In this connection it might be stated that Isaac Brock, husband of Mrs. Sarah Brock, is the man who claims to be 116 years of age, and whose picture has appeared in many of the newspapers in connection with advertisements.  He has thus come to be very well known indeed.

Friday March 1, 1907
Waco Daily Times Herald

 Epperson's Body was Removed to Chicago

   The body of J. D. Epperson was yesterday afternoon exhumed and was taken to Chicago, his former home, accompanied by his wife and daughter.
   Mrs. Epperson came to Waco a few days ago, after having had considerable correspondence with Secretary Dickey and undertakes of the city, and after she had arranged for the removal of the body.  It was necessary to secure an order allowing the body to be removed, and this order was given by Mayor James R. Baker.
   Epperson was buried here about a year ago, a little less than a year in fact, and his family felt anxious to have the remains placed in the cemetery in Chicago, hence this will be done.  The remains were exhumed by Fall and Puckett, placed in a metallic case and consigned to Chicago.  Mrs. Epperson and her daughter left last night.
   Epperson was traveling in this section of Texas was stricken with pneumonia and died.

Saturday March 2, 1907
Waco Daily Times Herald

 Will Kizer Dead

   Will Kizer, aged 36 years, died at 4 o'clock this morning in Fort Worth, as the result of a stroke of paralysis received last spring, and from which he has been suffering ever since.  He was a railroad man and was traveling when he grew worse and death overtook him.
   The remains will be sent to Waco tonight over the Missouri, Kansas and Texas railroad, and the funeral will take place tomorrow afternoon at 3 o'clock, from the residence of his brother, Harvey Kizer, of 124 Edgefield, Border street.  Services will be conducted by Rev. L. W. Doolan and interment will take place at Oakwood cemetery.  

Sunday March 3, 1907
Waco Daily Times Herald

Mrs. Howell Dead

    Mrs. A. E. Howell died at the family residence No. 1716 Clay street, East Waco, yesterday afternoon at 2:40 o'clock.  She had been ill for some time and her death while not unexpected came as a great blow to the family.
   Deceased was a devoted member of the East Waco Baptist church and was much beloved by all who knew her.

Thursday March 7, 1907
Waco Daily Times Herald

Details of Death

   A letter has been received from the family of  R. L. Roberts of Amarillo, telling of the death of this little daughter, Gladys, which recently occurred in that city.  She had gone to play with some of the neighbor children, when one of them lighted the grass with a match. The little girl's dress caught fire and before it could be extinguished, she was so badly burned about the body that she died the next day.  She suffered intensely during the time and death was the only relief it seems.
   Mrs. Roberts, the mother of the little girl, is a sister of N. W. and F. M. Miller of this city, and the family formerly resided in Waco.  The many friends will be pained to hear of the tragic death of the little girl, and extend loving sympathy to the bereaved family.

Saturday March 9, 1907
Waco Daily Times Herald

Mrs. Felder Dead.

   Telegrams were received yesterday afternoon from Galveston telling of the death in that place of  Mrs. A. F. Felder, formerly of this city.
   Mrs. Felder died at 2:15, after an illness extending over a considerable period of time.  She was living in Waco with her husband until about six months ago, when Mr. Felder secured a position with the Galveston News and they removed to that city.  While in Waco, Mr. Felder was with Sanger and Ettleson.
   The news of Mrs. Felder's death caused profound sorrow in Waco, as she was known and loved by a large circle of friends, being a noble woman, always ready with her cheerful and kindly nature to help others.  It is thought that the funeral will take place in Galveston.

Saturday March 9, 1907
Waco Daily Times Herald

Funeral of Mrs. Brooks

The funeral of  Mrs. Annie Elizabeth Brooks, who died at the home of her sons, 405 South Fifth Street, was held yesterday at 3 o'clock and was well attended.  Rev. Matthews of the Fifth Street M. E. church officiated.  Interment was in Oakwood cemetery.  The family have the sympathy of a large circle of friends in this hour of sadness.

