McLennan County, Texas
October 1905

Transcribed by Amanda Sipes

October 25, 1905
 Mt. Calm, Texas., Oct. 25--Deputy Marshall J.P. Callaway of this city was fatally stabbed last night while trying to arrest two young men and died this morning at 2:30 o'clock as a result of the injuries. He recieved several knife wounds, and one entered between the ribs on the left side, which proved to be fatal. The deputy marshall, who was on the streets, started to arrest Harman Horn and Jack Early on charge of drunkeness.  A fight was the result and one of the men drew his knife and attacked the officer with the above results. He made his escape and has not been apprehended as yet, though officers are making every possible effort to capture him.  The other young man is in the calaboose and is being held as an accomplice in the case.
The young men live in the city of Mt. Calm and are well known. The one under arrest is "Jack" Early, and a warrant has been issued for Harmon Horn, who is charged with the murder. He has not been apprehended.  Horn formerly lived in McLennan county, and has relatives living in Axtell.
Deputy Marshall Calloway leaves a wife and three children. He was well liked here and was a very popular officer. The funeral will take place tomorrow at the Gleet school house cemetery, near where he formerly resided.
Sherrif Tilley of this county was advised by telephone of the tragedy related above, also Chief of Police Dollins. These officers have been on the watch for the man who is charged with the murder of the deputy marshall at Mt. Calm.

October 26, 1905
Hammie Horn and Jack Early, charged by affidavit before Justice of the Peace J. Stanzil with the murder of Deputy City Marshall J.T. Caloway reached here last night on the Cotton Belt and took the Katy for Hillsboro this morning in the custody of City Marshal J.I. Sherman and Deputy Sheriff J.Y. McDonald.
The tragedy resulting in the death of Deputy City Marshall Calloway and the imprisoning of Horne and Early occurred on the night of the 24th instant at Mt. Calm, and was told in yesterday Times Herald.  The Mt. Calm officers named above arrested Early just after the affray, on the spot where it occurred. Horne was arrested yesterday afternoon near Axtell. His face was gashed, showing marks of a severe fight.  He says the deputy city marshall struck him in the face with the big end of a loaded buggy whip. Besides the prisoners the officers took with them from Mt. Calm to Hillsboro to be used in the prosecution, the bloody garments worn by the officer when he was slain.
The McLennan officers aided the Hill county officers in arresting Horn. As was stated in the dispatch in yesterday's Times Herald, Horn had relatives near Axtell and it was believed he would come to this county.
The two men were placed in the county jail last night and kept there until this morning and are now in the Hillsboro jail. It is expected that an examining trial will be held in Hillsboro in a short time.

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