Sterling County School Census

The State of Texas from 994M - January 1924,  Independent School District Number One,  Divide School,   Sterling County, Texas,  Children who were residents of the District on the First Day of April 1924,  All were white Americans and none were deaf, blind, or feeble minded.  The census was taken on April 6, 1924.

Name of Child Name of Parent or Guardian  Birth Date
Albert E. Baze Mrs. A. Baze December 7, 1910
Winford Baze  Mrs. A. Baze July 14, 1914
Julia Ditmore **Teacher and Enumerator  
Howard Harzke Mrs. Paul Harzke  December 7, 1908
Hugh Harzke Mrs. Paul Harzke November 15, 1911
Robert King S. M. King April 12, 1915
Sarah King  S. M. King May 27, 1907
Walter King S. M. King   December 13, 1911
Sammie Ray Langford I. B. Langford August 2, 1915
Albert Martin J. E. Martin October 12, 1914
Helen Martin J. E. Martin  May 18, 1910
Jessie Martin J. E. Martin  March 9, 1917
Neill Wayne Munn Neill Munn December 19, 1910
Thad Andrews Munn Neill Munn December 13, 1907
Woodrow Wilson Munn Neill Munn January 11, 1914
Jack Runnels Porter Runnels  September 12, 1911
Margaret Runnels Porter Runnels  October 4, 1914
Ralph House Welch Riley Welch January 1, 1907
Raymond Jefferson Welch Riley Welch July 12, 1916
Rex Sterling Welch Riley Welch November 15, 1908
Tom Ross Welch Riley Welch December 31, 1911

**For the school year 1923-24, Miss Julia Ditmore was the teacher and Mr. J. C. Helm was the Superintendent.  The school building was located on the Robert Lee Road east of Sterling City.

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