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Rick Dees April 3, 2006
I am looking for information on my father, Edward Stanley Dees. He died in 1973 in Montana at the young age of 41. I was 9 years old at the time. I knew he grew up in Sterling County but, I believe, went off to the Air Force before he graduated from high school. He was born in 1932 and attended schools in your area growing up. If anyone can give me any information regarding him or where he grew up I would be more than grateful. Thank you very much!



Michelle March 11, 2003
Looking for info on the town of Montvale, Tx in Sterling Co, TX.  Also looking for info or pictures on the Hilliary Quinton LYLES family, formerly of Coke Co, TX.  Seeking a picture of the home of Hilliary  LYLES on his Coke Co, TX ranch.  I have the info from the Milling Around in Sterling County on H Q LYLES. Any additional help is appreciated. 


Evelyn January 5, 2003
I am looking for a Herbert HEATON, born in Centre County 1906 and move to Ohio around 1930 but he died in Sterling City Texas in Jul 1976.  I was wonder if anyone could find an obit on him and email it to me  He could have used the name Carl Herbert HEATON or Herbert Carl HEATON.  Thanks to anyone that will help me solve the mystery on this man.


Krista Morrison  February 27, 2001
I'm looking for information about my family line. I have little info. about my paternal grandfather.  His name was Robert Elra EMORY and was born in Sterling City in 1903.  I don't know his parent names.  He had 2 sisters:  Ethel and Delle (I'm not sure of their names or the spellings).  I'd appreciate any info. and/or leads you can help me with.


Larry N. Allen June 9, 2001
We know that my husband's grandparents were married in the area of Sterling (or Sterling City) Texas.  I have checked the information on the internet but can not find them in your early records.  His name is Isaac Ely BOYCE and he married Rosa (Rosetta) Mae BEEMAN THOMPSON. Her maiden name was BEEMAN and we understand through family knowledge that her first husband died in Texas.  We are trying to find information on the BOYCE line, at this time we have a lot of information on the BEEMAN line.  Any help would be appreciated.


Eddie Cope March 22, 2002
Looking for any information on my ggrandfather John Everette COPE. John's wife was Lucretia Ray COPE and most of the family moved to Fort Stockton in 1900. I am the last of the COPE's from that line. M. E. COPE is buried in the Old Fort Cemetery here in Fort Stockton. His two brothers were Tom and William (my grandfather). I believe that some of the original family went back to Sterling City and I have lost contact with them.


Russell Smith May 16, 2002
I have a question relating to some previous residents of Sterling County. It seems that, in or about 1903, my grandfather on my mother's side along with his father, brothers, and sisters inherited $40,000, which in terms of today would I guess be equal to a million dollars more or less.  The money was inherited from a wealthy doctor Foote from McKinney, TX who was my grandfather's grandfather on his mothers side.  My grandfather's name was William Rae (W.R.) LOGAN.  His father persuaded all of the children to pool their shares and buy I think an 8-section ranch in Sterling County.  They did so, and over the strong objections of my grandmother, they leveraged their money to the max and went into the cattle business on the grandest scale possible, rather than pursuing a conservative course and keeping cash
My grandfather W.R. LOGAN had previously lived in Fisher County, married to my grandmother Agnes Ward LOGAN, where he was ranching, undoubtedly on a small scale.  And I think their first daughter Mae Logan Dunwody, now living in Anson, TX, was born in Fisher County (1903) about the time they bought the ranch in Sterling County and was carried by my grandmother, Agnes Ward LOGAN,  in a buggy -- the 2 of them -- from Fisher to Sterling County while my Aunt Mae was a new baby. 
There must have been some housing on the LOGAN's ranch in Sterling County that was not tightly constructed.  The story is told that my Grandmother would dress my Aunt Mae up on a stool, because of fear rattle snakes had gotten in the house during the night and might bite her.  W.R. LOGAN and his immediate family -- and probably his brothers, sisters, and father also -- continued to live on and work the ranch for a brief time.  Within a short time, there was a drought that wiped them out.  I do not know when this was, but I assume it may have been during the time period 1904 - 1910.  They may have had to take bankruptcy. 
My mother, Jeanne LOGAN Smith, now living in Midland, Texas, was born in 1910, and by that time the Sterling County chapter in their family's lives was over, and they had moved back to Anson, Texas where my grandmother had grown up.  My mother recalls that the LOGAN's, while in Sterling County, apparently socialized with other families who owned substantial ranches, as my grandmother would sometimes comment on their names and describe local entertainments.
I have never known much about my grandfather. W.R. LOGAN, because he deserted the family in 1919 when my mother was 9 years old and never saw them again.  I understand he lived in or near Abilene TX mostly working as a car salesman. 
I have some questions and would welcome your guidance.  Are there records of the LOGAN's living in Sterling County?  Is there knowledge of where there property was located; what quality was the land; what improvements were on the property; how long they were there; and whether they took bankruptcy?  I was trained as a historian, but I am not very familiar with county history and county records, and I would welcome having a response.

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