Derrick Family Cemetery

Burton, Washington Co., Cemeteries of Texas.

Submitted by Michael Alan Reese

The Derrick Family Cemetery is located approximately 3.5 miles west of Burton,Washington Co., Texas.
Located on property of Willie Kieke on the north side of Hwy 290. There is no access from Hwy 290 but can be reached by gravel lane north from the highway.

Cemetery inscriptions by Michael Alan Reese, Great-Great-Great Grandson of Thomas Derrick and Missouria Ann (Coleman) Derrick.

1) Thomas Derrick 18 Nov 1807 - 27 Jan 1890
2) Missouria Ann (Coleman) Derrick 17 Nov 1811 - 12 Jul 1890
3) William Harvey Derrick 21 Apr 1832 - 1 Jul 1911
4) Rebecca (Coleman) Derrick 1832 - 1927
5) Thomas Derrick (dates ill egible)
6) John P(ittman) Derrick 29 Mar 1835 - 5 Mar 1896
7) Mary Eliza Derrick 28 Jul 1838 - 14 Feb 1912
8) Green S. Derrick 1856 - 1856
9) Lural A(lexander) Dement 23 Oct 1836 - 19 Jul 1910
10) Missouri A. (Derrick) Dement 4 May 1842 - 10 Jan 1900
11) William A. Dement 29 Nov 1879 - 29 Oct 1880
12) Frances A. (Derrick) Cory 1840 - 1870

Genealogical Data from files of Michael A. Reese:
Thomas Derrick , assumed to be the son of Jonas Derrick, was born in Sevier Co., TN. He married Missouria Ann Coleman on 21 July 1831 in Alabama. She was the daughter of William & Lucy Coleman. The Derricks were living with their seven children in Talladege Co., AL in 1850. Names of their children: William H. (b. 1833), John P. (b.1836), Adaline A.
(b.1837), Mary E. (b.1839), Frances A. (1840), Missouria A. (b.1843), Almarion A. (b.1835). Adaline may have died in Alabama; she could not be found in the records of Washington Co., TX. John Pittman Derrick died unmarried. Mary Eliza lived a tragic life. She was engaged to be married but her fiance was killed in the Civil War. ¦Liza spent the rest of her
days in her parents¦ home, waiting for his return. She never accepted the fact that he had been killed. Her nieces & nephews remembered Aunt ¦Liza going to the screen door and saying "Maybe he¦ll come home today." She finally lost her mind and passed away at age 73 years. Frances A. Derrick, called Fannie, married James Reuben Cory on 6 June 1861 in Washington Co., TX. Her husband came to Texas alone; a single young man. (He MAY have been the son of Elijah Cory in Martin Co., NC.) All of his possessions were carried in a small trunk, about t he size of an overnight bag. This small trunk is in the possession of his grand daughter Mrs. Opal Cory Hatcher. The small, hand-made derringer is in possession of Michael Alan Reese. It was given to him by his cousin Opal Hatcher. Fannie & Jim Cory had five children: John William Cory, Lydia
Ann Cory, Mollie Frances Cory, Thomas Walker Cory, and James Henry Cory. Fannie died at age 30 yrs & was buried in the Derrick Family Cemetery. James R. Cory then married Ruth Catherine Gilmore and moved away to Titus Co., TX. From there the Cory family moved to Jones Co., TX. They settled in the community of Neinda, TX where they spent the remainder of their
days. Jim R. Cory had four children by his second wife, Ruth C. Gilmore. They were George, Emma, Jesse, & Joseph.