Sunday March 10, 1907
Waco Daily Times Herald

Rev. E. J. Adams Passed Away Yesterday

    Rev. E. J. Adams, formerly pastor of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, died at his residence yesterday afternoon at five o'clock, after a continued illness of several weeks duration.  While his death was not unexpected, it came as a great blow to his devoted wife, children, and the numerous friends in this city and elsewhere are greatly sorrowed over the untimely death of Rev. Adams.
   The deceased was born July 25, 1867 and resided in Gainesville for many years, having come from that city to Waco in 1903.  He accepted the pastorate of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church to succeed Rev. J. T. Malloy and continued in this position for two years.  He resigned in order to continue his studies of scientific questions, and to work on the numerous inventions that he was trying to perfect.
   Rev. Adams was a genius, and had secured a dozen or more patents.  One of the most prominent of the patents he secured was an electrical signal for railways, and it is believed that if it is ever perfected, it will cause a revolution in the management of trains.
   Besides this he patented a number of other mechanical contrivances, and was known throughout the country for his skill in mechanism and his researches in science.
   He was a man of a most genial disposition, and was loved and honored by all.  During his pastorate he was one whom all loved and revered, and his popularity was not confined to his own congregation by any means.  His ability as a minister, his reverence, deep devotion, and loyalty to his Maker were all conspicuous traits of this man, and were known of all men.  In his death, Christianity has lost one of its ablest defenders, and his family one that cannot be replaced.
   The funeral will be from the Cumberland Presbyterian Church this afternoon at four o'clock, Rev. E. E. Ingram officiating.  After the religious exercises, the remains will be turned over to the Masonic fraternity, of which he was a devoted member, and the services at the grave will be conducted by them.  The following are the pall bearers.  A. C. Prendergast, O. L. Stribling, W. S. Gillespie, J. M. Roberts, J. C. Stevenson, and Frank Crow.  Interment will be at Oakwood cemetery.

Sunday March 10, 1907
Waco Daily Times Herald

More about the Katy Wreck at Lorena

   The remains of  Harry Hughes, the engineer who was killed in the wreck of the Katy, were shipped to his home in Smithville yesterday afternoon.  The remains of Fred Pavner, the fireman, and A. G. Durfee, the brakeman, are still in the undertaking parlors of Fall and Puckett, and will likely be shipped today.  They are being held for investigation of a committee of the respective orders.  The remains of the dead fireman will be shipped to his home in Austin, while the remains of the brakeman will be shipped to his home in Smithton, Missouri.
   The trains are still detouring, and it will be this afternoon before the bridge broken in by the collision of the trains will be so trains can pass over it.

Saturday March 16, 1907
Waco Daily Times Herald

L. R. Cheatham Dead.

    L. R. Cheatham, aged 78 years, died at the family residence, 1313 North Tenth street, at 10 o'clock last night, after an illness of some duration, but the trouble was accentuated by his age, and it was impossible for him to rally from the break down in health.  He has received every attention, and medical skill did for him all that was possible, but death came last night.  He has lived in Waco for many years and held the esteem and confidence of all who knew him.
   He is the father of N. T. Cheatham, who is known in the business world of Waco.  The funeral will take place from the residence this afternoon at 3 o'clock.  Revs T. E. Armstrong and C. R. Wright, officiating.  After the services the Masons will take charge at the residence.  Internment will be at Oakwood Cemetery.

Tuesday, March 19, 1907
Waco Daily Times Herald

Mrs. Killough Dead.

   Mother of John M. Killough of Waco Passes Away at Center Point
 Mrs. Nancy Killough, relict of N. C. Killough and mother of John M. Killough of Waco, died at Center Point, Texas, Sunday, March 17, at 10:40 a.m.  Interment at San Marcos March 18.
   She buried her six oldest children in children and infancy and leaves seven other children to mourn her loss.
   Had she lived thirty-four days longer she would have been 80 years old.  She lived a widow more than twenty-three years.   She was a faithful and devoted wife and mother and a true Christian.

Wednesday, March 20, 1907
Waco Daily Times Herald

H. H. Coleman Dead

    Harrison H. Coleman, aged 64 years, died last night at 1004 South Sixth street.
   The funeral services will be held from the residence this afternoon at 4 o'clock.  Interment at Oakwood cemetery.  Mr. Coleman leaves a wife and children to mourn his loss.  He came here several months ago from Tennessee, and while he was here made many friends.  The Knights of Pythias will take part in the funeral exercises.

Wednesday March 20, 1907
Waco Daily Times Herald

Dr. Frank Dennis
Died Last Night

    Doctor Frank H. Dennis, age 68 years, died last night at the residence of his sister, Mrs. A. P. Coleman, of North Thirteenth street, after an illness of some time caused from cancer of the face.
   Doctor Dennis, who is the brother of R. T. and E. C. Ennis of this city, came here several weeks ago from Mobile, Ala., on account of his health, and has been here since.  He has grown gradually worse and worse until last night when the end came.  Within the past week it has been plainly evident that the end could not be long delayed.  Dr. Dennis was one of the valued citizens of Mobile, and has made may friends in Waco during the short time he has been in the city.
   Arrangements for the funeral have not yet  been made, as R. T. Dennis, who has been in New York, is now on his way home and will reach here either tonight or tomorrow.  Announcement can then be made as to the funeral.
   Doctor Dennis was a Mason and also a Confederate veteran.

