Weber County, Utah Locations

West Weber-aka Alma, Blanchard and Weston, absorbed part of Garland-located west of Ogden
Eden-aka North Fork Town-located in Ogden Canyon
Farr West-aka West Harrisville-located west of Harrisville
Harrisville-located northwest of Ogden
Roy-aka Central City, The Sandridge, absorbed part of Fairmont-located west of Riverdale
Plain City-aka City of the Plains, North Weber, Poplar and Skeen-located west of North Ogden
South Ogden-aka Burch Creek-located south of Ogden
Riverdale-aka John Thompson Settlement, South Weber and Stringtown, absorbed part of Fairmont-located southwest of Ogden
Uintah-aka Deseret Railroad Station, East Weber and Easton-located south of South Ogden
Hooper- aka Hooperville and Muskrat Springs-located west of Roy
Slaterville-aka Mill Creek-located west of Marriott
Kanesville-absorbed part of Fairmont-located west of Ogden, north of West Haven
Liberty-located in Ogden Canyon
Huntsville-aka Hawkins Grove, absorbed Middleton-located in Ogden Canyon
Marriott-located on east side of Ogden, between Ogden and Slaterville
North Ogden-aka North Ogden Fort-located north of Ogden
Warren-aka West Warren, Salt Creek-located northwest of Ogden
Taylor-aka Taylorsville-West of Ogden, north of Kanesville
Pleasant View-Northwest of North Ogden
Washington Terrace-Former military housing now incorporated, south of Ogden, west of South Ogden, east of Riverdale
Wilson-absorbed part of Garland, absorbed part of Fairmont
West Haven-absorbed Wilson-located north and northwest of Roy
Ogden- aka Brownsville
Bingham Fort-absorbed by Ogden, in area of Five Points in Ogden (2nd Street, Washington Blvd., US 89)
Farr's Fort-absorbed by Ogden. Built in 1850, abandoned in 1853, now the 1000 block of East Canyon Road.
Mound Fort/Fort Mound-absorbed by Ogden, west of Washington Blvd., between 10th and 12th Streets
Lynn or Lynne-absorbed by Ogden City, in area of Five Points in Ogden
Brown's Fort-former name of Fort Buenaventura, now a historical park in Ogden
Goodyear's Fort-former name of Fort Buenaventura

Other locations
Fremont Island-formerly Disappointment Island, Castle Island, and Miller Island, in the Great Salt Lake

Malan's Basin-Ghost town, one and one-half miles east of Ogden