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Poll Tax Receipts for Sterling County, Texas 



Name Age Occupation
J. B. Oliver - Abstractor
J. D. Carnes 76 Mechanic
L. E. Alexander 28 Abstractor
Jeff. D. Ayres 41 Lawyer
Reul Brown 28 Carpenter
Malcom Black 36 Preacher
E. F. Fisher - Druggist
W. J. Snow - Teamster
W. C. Fisher 39 Druggist
D. S. Smith 53 Hotel
Jas. Daly 56 Farmer
Leonce B. Cole 25 Court and District Clerk
Newtie Jackson 24 Farmer
T. A. Alsup 24 Laborer
D. C. Durham 44 Tax Assessor
J. R. Ray 56 Stock Farmer
Rue Cole 22 Laborer
J. S. Murray 28 Salesman
W. F. Latham 30 Carpenter
J. T. White 29 Carpenter
N. W. Jones 54 Farmer
Henry Davis 54 Gardener
J. M. Stidham 47 Laborer
H. Q. Lyles 49 Merchant
G. W. Montieth 32 Carpenter
J. F. Haning 51 Stockman
Frank W. Cole 24 Stockman
A. A. Rutherford 34 Real Estate Agent
John B. Ayers 50 Sheriff
C. C. Evans 31 Mechanic
J. H. Allard 51 Butcher
Dock Robinson 23 Stockman
W. C. Mathis 28 Farmer
J. Y. Stewart 60 Stockman
D. M. Brown 26 Stockman
Lem Latham 27 Mechanic
Hallie Knight 48 Postmaster
Geo. Allard, Jr. 35 Restaurant Business
T. A. Baker 31 Farmer
J. S. Cotton 59 Merchant
T. H. Walton 41 Drayman
C. R. Carver 53 Physician
C. L. Coulson 26 Druggist
G. D. Alsup 60 Dairyman
Dee Davis 25 Deputy Sheriff
E. B. Butler 31 Druggist
T. J. Strayley 49 Trader
W. L. Foster 52 Ranchman
J. N. Allard 28 Barber
D. P. Glass 40 Stockman
W. E. Alsup 23 Stockman
R. H. Patterson 29 Banker
E. Westbrook 36 Banker
E. M. Staggs 40 Blacksmith
R. L. Lowe 41 Merchant
J. T. Davis, Jr. 32 Farmer
 J. A. Sewell 27 Hotel Business
M. E. Dayley 35 Farmer
John Pervis 35 Bookkeeper
J. A. Odom 34 Physician
Z. L. Potts 47 Farmer
Mance Patton 25 Banker
M. G. House 20 Stockman
J. D. Lane 32 Stockman
J. S. Cole 60 Banker
T. J. Sherrod 40 Laborer
Jas. McCollom 32 Teamster
C. N. Crawford 37 Stockman
Harry Tweedle 27 Stockman
J. M. Head 43 Stockman
G. W. Conger 44 Stockman
J. W. Phillips 42 Stockman
M. C. Mitchell 49 Farmer
J. C. Alsup 37 Carpenter
Joe Glenes 26 Barber
W. Y. Crane 51 Teamster
W. T. Latham 52 Real Estate Dealer
W. B. Allen 24 Salesman
W. D. Graham 38 Real Estate Man
Otis Graham 41 Real Estate Dealer
A. D. Renshaw 61 Stock Farmer
N. A. Austin 43 Merchant
C. J. Davis 47 Stockman
H. H. Hooker 37 Barber
W. E. Dawn 39 Minister
W. A. Dunn 40 Preacher
B. F. Roberts 48 Merchant
H. H. Rainys 44 Farmer
K. L. Copeland 26 Blacksmith
B. S. Cobb 58 Stockman
J. P. Latham 26 Drayman
J. A. Crabtree 31 Painter
R. H. Layne 54 Contractor
Samuel Greer 45 Stockman
John Sullivan 22 Stockman
R. M. Mathis 25 Blacksmith
G. Williams 37 Stockman
Sam Poyner 50 Real Estate Agent
N. L. Douglas 44 Banker
J. P. Kellis 30 Lawyer
W. F. Kellis 55 Lawyer
J. W. Tweedle 59 Grain Dealer
C. J. Dunn 34 Livery man
H. K. Dunn 30 Livery Man
A. A. Gamble 36 Grain Dealer
W. V. Churchill 40 Salesman
D. O. Hooten 35 Carpenter
J. B. Cole 47 Farmer
E. L. Gilmore 36 County Treasurer
M. L. Darnell 35 Drayman
Arch Latham 22 Drayman
C. M. Lyles 55 Furniture Dealer
Tom Lofton 51 Restaurant Man
J. P. Allard 26 Farmer
G. E. Butler 23 Tailor
W. L. Sanders 29 Blacksmith
Hugh Barden 29 County Attorney



Name Age Occupation
J. A. Cannon 75 Banker
Verner E. Davis 21 Stockman
J. R. Lane 63 Carpenter
Floy Kellis 21 Lineman

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