1870 U. S. Census for Bexar County, Texas

Inhabitants in: Hay Contractors Camp (22 miles west of Ft. Concho)  in the District of Bexar, State of Texas; Post Office: Fort Concho, Texas
Date: 23 July 1870   Enumerator: Edward Donovan 1st Lt 24th Infantry  Page: 347B


Transcribed by Cindy Koegel

DW#   FM#   Name Age Sex Race Profession  Birthplace       
24 King, George 26 M W Teaming England
    Boyd, Alexander 20 M W Teaming Ireland
    Aubia?, Charles 40 M W Working in Hayfield France
    Prit, Louis 38 M W Working in Hayfield France
    Lindsey, Tracey? 32 M W Working in Hayfield OH
    Dust, Charles 18 M W Teaming TX
Tanner, Peter 30 M W Teaming VA


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