1870 U. S. Census for Bexar County, Texas

Inhabitants in: Fort Concho and Vicinity in the District of Bexar, State of Texas; Post Office: Fort Concho, Texas
Date: 24 July 1870   Enumerator: Edward Donovan 1st Lt 24th Infantry  Page: 337A


Transcribed by Cindy Koegel

DW#   FM#   Name Age Sex Race Profession  Birthplace       
34 Brown, John W. 10/12 M W In Camp TX
    McDommic?, William 30 M W Herding TN
    Settles, Frank 16 M B Domestic Servant TX
  35 Scott, James M. 34 M W Stock Owner TN
               Evline 24 F W Keeping House MO
               Liddie J. 5/12 F W In Camp TX
Arglin, John 18 M W Herding AR
  36 Theodore, David K. 43 M W Stock Owner IN
                       Martha A.? T.? 24 F W Keeping House TN
                       William J. 22 M W Teaming IN
                       Willis W. 16 M W Herding TX
                       Martha E. 14 F W In Camp TX
                       John Ellis 10 M W In Camp TX
    Anthony, Cunthia? 54 F W In Camp VA
25 37 McDermott, Charles 70 M W Stock Raising Ireland
                          Bridget 59 F W Keeping House Ireland
    Gore, William 35 M W Laborer Ireland
26 38 Kanner, Charles 48 M W Huckster Prussia
    Wolf, Henry 24 M W Laborer Prussia
27 39 Sandry, Charles 26 M W Keeping Restaurant Hungary
                  Catharine 17 F W Keeping House MI
28 40 Appma?, George 40 M W Huckster Bremen
                     Ernestine 30 F W Keeping House Bremen
                     Ellen 9 F W At Home TX
                     George 7 M W At Home TX
                     William 5 M W At Home TX
                     Martha 2 F W At Home TX
29 41 Kesler, Frederick 30 M W Shoemaker Baden
                 Matilda 18 F W Keeping House TX
30 42 Hagely, Anthony 22 M W Brewer Wurtenburg
    Gigandet, Joseph 28 M W Tailor Baden
    Shaw, David J. 29 M W Stone Mason Canada
31 43 Lowe, Frank 24 M B Laborer TN
               Georgiana 26 F B Keeping House IN
    Taylor, Mary Jane 10 F M At Home KY
    Rosey, Mary 20 F M At Home VA
    Pattilla, Santa H. 23 M B Barbor VA
    Rakestraw?, Holland 21 M B Barbor GA


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