Information is from the Wythe County Death Book and were reported from 1853 forward. Spelling and dates are the same as they were writen in the book. Some of the writing is very hard to read, and there may be mistakes because of that fact. Copied by: Jo Ann Tickle Scott May, 1999.

List of Abbreviations                                  

B. Where born if other than Wythe Co.   

D. Death Date                                 

Pts. Parents of decease

A. Age at time of death                

By: Person who reported death

C. Cause of Death                              

W. Wife

y.   Year                                       

H. Husband m Month                                

Oc.  Occupation

d. Day

Bird, Joseph L.                D. 10--1859   A. 3y         c. unk.      Pts. Ben V. & Catherine   By Daniel Bird

Bird, Noah W.                  D. 8-8-1855   A. 1y11m24d   c. fever      Pts. Stephen W. & Malinda  By Stephen - head of family

Bogle, Darthula                D. unk.       A. 10y3m      c. adplesnes ?      Pts.  L.D. & Polly  By L.D. - father

Bruce, Sarah, minister's wife  D. 1-19-1857  A. 73y10m11d  c. old age      B. NC  By Joshua Bruce - husband

Bruce, Sarah                   D.            A. 61y4m      c. influenza      Pts. James & Mary Justice   By Isaac Bruce - husband

Cubine, John                   D. 12-7-1856  A. 60y        c. heart disease      Oc. farmer B. Wash.Co., VA.  Pts. John & Elizabeth  By Elizabeth-widow

Devor, John                    D. 2-26-1855  A. 26y        c. unk      Oc Blacksmith  Pts.  George & Dolly  W. Cosby A        By Briant Thompson - friend

Devor, Julie                   D. 3-4-1857   A. 47y        c. brest cancer      Pts. Aron Ingram  By William

Devor - husband Dunn, Louisa A.                D. 1-15-1857  A. 4m15d      c.scarlet fever      Pts. Joseph & Sally  By Sally - mother

Eagle, Abigail, widow          D. 9-10-1855  A. 46y        c. unk.      Pts. Samuel & Polly Repass  By Isaac Eagle - son

Grayson, Adam C.               D. 11-22-1857 A. 1m28d      c. unk.      Pts. James W. & Emily  By James - father

Groseclose, Charles (Rincel?)  D. 6-12-1853  A. 57y        c. unk.      Pts. Peter & Sarah  By Sarah Groseclose - mother

Hancock, Jane                  D. unk.       A. 49y        c. dropsey      B. Walker's Little Creek B. (Lunenburg Co., VA.)      By Obadiah Hancock - husband

Harman, Mary C.                D. 2---1857   A. 8y         c. drowned      Pts. Pheby Harman  By Daniel Harman - brother

Hearne, Male                   D. 8-4-1853   A. 1d         c. unk.      Pts. Harvey C. Hearne-grandfather

Hearne, Polly                  D. 4-21-1856  A. 20y        c. brest disease      B. NC  Pts. John Tickle  By Elbert - hus.

Hoback, Joseph W.              D. 12-24-1857 A. 7m16d      c. sore throat      Pts.  Levi & N.E.  By Levi - father

Hutsel, Julia A.               D. 6-8-1856   A. 73y        c. unk.      H. Michael Hutsel  By  Joseph Hutsel - son

Hutsel, Michael                D.            A. 74y11m12d  c. paralized      By Joseph Hutsel - son

Ingram, Margaret               D. 8-17-1857  A. 3y6m       c. scarlet fever      Pts. William & Prudy    By Robinett Waddle - grandfather

Ingram, Martha                 D. 12-28-1857 A. 75y        c. unk.      By Prudence Ingram - dau. in law

Kitts, female                  D. 8-19-1857  A. 3d         c. unk.      Pts. Leander & Malinda  By Lee Kitts - father

Kitts, Male                    D. 1-20-1857  A. 18d        c. unk.      Pts. Rufus & Nancy    By Rufus - father

Kitts, Polly                   D. 8-1-1857   A.            c. tyfiod      Pts. Prunty   By Washington Kitts - husband

Lambert, Christina             D. 4-13-1856  A. 81y        c. fits      B. Germany  Pts. John Wolf  By Joseph Lambert - son

Lambert, John                  D. 11-19-1856 A. 77y        c. erysephelas      Oc. farmer  Pts. Unk.  W. Christina Lambert  By Joseph Lambert - son

