Harris Co. Cemeteries of TX

by George E. Wolf, Jr

Was located where Sam Houston Park is now in Downtown Houston,Texas.
3/4 acre, Holland Lodge No. 1, ca. 1847.
Most of the graves moved to Glenwood Cemetery.
This cemetery was destroyed because of the City of Houston,Texas.

NEAR CITY HALL FEW GRAVES LEFT AT OLD CEMETERY by Ellen Middlebrook, Houston Post/5-31-1959

Removal of the last of the bodies claimed by relatives from the old Masonic Cemetery behind the City Hall finally has cleared the way for purchase of the tract of land by the city.
Resistance to removal of the bodies had been a major snag in transferring the tiny, weed-grown plot to the city for a Civic Center.
The 34,583 square feet of the cemetery, surrounded by a five-foot metal fence, lie between Sam Houston Park, the new Central Fire Alarm Building at Bagby Street and Lamar Ave. and the extensive DeGeorge property along Bagby covered with shanty houses.
No one has been buried there since 1900, Walter Chatham, secretary of the Masonic Building Association, believes.
When the Bringhurst family gathered there May 5 for the exhuming of the bodies of five relatives, only seven to 10 graves were left. They are unclaimed, and all but three are obscured by the high weeds that cover the burial ground.

Last President of the Republic of Texas
Buried in Masonic Cemetery moved later to the Glenwood Cemetery off of Washington Ave.
Anson Jones
Died Jan. 9,1858

Nancy Trott Bringhurst
Died March 18,1859

Jane Minerva Abercrombie

Christiana Bringhurst

Two infant sisters of J.H. Bringhurst

John Dawson
Died July 19,1859 of Yellow Fever
Native of Northumbesland, England

William Hill
Born Apr. 28,1818 Hertford Co.,N.C.
Died July 18,1856
From Alabama in 1845

Daniel Cutter
Died 1866
(Houston City Directory for 1866, Daniel Cutter is listed with J.H. Cutter's, Merchant; cor. Main and Franklin sts. res cor of Bagby and Lamar Streets.)

John Henry Ivey
Died May 29,1876
(Houston City Directory for 1866, John H. Ivy (Ivey),
Grocer, cor Commerce and Travis sts.; res McKinney betw Main and Fannin sts.)

Kate Vincent

Willam P. Massey
(Houston City Directory for 1866, W. P. Massey, Bootmaker, Congress betw Main and Travis sts.; res Congress betw Labranch and Crawford sts.)

? Benny

? Zeally
daughter of Rev. Zeally

J.C. DeVal

D.C. Farmer
(Houston City Directory for 1866, D.C. Farmer, Deputy county clerk, at court house.)

Info added thanks too ANN BECKER/3-10-2000

Lots in the old cemetery adjoining city park.

Lot #1 Kate Vincent, died age 5 years, 4 months, 3 other unknown graves?
Lot #4 (A) Alisannah (consort of John Warner Niles) died 3-2-1861 age 52.
(B) Darius Lee, son of Anna O. and George Morgan, died 1-2-1865 age 7 years.
(C) Anna Ogden, (consort of George Morgan) died 1-5-1865 age 31 years (apparently died from childbirth complications)
Lot #5 Unknown?
Lot #6 (A) Nancy Trott (wife of George Hunter Bringhurst) died 3-8-1859 age 37 years & 4 months.
(B) Christiana Bringhurst born 6-5-1849 died 10-19-1864 15 years 4 months and 14 days.
Lot #7 (A) Leonard S. Perkins died 10-22-1858 age 49 years.
(B) Agnes, daughter of L.S. and B.H. Perkins died 6-6-1846 age 10 months.
(C) Sarah M. Perkins, wife of Rev. J.W. Tays Oxford,NY died 9-21-1880.
Lot #8 (D) Alvin S. Perkins died 10-7-1872 age 64.
(E) Frances, wife of A.S. Perkins died 11-3-1859 age 47 years.
(F) Hunice Perkins, daughter of A.S. & F. Perkins age 7 years.
Lot #9 (A) Unknown?
(B) Julia Virginia Key born 10-25-1868 died 4-8-1873
(C) Albert Edward Foster born 3-11-1866 died 1-14-1867
(D) S.N. Sriff born 6-29-1832 died 10-19-1859