Moffatt-Froerer Cemetery

Moffatt-Froerer Cemetery was located in Ogden Valley under what is now Pineview Reservoir. The cemetery was initially begun during a smallpox epidemic. Folks were terrified of smallpox so much so that they refused to allow burial of smallpox victims in established cemeteries. Often times families would sneak into cemeteries in the dead of night to bury their loved ones. In this instance, the Moffatt and Froerer families chose to bury their loved ones on their own property. The families continued to use the cemetery and there were fourteen burials made. In 1936, Pineview Dam was built and the graves would be covered with water. Several members of the Froerer family disinterred the remains of the fourteen burials and transferred them to Huntsville Cemetery, where most were buried in a mass grave due to their small size.

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