Harris Co. Cemeteries of TX

Submitted by George E. Wolf, Jr

Also called the Parker Family Cemetery. It is located behind and across the gully from the Masonic Cemetery in Baytown,Texas.

Mrs. M.J. Bryant
Born Apr. 11,1814
Died Dec. 31,1878

A.C. Bryant
Born Dec. 25,1809
Died Jan. 20,1886
C.S.A. Co. 26 GA Infantry

Nelson Parker, Died 1902
Leslie Parker, Died 1898
Gladys S. Parker, Died 1900
All on same stone

Jane E. Waters
Born 1847 Died 1900

John T. Parker
Born Sept. 12,1846
Died June 8,1919
C.S.A. Pvt. Mtd Rangers Texas Mil

Mary Robbie Parker
Born Aug. 16,1858
Died Jan. 26,1926

John William Parker
Born June 26,1890
Died Jan. 4,1974

Lucille Carter White
Born 1898 Died 1976
Ted Carter
Born 1895 Died 1937
Bill Harvey White
Born 1900 Died 1976
All on same stone

Carroll Lee Parker
Born Oct. 23,1906
Died Feb. 25,1957
Jessie Mae Parker
Born Dec. 21,1912

Emily Eugenia Massey
Born Feb. 23,1840
Died Aug. 21,1932

Calvan Jones Massey
Born May 16,1833
Died Feb. 6,1903
C.S.A. Pvt. Miss LT Artillery

May Bell Massey
Born 1880 Died 1947

Harry H. Massey
Born 1873 Died 1934

Marjorie Mae Massey
Born 1913 Died 1935

This stone is outside the small cemetery leaning against a tree. I don't know if this is where it is suppose to be or it has been moved from the gravesite?

Prudence Rabb
Born June 3,1819
Died Mar. 19,1896

Prudence Risingen married William Rabb, July 28,1847 in Fayette Co.,Texas.
She was born in Ohio.
They moved to Chambers Co.,Tx. by 1880, then to Harris Co.,Tx. After Prudence died, William moved to La Porte,Tx., where he died in 1904 and is buried in the Cedarhurst Cemetery.
Children of William Rabb and Prudence Risingen;
Julia b 1847 Tx d ?
Andrew b 1848 Tx. d ?
Thomas B. b 1851 Tx. d ?
Thea P. b 1859 Tx. d ?