Williams Cemetery

Quarry,  Washington Co., Cemeteries of Texas.

Also called the Quarry Cemetery

Unmarked Grave   Unmarked Grave
Unmarked Grave   Unreadable stone
Unreadable stone   Hennie Bouldin  2/25/1885-1/20/1954 (.551N .762W)
Jacob Bouldin 1877-1925 (.551N .760W)   Sam Franklin  Texas TEC4 9207 TECH SVC UNIT WWII  9/16/1905 - 4/27/1951  (.563N .762W)
H.H. Harris  (.568N .751W)   Alice Hunt (With the Robinson Graves) 6/30/1928   (.549N .753W)
Fannie Ratliff  1/9/1949  (.566N .750W)   Squire Ratliff  1850-1938  (.559N .753W)
Tannil Ratliff     Robinson Stone
Robinson_Johnny.JPG (15398 bytes)  
Johnny (Robinson) 11/7/1953  (.549N .751W)   Mary (Robinson)  3/19/1955  (.545N .749W)
N.D. (Robinson)  (.553N .753W)    Lousina Sayles  1870-1926  (.554N .763W)
William Sayles  1857-1924  (.556N .761W)   George W. Spencer ,Sr.  1863-1936  (.545N .749W)
Metelde Spencer  1876-1931  (.543N .748W)   Daisy Williams  7/25/1881 - 7/20/1911

 Made 5/24/1943 by T.W. Williams  (.552N .754W)

Moses Williams  7/25/182? - 1/15/1912

(.545N .750W)

  T.W. Williams  
Mary Willims 3/25/1825 - 3/20/1916 (.545N .750W)   Mattie B. Young   9/9/19?0 72 years 1 mo. 5 days (.555N .751W)
Classie Thornton  12/12/194?   70 years    

There are between 100 and 150 graves in this cemetery, but only the ones listed above have legible information available. Most graves are identifiable only by ground depressions in the area.  There are many similar stones - with the name of Phillips & Luckey Funeral Home, Hearne on the copper plate inset into poured concrete - most of these stones no longer have the copper plate.

Surveyed 6 January 2001 by Patricia J. Autry & Patricia Bishop, US Army COE Volunteers