1870 U. S. Census for Bexar County, Texas

Inhabitants in: Vicinity of Fort Concho in the District of Bexar, State of Texas; Post Office: Fort Concho, Texas
Date: 20 July 1870   Enumerator: Edward Donovan 1st Lt 2nd Infantry  Page: 338B


Transcribed by Cindy Koegel

DW#   FM#   Name Age Sex Race Profession  Birthplace       
44 58 Wilfram?, Henry 52 M B Domestic Servant IL
    Cunningham, Edmund 22 M W Carpenter NY
    William, Stephen G. 33 M W Carpenter NJ
    Farmer, Jerry E. 24 M W Clerk in G.?W.? USA LA
    Mogford?, William 58 M W Retail Grocery Store England
    Norwood, John 22 M W Carpenter AL
    Hynson, John 27 M W ? Contracting from US Troops AR
    Hasmer, Edward 40 M W Teaching School MA
45 59 Trainor, James 30 M W Post Trader Ft. Concho NY
    Hoyt, John W. 33 M W Clerk in Store NY
    Finney?, Asa? 34 M W Clerk in Store Canada
    Russell, William 35 M W Clerk in Store Scotland
    Howe, Franklin M. 41 M W Clerk in Store TN
    Keller, William 21 M W Stone Mason TX
46 60 Hern?, William H. V. 29 M W Keeping Restaurant England
    Rope?, Peter 20 M W Wagoner TX
47 61 Dickerman, Orlando M. 28 M W Carpenter VT
                         Mattie L. 23 F W Keeping House OH
                         William 4 M W At Home LA
                         Erward 3 M W At Home LA
    Dunn, Charles 33 M W Carpenter Ireland
    Stearns, George 25 M W Clerk in Store ME
48 62 Cloud, James R. 41 M W Guide at Post for US Troops TN
                Dolores 32 F W Keeping House TX
                Aptiana? F. 40 F W Laborer TX
    Zapata, Juana 25 F W Domestic Servant Mexico
49 63 Hynson, Henry C. 26 M W ? Contractor for US Troops AR
    Manning, Robert 16 M M Domestic Servant TX
                     Daniel 13 M M Domestic Servant TX
    Kram?, Jacob S. 34 M W Clerk in G?W? Dept ? PA
    Smith, Lucy 59 F M Domestic Servant VA
                Thomas 23 M M Domestic Servant MS


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