Harris Co. Cemeteries of TX

Submitted by George E. Wolf, Jr

Burial ground known as MAGNOLIA CEMETERY on 4th Street, just off Fayle Street, in Baytown,Texas, is on private property. To the knowledge of the owner, Mrs. B.M. Holland, there is no record of this land being a cemetery. It is presumed that permission was given to bury there without it being designated a cemetery.
In about 1938 there was an order from the City of Baytown that no more burials would take place in this location.
The late Mr. B.M. Holland purchased this land after this order was given by the city.
A number of graves have been moved from this site to other cemeteries.
There are some stones there without inscriptions.
There are unmarked graves and much vandalism.
This cemetery was visited in 1985 and the land battle was still being waged.
There were several new markers on the grounds.
This is a partial listing of the cemetery.

Born Oct. 28,1922
Died Oct. 19,1922

Ambrocia Diaz
Born Dec. 8,1885
Died June 21,1929

Raquel Gracia

Antonia R. Del Toro
Born 1892 Died 1938

Roger Gilbert
Born Feb. 17,1912
Died Dec. 6,1924

F.A. Lott
Born Jan. 25,1847
Died Nov. 15,1918

Ellen McBride
Born 1833 Died 1921

Nino David Sandoval
Born July 2,1925
Died Aug. 13,1928

Nina Elena Vazquez
Died 1933

Charles Hunter Young
Born Mar. 5,1890
Died Feb. 1,1919

Darling Daughter of
C.H. Young and F. Young
Born Jan. 18,1919
Died Jan. 18,1919

Visente Peches

Antonio Senteno
Pallecio Junio 25,1930
Edad 45 anos

J.W. Wimberly
Born Nov. 23,1905
Died May 24,1923

Charles A. Swick
Born 1882 Died 1923

Alanzo G. Hard
Born Jan. 8,1853
Died Oct. 28,1924
Alanzo, Jr.
Born Nov. 14,1920
Died May 5,1921
On one large stone

Billy Hisler