Milam Co Cemeteries of TX

Submitted by Margaret A. Baker

Located in the Western portion of Milam County on Farm Road No. 437 between Davilla and the Val Verde Community on the "Old Ed Wilson Place."  It is approximately two miles southwest of Val Verde on the west side of the road near Donahoe Creek.  The cemetery is on top of the second hill back from the road -- the hill nearest the creek.  There are many, many broken stones scattered throughout the cow pasture.  Copied by Mr. and Mrs. John T. Martin on Dec. 31, 1965.

[Anything added in italic brackets was added by genealogist Margaret A. Butler, a descendant of Louis/Lewis & Sarah (Mumford) Taylor.]

Eads, Mary R. (Our Sister) Aug. 31, 1857 - Dec. 28, 1875

Footstone: MRE (Mary R. Eads above)

Barker, Inf., Son of W.C. & Delia Barker Oct. 3, 1886 - Nov. 28, 1886
[Delia (Taylor) Barker was a daughter of James M. & Mary Taylor (Mumford) Taylor, and granddaughter of Republic of Texas Colonist David R. & Sarah (Boren) Mumford.]

Lockwood, Inf., Son of R.D. & A.J. Lockwood May 8, 1895 - May 12, 1895

Lockwood, Effie, Dau. of R.D. & A.J. Lockwood June 9, 1892 - Feb. 15, 1894

McKinney, R.O. Mar. 10, 1848 - Nov. 28, 1881

Lockwood, Belva, Dau. of T.F. & S.R. Lockwood May 9, 1887 - Nov. 4, 1889

Mumford, J.M. [Jesse] (Our Father) Died Sept. 14, 1883, Aged 74 Yrs.
[Jesse Mumford was a Republic of Texas Colonist, having arrived in the Republic in 1832 with father Jeffrey and brother David, among others.  Jesse swore in an affidavit that their original name was pronounced Mount-ford.

Simmons, Susana S., Wife of John Simmons October 8, 1853 - Mar. 5, 1873
[Susanna was a daughter of David R. & Sarah (Boren) Mumford.]

Mumford, David [R.] Oct. 29, 1810 - Apr. 16, 1863
[David was a Republic of Texas Colonist, having arrived in the Republic (from Jackson Co., FL) in 1832.]

Mumford, Thomas L. Nov. 22, 1840 - July 16, 1861
[Thomas was a son of David & Sarah (Boren) Mumford.]

Mumford, Henry R[ichard] Dec. 11, 1838 - Nov. 27, 1861
[Henry was a son of David & Sarah (Boren) Mumford.]

Adams, Willie C., Son of M. & K. Adams June 26, 1866 - May 22, 1867
[May have been related to David & Sarah=s daughter, Nancy Mumford, who first married Carey Adams.]

Taylor, James Nov. 15, 1825 - Apr. 27, 1865
Taylor, James Nov. 15, 1825 - April 27, 1869, Age 43, 5 M, 12 Days
(It appears that there were two stones for the same man, but with different death dates.   They have both fallen over, and the stones are next to each other on the ground.   It is impossible to ascertain if there were ever two graves.)
[James M. Taylor was the son of Harbert & Mary Elizabeth (Holland) Taylor of Jackson Co., FL.  It's written that James came to Texas with his brother, Louis Taylor (husband of Sarah Mumford, sister to Jesse & David).  James M. Taylor   married Mary Taylor Mumford, daughter of David R. & Sarah (Boren) Mumford.]

Taylor, Child of Green & M.T. Taylor (No Dates)
[This child's parents were Green & Mary T. (Mumford) Taylor:  Green Louisiana Green Taylor, Jr., second husband of Mary T. (Mumford) Taylor,  was the nephew of James M. Taylor, Mary's first husband.  Green Taylor, Jr.'s father was Green Taylor, Sr., older brother of James M. Taylor.]

(Adams) (Footstone: J.A.A.)

(Adams)  (Footstone: W.C.A.)  (Probably goes with Willie C. Adams, Page 140)

Adams, Miles, Son of M. & K. Adams Dec. 4, 1862 - Nov. 10, 1874

Taylor, Robbie Ray, Son of Joe & Emma Taylor Mar. 21, 1890 - Aug. 31, 1905
[Robbie was a grandson of James M. & Mary (Mumford) Taylor.  Robbie was the son of Joseph "Joe" & Emma (Scarlett) Taylor.]

Taylor, Emma, Wife of Joe Taylor Oct. 10, 1873 - May 22, 1892
[This was Emma Scarlett, Joseph Taylor's wife, and mother of Robbie.]

Scarlett, Maggie, Wife of M. Scarlett Oct. 11, 1843 - Dec. 21, 1887
[This is just a guess, but Maggie was probably Emma's mother.]

Robinson, Tennessee Dec. 18, 1803 - ________ (No Entry)
[Tennessee was probably a parent of Thomas U. AT.U. Robinson, husband of Julia Mumford (dau. of David & Sarah Mumford).]

(Walker) (Footstone: F.W.)

Walker, J. Hersey, Son of F.W. & Nettie Walker July 10, 1889 - Oct. 9, 1890
[Burnetta "Nettie" Taylor, daughter of James M. & Mary T. (Mumford) Taylor, married Frank W. Walker.  They had several children, including Hersey.  Besides Frank, two other children had the initials AF.W., so the footstone above was somehow related to their family.]

_____________ April 25, 1877 (All that remains)

Note: On Thursday, Nov. 21, 1974, I visited this cemetery with Mr. Lawrence Graham [my stepgrandfather and distant second cousin] and located the grave marker for Louis [my distant grandfather] Taylor, which reads as follows:  Our Father, Louis Taylor, August 18, 1812, May 8, 1884.
E.A. Limmer, Jr.

[Believe Louis Taylor's birth year is wrong, especially since his parents didn't marry until 1814.]

Source #1: The following cemetery description was taken from the "Graham Family Book," pages 207-208.  The book is in the possession of Ruth (Graham) Stewart, granddaughter of Jesse Mumford, Texas Colonist.  Ruth is still alive and resides at Bartlett, Texas.  1-30-2001

Milam County, Texas Records, Vol. II, Pgs. 140-141, Compiled by Mrs. Louis C. Hill and Mrs. John T. Martin.  Texas Room, Downtown Branch, Houston Public Library, Houston, Texas.

Source #2:

Perry Holder, Cameron, TX, July 12, 1989

In a 1989 letter to Margaret Butler, Mr. Holder wrote that he had located a few more stones:

Fonis Walker, Dau. of F.W. 1887 - 1892

Mary T. Taylor, Wife of James 1834 - 1881
[This is Mary Taylor Mumford, dau. of David R. & Sarah (Boren) Mumford.  Their first born, Mary was born in a covered wagon in the Republic of Texas.]