The Ogden Junction
December 5, 1874

List of Letters

Remaining unclaimed in the Post Office in Ogden, Territory of Utah, 
on the 4th of Dec., 1874, which, if not called for within one month will
be sent to the Dead Letter Office:

Gent’s List

Anderson, C			McIntire, N
Blazezo, G			Moore, T
Brown C D			Priest, H
Coe & Carter			Severns, W
Clark, J E			Skeeles, T B
Davis, D M			Thompson, P H
Findley, M L 3			Tonkin, J
Fink, J J			Taylor, J A
Fordick, G C 2			Thomas, T E
Gloom, E S			Thabaugh, B
Gibson, J			Williamson, J A
Kensiton, P S			Williamson, Louis
Morrin, T			

Ladies’ List

Courtright, Miss K V		Laline, Mrs N
Lavender, Miss H		Smith, Miss M A


Mrs Isabella Smith, Harrisville, Utah

Held for better direction -- A. H. Cummings & Co., No 30 & 32 J Street, Ogden City.

To obtain any of these letters, the applicant must ask
for “advertised letters,” give date of the paper
and pay one cent for advertising.  If not called for within
one month, they will be sent to the Dead Letter Office.

J. Hall,

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