The Standard Examiner
February 26, 1901

Submitted by Trini Tracy

Letter List

List of letters remaining in the post office at Ogden, Utah, February 26th, 1901,
which if not called for in two weeks will be sent to the dead letter office:


Budie, Mrs. M. V.
Beatty, Mrs. M.V.
Terard, Mrs. W.
Brothers, Mrs. Bill
Cohen, Mrs. Sophie
Cooper, Miss Carrie
Elliot, Miss Dilla
Fuller, Mrs. Cora John
Lee, Miss Bess
McDurmitt, Mrs. R.J.
Lowe, Mrs. Ora
Grote, Mrs.
Potter, Mrs. Ella
Maughan, Miss Jan.
Willison, Mrs. Clara


Bonner, Ole
Brown, Jas.
Burgan, S.L. 
Botvood, Stanley
Calkins, C.L. 
Boulenger, Emil (5)
Carroll, F.J. 
Devlin, J.
Dennison, J.M. 
Donnelly, Wm. E.
Deen, Ed. 
Erwin, R.H.
Ellsworth, Chas 
Edelen, R.H.
Blackman, Ed. 
Fox, Geo. J.
Fasten, Fred 
Hayes, E.A.
Genta, Gioseppe 
Godionu, Vallu
Jonson, Frithiof 
Kelieher, Pat
LaPorte, Stephen 
Lee, Fredy
Mounts, Fred 
Myers, Ben
Newton, William 
Passno, Jas.
Pirrom Gillo 
Pfost, W.N.
Preble, C.L. 
Russell, Edw. O. (2)
Sanders, Wm. 
Selgrath, Chas. (2)
Taylor, C.F. 
Hunter, Master John
Tallup, James 
Wilson, Lou
White, H. 
Young, John
Young, W. Hooper

Please call at the stamp window for the above letters and say advertised Feb. 26th.
Chas. Meighan, P.M.

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