Lambert, Robert Newton         D. 12-29-1853 A. 9y5m       c. fever      By John Lambert - father

Leedy, William W.              D. 6-18-1857  A. 24         c. inflamation      Pts. Eli & Sophiah   By Eli - father

Locke, Malissa J.              D. 10-13-1855 A. 27y7m23d   c. consumption      Pts. James & Elizabeth Bruce  H. John F. Locke  By James Bruce -father

Logan, Manetta unmarried       D. 9-25-1856  A. 16y23d     c. conj. blood      B. Augusta Co., VA.  Pts. William M. & Hannah  By James Hoge - friend

Muncy, Tunis                   D. 5-20-1857  A. 77         c. unk.      By Rhody Muncy - widow

Muncy, Zachariah Clergyman     D. 3-6-1856   A. 73y6m      c. dropsey      B. Montgomery Co., VA  By Ann Muncy - widow

Newberry, Samuel               D. 2-         A. 82y55d     c. old age      Oc. Minister  W. Unis  By Allen T.

Newberry - son Painter, Male                  D. 6-13-1857  A. 2d         c. unk.      Pts.  John A. & Lydia  By John A. - father

Pawley, Sylvanus               D. 11-16-1856 A. 60y        c. pleurisy      Pts. Charles & Angeline  By Charles - father

Repass, Mary E.                D. 9-10-1853  A. 24y8m12d   c. child bed fever      Pts. unk.  By. John Repass, Jr. - hus

Robinett, Ann, Widow           D. 4-22-1855  A. 80y6m      c. unk      B. NC  Pts. Dan & Elizabeth  By Elizabeth Robinett - dau

Steel, Crockett                D. 7-27-1857  A. 55y4m22d   c. apoplexy      Pts. Robert & Rebecca  By Mary Steel - dau.

Steel, Rhoda                   D. 1-9-1856   A. 54y        c. unk.      Pts. Samuel & Molly Repass  H. Robert Steel  By Rebecca Steel - dau

Thompson, Ann                  D. 2-25-1857  A. 42         c. child birth      Pts. James & Margaret Deavor By J.A. Thompson - husband

Thompson, Noble N.             D. 7-22-1855  A. 17         c. consumpson      Pts. William & Mahaly  By Mahaly - mother

Thompson, Sarah                D. 8-1-1856                 c. unk.      Pts. Preston Thompson  By Nancy Thompson - sister in law

Thompson, Sarisa (?)           D. 5-15-1857  A. 6y4m10d    c. scarlet fever      Pts. Patton & Elizabeth  By Patton - father

Thompson, Susan                D. 3-23-1855                c. fever      Pts. James & Sarah By James - father

Tickle, Gabriel                D. 9-28-1853  A. 77y        c. unk.      Pts. unk.  By. Nancy Tickle-dau.

Umbarger, James S.             D. 12-15-1857 A. 1y4m       c. brain      Pts.  Alfred & Elizabeth  By Alfred - father

Waddle, Barbara                D. 5-9-1857   A. 2y7m       c. unk.      Pts. Calvin & Julia  By Andrew Havens - grandfather

Waddle, Daniel, widower        D. 1-17-1857  A. 66y4m21d   c. fall form tree      Pts. James & Ann  By Solomon

Waddle - son Waddle, Henry S.               D. 5-7-1857   A. 2m7d       c. unk.      Pts. Calvin & Isabelle  By William Devor - friend

Waddle, Isabelle               D. 3-8-1857   A. 23y        c. child abed      Pts.  Andrew & ELizabeth Havens  H. Calvin Waddle        By William Devor - friend

Waddle, James                  D. 3-17-1857  A. 56y6m      c. fever      Pts.  James & Ann  By Nancy Waddle - wife

Waddle, Sophiah                D. 10-6-1857  A. 25         c. consumption      Pts. Robinett & Polly By Robinette - father

Wilkenson, Rhody               D. 6-20-1857  A. 47y        c. consumption      By  J.W. WIlkenson - husband

Workman, Wythe                 D. 7-16-1857  A. 7y         c. unk.      Pts.  James & Mary  By James - father

Wyrick, Polly A.               D. 3-27-1857  A. 2y6m       c. lumbago      Pts. Asa & Marinda  By Asa - father

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