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Miscellaneous Newspaper Clippings

25 September 1873
Married this morning by Rev. J. L. Gillogly at the residence of Mr. Unks, in this city, Dr. J. E. Brown of Richmond, Va, to Miss Emily Cozzens, of Ogden.

28 September 1873
Married 28 September 1873 by Joseph Grover, Esq. Justice of the Peace, at the residence of the groom. President Ira N. Spaulding of Easton, Weber Co., and Miss Louisa Gibbon Carter, of Brigham City, Box Elder Co., Utah.

8 November 1873
Born. Mr. and Mrs. William M. Clancy of this city are blessed with a daughter, whose appearance on this sphere was welcomed at two o’clock yesterday afternoon.

10 November 1873
The M. E. Church-- The Methodist Church is fast approaching completion, and when finished will be an ornament in the city. The structure is to be 32x50 feet, built of brick in the Gothic style of architecture. Rev. Mr. Long, pastor of the church, is diligently pressing forward the work, so that, before the winter sets in earnestly, it will be in a fair way of advancement for its early completion.

28 November 1873
Married on the evening of the 22nd inst., in Ogden City, by Rev. L. W. B. Long, Mr. Samuel D. Reese to Miss Nellie A. Johnson. Both of N.H. Connecticut. Pioche papers please copy.

1 December 1874
On the 26th ult., to Mrs. Mary Ann Wallace, wife of Mr. Thomas Wallace, of this city, a boy and girl. Mother and babes doing finely.

2 December 1974
Fatal Accident. - Mr. Chas. Gerke, a well-known traveller for wholesale liquor houses, was going East last Friday, and on arriving at Fremont, stopped for dinner. When the train was moving out he attempted to get on board while it was in motion, was dragged under the wheels, and received such injuries on his back and limbs that he soon after expired. His family reside in Omaha.

Terminated Fatally. - We regret to say that Wm. Haney, the young man who was shot, and rode so pluckily, when wounded to Terrace, and came on to Ogden, died about noon to day from mortification. Dr. Brown expected to be able to save the limb, but unexpectedly mortification set in and death occurred, as above. Hailey & Co., for whom the young man was working when shot, have been telegraphed for, and are expected on this evening’s U. C. train.

Shooting at Kelton. - Yesterday Wm. J. Groes was examined by Justice Jacobs at Corinne, on the charge of killing John Rosevear at Kelton. He was comitted to await the action of the Grand Jury. The particulars of the case are as follows:
About three weeks ago Groes married Susan Rosevear. The young lady’s mother was willing, but her father, who was working at Gold Hill, Nevada, became terribly enraged when he heard of it, and immediately returned home, breathing threatenings and slaughter. On reaching his house he threw his spurs at his wife, and swearing he would kill Groes he started to get his daughter. He drew a pistol on the young man’s father, and seizing his daughter endeavored to take her away. On her husband’s refusal to part with her he said one of them would be in hell in less than half a minute. Whereupon young Groes drew a revolver and shot his father-in-law, who turned, said, coolly, his man was a little too quick for him, walked to his house, sent for his wife, who was afraid to come, and in half an hour from the shooting, expired. Two shots were fired; one went into the floor, the other into Rosevear’s left side. He was a large man, weighing about 190 lbs., and waas 42 years of age. He had been drinking a little, but was not intoxicated. His objection to the marriage was the youth of his daughter. Young Groes will have to await the action of the Grand Jury, but we think it is very doubtful that they will find an indictment against him.

3 December 1874
Burial - Wm. Haney, the wounded man who was stopping at the Globe hotel, and who died yesterday, was buried this afternoon. Deceased was in the employ of Mr. Whitney, of Salt Lake at the time the wound was received, and Mr. W. came up to Ogden today, and with the assistance of Patsy Haley, an engineer on the C. P., attended to the arrangements for the funeral.
Deceased had no relatives in this country, but had sufficient means to pay his burial expenses. The Rev. Mr. Lang officiated at the funeral services, which were attended by a few of the friends of the deceased.

8 December 1874
Married. Yesterday, at Salt Lake City, by Prest. D. H. Wells, Mr. Perry West to Miss Evelia E. Farley; Mr. Joseph Farr to Miss Sally Porter; Mr. Mark Hall, jun., to Miss Phebe Elmer; Mr. Charles Porter to Miss Rachel Hall; Mr. Warren Elmer to Miss Martha Lucinda Hall. All of Ogden.

9 December 1874
On the 1st instant, to Mrs. Elizabeth Horrocks, wife of Mr. Edward Horrocks of this city, a fine daughter.

11 December 1874
This morning to Mrs. Delecta Ballantyne Monch, wife of Prof. L. F. Monch, of this city, a daughter.

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