McLennan County, Texas
November 1912

NOVEMBER 08, 1912

 C. A. Nabors was called to Kosse Sunday afternoon by the death of his sister's six year old boy, Wallace Ward, son of Mr. and Mrs. S.H. Ward. He was accompanied by his wife and they remained for the funeral services, Monday afternoon.


To the Herald:
 Please announce the death of little Alva Newman Fife, son of Mr. and Mrs. Tiney Fife, Ben Hur. Little Newman was 3 years 3 months and 7 days of age when the death angel came Friday, November 1. He was such a bright child and everybody loved little Newman. He has gone to live with the angels in Heaven. Weep for him! why yes, papa and mama can't help it. But one sweet day, we may all join the Angel band and live with Little Newman forever where weeping and death will be no more. God bless the bereaved ones is my prayer.
T.W. Phillips

NOVEMBER 15, 1912

 Mr. and Mrs. Ray Mizelle returned from Crowley, Texas where Mrs. Mizell's father had died and was buried November 12. Further notice of his death will appear in our next issue.

NOVEMBER 15, 1912


We are truly grateful to the many friends of our dear son, in Mart and throughout Texas, for the many favors and kindnesses shown us during his illness and death. Eternity only can measure the gratitude of our hearts for every kind deed done for him and us in this bereavement of ours. We earnestly hope that we may meet every one of these kind friends in that home above, where there will be no more partings and Jesus will wipe away our tears.
Mr. and Mrs. W.T. Campbell


Rev. J. M. Adams, beloved pastor of the Methodist church in this city, died in the parsonage after a lingering illness of several months. The death of this good man and splendid citizen, although daily expected, was received with genuine regret by every citizen of Calvert, all of whom held him in the highest esteem and friendship, a remarkable exhibition of this feeling being shown Monday afternoon when the doors of every business establishment in this city were closed during the hours of the services and funeral. Another evidence of the high esteem in which deceased was held, was the large attendance of citizens at both the church and graveside.
The services, which were held in the church over which he had presided for three years, were simple and touching as were also those at the graveside, being fully in accord with the life and character of the deceased.
Interment was held at the old Mart Cemetery Monday afternoon at 4:30 o'clock.
The following visiting ministers were present: Rev. I.F. Betts, of Marlin; J.W. Bergin, of Marlin; Thomas, Brenham, Glenn Finn of Bryan; Whitehurst, Rockdale, Wootan, Rosebud.
An influential citizen, who was not identified with any branch of the church of God, said to the writer: " I have known Brother Adams, since he was a boy and I never heard a single word uttered against him, nor the slightest reflection on his moral character."
He loved his church with a sincere and unselfish love, and he trusted in his Lord with a simple and childlike faith that made him one of those of whom Christ said, "Of such is the Kingdom of Heaven."
Rejoice for a brother deceased,
Our loss is his infinite gain,
A soul out of prison released,
And free from its bodily chain.
With songs let us follow his flight,
And mount with the spirit above,
Escaped from the mansions of light,
And lodged in the Eden of love,
---Calvert Picayune
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