1870 U. S. Census for Bexar County, Texas

Inhabitants in: Concho Mail Station  in the District of Bexar, State of Texas; Post Office: Fort Concho, Texas
Date: 23 July 1870   Enumerator: Edward Donovan 1st Lt 2nd Infantry  Page: 334


Transcribed by Cindy Koegel

DW#   FM#   Name Age Sex Race Profession  Birthplace       
9 9 Taylor, Francis C. 47 M W Sup H.S.? Mail Line GA
                Esther A. 48 F W Keeping House SC
    David, Charles 45 M W Agent for mail line Canada
    Morrill, Henry F. 50 M W Agent for mail line NY
    Spears, James D. 25 M W Agent for mail line AL
10   Evans, John P. 33 M W Clerk for mail line SC
    Hoffmaster, John 40 M W Stage Driver KY
    Harper, James 26 M W Stage Driver OH
    Brown, Timothy 35 M W Stage Driver NY
    Welch, John 22 M W Stage Driver OH
    Meisner?, Christian 28 M W Stage Driver Prussia
    Cane, Milton 35 M W Blacksmith MO
    Scott, John 33 M W Blacksmith Scotland
    Lackie, John 25 M W Painter KY
11   Lamb, John 35 M W Harness maker NY
    Walker, Joseph 29 M W House Carpenter Ireland
    Prainer?, Alfonso 20 M W Laborer France
    Bobo, John 30 M W Stage Driver TN
    Miner, James 30 M W Stage Driver MO
    Minass, Carrillo 30 M W Stock Feeder Mexico
    Gurney, William A. 30 M W Stock Feeder England
    Cook, John N. 28 M W Stock Feeder IL
    Randullo?, Manuel 20 M W Stock Feeder Mexico
12 10 Anderson, Samuel 35 M B Watchman at Stage Station TN
    Johnson, Gilyand 30 M B Laborer TX
    Craig, William 30 M M Laborer TX
    Johnson, Perry 35 M M Teamster TX
    White, Willis 35 M B Teamster TN
    Nix, John 35 M B Teamster TX
    Jones, Thomas 28 M B Domestic Servant VA
               Suzan 30 F M Domestic Servant VA
               Martha 4 F M At Home VA
               Kitty 1/2 F M At Home TX
13 11 Wallace, George 30 M W Station Keeper Ireland


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