Dyer Cemetery 
Richmond, Fort Bend County, Cemeteries of TX
Submitted by Margaret Bates 
15 Feb 2001
Located on Fannin St, between 3rd and Front St. in Richmond
This cemetery is not named, but the largest number of names found was that of the Dyer family. It is located near the corner of Front & Fannin Streets in
Richmond, directly behind a house.
Across the road to the north is a large home and farm, which may have been the  home of the Dyer family.
The cemetery is fenced and the stones were in excellent condition. The graves were recorded beginning on the west end and proceeding to the East end (the
house), rows from left to right.
Row 1
DYER, Lucille K., 1887-1955
	metal funeral marker "Lucille Kathlene," Jarmany-Janca Service
DYER, Heard Lee, 1869-1961
UNKNOWN, red unpolished granite obelisk on ground, no visible markings
DYER, Justin E., 29 Nov 1873-25 Jul 1895, son of J. E. & Isabelle
DYER, Maude B., 1863-1919
UNKNOWN, marble base in corner, may be a top cap for the red obelisk above.
Row 2
DYER, Harvey F., 26 Sep 1836-18 Jun 1851, "children of C. C. & S. Dyer"
DYER, Martha A., 1 Jun 1843-8 Jun 1853
	These two above were in a double grave, a brick tomb.
Dyer, Harvey	b. 1831   d 1856
DYER, Viola Jones, 30 Aug 1852-19  Aug 1863, daughter of J. A. & Julia A. Jones
DYER, Leila, b. 04 June 1861-d. 15 Aug 1870, 9y 2m 7d, daughter of J. E. & Isabella Dyer
DYER, Inf Dau	d. Aug 15 1870 d/o J.E. & Isabella Dyer
DYER, "Little Sister," 24 May 1880-9 Apr 1881, daughter of J. E. & I. Dyer
DYER, John Eli, 11 Jun 1832 (b Jul 11 1832)-31 Oct 1894 Wauls Texas Legion, CSA
	2nd stone, a large one, "Born and Reared in Fort Bend Co."son of Judge G. C. Dyer (should be C. C. Dyer)
DYER, Isabella M. T., 8 Jun 1842-18 Dec 1912
Row 3
LITTLE, Myrtle, 5 May 1858-09 Aug 1864, daughter of H. G. & Sarah Little
DYER, Sarah J. , consort of H. G. Little, d. 24 Mar 1870, 34y, "Farewell Sister"
Row 4
DYER, D. C., 16 Aug 1848-4 Sep 1883
MYERS, Florence Dyer, 26 Apr 1853-22 Sep 1885, "Mother" (ss/w August Myers)
MYERS, August, 1 Aug 1844-1 May 1926, "Father" (ss/w Florence Myers)
MYERS, J. V., 14 Sep 1881-11 Dec 1917, son of August & Florence Myers
	This on east side of marker. on north side says "daughter of Judge
	C. C. Dyer" which evidently refers to Florence Myers.
Myers, Clarence Leigh b Sep 21 1873 - d.Mar 01 1876 age 2 yrs, 5 mos 10das 
s/o A. & Florence Myers
Row 5
DYER, Sarah Stafford, b. 1809 d. 22 Dec 1874, 65y, wife of Judge C. C. Dyer, 
	native of North Carolina
DYER, Judge C. C., d. 27 Apr 1864, 65y
	Native of Tennessee, to Texas 1822
	second metal marker, Honor of Service, War of 1812
	Clement Clinton Dyer
MYERS, Clarence (L. H?)igh, 21 Sep 1873-1 Mar 1876, 2y 5m 10d
	marker is broken and hard to read
Row 6
McMAHAN, Sarah, 27 Oct 1808-25 Dec 1870
McMAHAN, Martin, b. 1776- d. 24 Apr 1851
McMAHAN, Martin Jr., 7 Apr 1819-9 May 1849 (also have reading of Apr 07 1813 - d. May 09 1819)
	large above ground brick crypt with marble slab
Row 7
UNKNOWN, broken stone, name is broken off
McMAHAN, Wm. Hamilton, d. 10 Jul 1830, 2y 5m 21d
	infant son of Thompson H. & Eliza J. (Mc Malian?)
	(stone is very readable, but the name seems to be misspelled)
Row 8
MARTIN, Wyly, 1776-2 Apr 1842
	Scout under General Wm. Henry Harrison 1813
	Served under General Andrew Jackson, War of 1812
	Agalde, San Felipe de Austin
	Delegate to Convention of Texas 1832-1833
	Member Consultation 1855
	Captain of A Company Army of Texas 7 Mar to 15 May 1836
	Chief Justice Fort Bend County 1838-1841
	Born Georgia 1776, d. 2 Apr 1842
	Erected by the State of Texas 1936
Row 9
McMAHAN, Our Little Eddy, d. 8 Dec 1856, 3y 1m
McMAHAN, Ann Eliz., d. 23 Dec 1852, 15m 23d, daughter of Geo. W. &
	Eliza A. McMahan
Row 10
BASCOMB, Edwin Dec 08 1856   age 3 yrs m 11 months
(McMAHAN?), Little Sissy, no dates
	These graves were determined to be McMahans because of
	their location near the other McMahan graves