Thursday March 21, 1907
Waco Daily Times Herald

Dr. F. H. Dennis

   The funeral of Dr. F. H. Dennis, whose death has already been announced will occur in the morning at 10 o'clock from the residence of his sister, Mrs. Coleman, at No. 802 North Thirteenth street, Rev. A. B. Ingram, pastor of the Columbus Street Baptist Church, will officiate at the funeral exercises, after which the remains will be turned over to the Masonic order, and the exercises at the grave will be conducted by the Masons.

Thursday, March 21, 1907
Waco Daily Times Herald

Chas. Beer
Died in New Orleans Today

   News was received this morning by the family of the sudden death in New Orleans of  Chas. Beer, the brother of Mrs. Sol Hirschberg, Misses Emma and Bella and Mr. Abe Beer.
   Mr. Beer formerly resided in Waco and is well known here.  He was in the cotton business when in Waco, and after leaving Waco he went to New Orleans, and has been connected with the well known cotton firm of H and B. Beer of the Crescent City.  He made a great success in New Orleans, and was known as one of the leading cotton men of that city.
   Mr. Beer was fifty-one years of age, and leaves a wife and one child to mourn his untimely death.  The older residents of Waco will all remember the deceased.  During his residence in this city he was quite popular with all.
Misses Emma and Bella and Mr. Abe Beer left over the Houston and Texas Central railway for New Orleans today to attend the funeral of their brother.  Mrs. Hirschberg being ill and not able to attend.
   The entire city will join in extending the family the sincerest condolences.

Saturday March 23, 1907
Waco Daily Times Herald

J. H. Delaney died Last Night

    Mr. J. H. Delaney died at this residence last night at 1:30 after a brief illness, aged 59 years.  He was taken sick yesterday a week ago, but has not been in bed more than a few days.  He suffered from a stroke of paralysis and a general collapse of the nervous system.
   He has been dangerously ill ever since he took his bed, and as indicated in these columns the chances seemed to be against his recovery.  Mr. Delaney has been a quiet, useful man, and his death will be generally regretted.  He has been in Waco for the past thirty-three years, coming to this country from the Isle of Man thirty-nine years ago.
   He has been engaged in the market business for thirty-two of the thirty-three years he has been in Waco, and has been in that same stand.  He leaves only his wife and a nephew, George A. Delaney, in Waco, though he has two or three brothers in other countries.    Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Roberts, parents of Mrs. Delaney, are coming from Denver to attend the funeral tomorrow afternoon.  The Odd Fellows will have charge of the exercises at the grave.  The funeral will take place at 4 o'clock from the residence, 1410 North Fifth Street, and Rev. W. H. Matthews, pastor of Fifth Street Methodist church, will officiate.  

Saturday March 23, 1907
Waco Daily Times Herald

 Eli Jones and Austin Hepperwood
Tragedy at a Saw Mill
Men Badly Injured by Explosion of Boiler of Mill

   Marlin, Texas.  March 22.  A boiler explosion occurred at the mill of the Brazos Hardwood Lumber company, near the International and Great Northern railroad tracks about six miles south of Marlin, at 11:50 o'clock today, resulting in the death of two men and three others being seriously hurt.
   Eli Jones, fireman and Austin Hepperwood, a laborer, both colored, were instantly killed and their bodies are badly mangled.
R. F. Pool, owner of the mill, had his right leg broken, his left food cut and sustained many bruises and is perhaps injured internally.
   Walter Poole, also white, who had charge of the saws, is thought to be in a precarious condition from injuries received about the head and internally.
Wesley Ramsey, colored, was wounded about the head and face and perhaps received injuries of an internal nature.
   Just what caused the explosion is not definitely known, but it is thought the boiler had run dry and cold water was then rushed into it.  Pieces of the boiler were blown several hundred feet and one piece struck a cotton wood tree about twenty-two inches in circumference, cutting it in two.
   The shed was completely demolished and brick and mortar from the furnace are scattered for 200 to 300 yards.  The mill was established last July and employed about thirty-five hands.

Monday March 25, 1907
Waco Daily Times Herald

Mrs. Romans Dead.

    Mrs. Elizabeth Romans, aged 43 years, died yesterday at 1 o'clock on Elm street in East Waco.
   The funeral took place at 11 o'clock this morning, interment at Greenwood cemetery.  She leaves a husband and several children to mourn her loss, besides a number of friends.
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