Aultorest Memorial Park
Ogden, Utah

Aultorest Memorial Park was opened March 5, 1929 by James M. Harbertson under the name Mount Ogden Memorial Park. The mortuary was added in July 1933, the Mausoleum in 1935 and the crematory in 1937. Harbertson changed the name to Aultorest (All-to-rest) in 1938. In 1946, the abandoned Mountain View Cemetery was purchased from John Guthrie Haywood. In 1948 Thomas T. Leavitt married Lynnette Harbertson, James' daughter, and in 1958 they purchased the property and changed its name to Leavitt's Chapel of Flowers Mortuary and Autorest Memorial Park. Burials in Aultorest began in 1929, but the Mountain View section dates back to the late 1800s. Unfortunately, the records from Mountain View were not extant and Aultorest had to reconstruct those burials from tombstones. Therefore, there are unmarked burials in the Mountain View section and there is no means to determine who they might have been. If you have information on someone you believe was buried in Mountain View Cemetery, but there is no record of them there, please send me the information as I would like to document them here.

Cemetery Memorials

Train Wreck Memorial photo

Burial Records

Tombstone photos

Harper R Billings
Lois Lacey Billings
Andrew Bingham lot stone
Andrew Bingham
Kathryn S Bingham
Earl E Branstiter
Ellen W Branstiter
John E Branstiter
Ray W Branstiter
Thelma M Branstiter
Marvin Cheek
Juanita S Christiansen
Cyril J Clough
Larue A Clough
James B Corwin
Mildred L Corwin
Don C Eppich
Kim D Eppich
Jeanette Ann Graham
Marie C Kemp
Mary McCaslin
Oliver McCaslin
Joseph Myers lot stone
Mary E Myers
Rachel Ann Porter
James W Scott
Mary J Scott
Agatha Smith
Aurilla Smith
Charles D Smith
Charles G Smith
George E Smith
Jesse E Smith
Laura B Smith
Mary E Smith
Melvin H Smith
Moulton N Smith
Samuel Smith
Thelma E Smith
Wilford Smith
Wilford Smith
Leonard G Stitzer, III
Shirley Mickelson Titensor Phillips
Dallas Turner
Lisa Turner
Percy Fredrick Turner
Steve Turner
Lorraine C Wheat
Esther C Young
William Young

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