Class of 1936 Bruceville-Eddy
Submitted by Leon Wilson

Row one (l to r)
1. Jake C. Diddle
2. Charles Abner Stone
3. Sammy (Sam) H. Taylor
4. Wendell Keetch
5. Curtis Kilgore

Row two (l to r)
6. Helen Honnel did not graduate (got married)
7. Lydia M. Miller
8. Gladys Cook
9. Beth Cole (Rose Cole was absent when picture was taken on field trip)
10. Eugenia Shields (married Reggie Roming)
11. Alpha Teesee Elliott
12. Ina Lee Dickson (married Dick Embry Stone)
13. Nolan D. Horne
14. Hollis Lee Martin

Row three (l to r):
15. Teacher: Delbert L. Akin - later became principal maybe was here.
16. Hazel McCoy
17. Flora Maxine Stone (married Lewis Ray Wilson, Jr.)
18. Catherine Williams
19 Hope Marie Rickett
20. John Louis Melton
21. Buster Meadgen
22. Joe Wray Woolley

Row four (l to r):
23. Edna Pauline Taube
24. Edith Frances Wiley
25. Ellen Jones
26. Dorothy Elizabeth Summers
27. Jack Watson

Row five (l to r):
28. Clifford Smith
29. James Garnett Akin
30. Jiggs Laverne Kincannon
31. Roy Lee Gresham
32. Miller Sutton
33. J. Fred Patterson Jr.
34. Orestus Coulter

Absent was Richard L. Stone on field trip.

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