DRURY - I am searching for information on Charles DRURY of Nansemond Co. 1600's. Any information would be helpful.
December 11, 1996 from Sharon Broward Davis

BRINKLEY - Researching BRINKLEY in very early NANSEMOND CO, VA and on into ORANGE CO., NC. by 1779 bly suspect connection to Peter Brinkley who married Anne ELEY and had large family. Need Peter's sons & daughters to make contact with my Crosley BRINKLEY of Orange Co, NC, b. c. 1777.Will be happy to share info.
December 11, 1996 from Leanne Dooley

GRIFFEN - I found Benjamin Griffen mentioned in the catalog card of the Va Library as being mentioned in the Boothe Family Bible Record of 1793(?)-1873. The family was based around Nansemond Co. Va. Benjamin was my Great Great Grandfather, born 11/15/1806. He married Melvina Brumbeck bon 7/14/1806. Would appreciate any information available.
December 10, 1996 from Sandra Sanford Gage

BOOTHE - William Alexander Boothe B: 1812 Nansemond County, Virginia D: 1895 Washington County, Tennessee 1st M: Mary ?????? Sons: 1- Quenton Boothe B: 1838 Nansemond Co.,VA D: Comanche Co., Texas M: Mary Elizabeth Hopkins, GEORGIA 2- David Boothe B: 1845 Nansemond Co., VA. Said to be kin to John Wilkes Boothe, Quenton Boothe said to have visited with John Wilkes Boothe in Texas after Boothe reported killed in Virginia. William Alexander Boothe Remarried in 1854 in Washington Co.,TN and raised a large family.
December 7, 1996 from William R. Navey

JORDAN - Need proof of marriage of Mary JORDAN to John GEORGE. I believe she was born in Nansemond Co. about 1704. She is the daughter of Joshua JORDAN.
Floy Jean Hale Adkisson
104 Skyview Drive
Kerrville, TX 78028-9313
December 3, 1996 from Floy Jean Hale Adkisson

HEARN - Henry Hearn, (of Nansemond Co, VA?), born ca 1630. His daughters name was Deborah Hearn, born 1670 in Isle of Wight Co, VA. Where did the Hearn family come from? Who was Henry's wife? Any information on the Hearn family and the family of Henry Hearn's wife will be appreciated.
November 1, 1996 from G Fritzges

LANGSTON/WORRELL - John LANGSTON b England d 1681 Nansemond Co. m Katherine ? children Leonard, John, Mulford (or Mountford). He was the son of Henry LANGSTON 1603 Sedgeborough Co Worchestershire Eng m Elizabeth Worrell. any one having information on these, I am a direct descentant, please email
Dec 16, 1996 - 04:00 - From: - Mary Lou Reed

DUDLEY - Thomas Dudley b. ca 1693, moved to Carteret Co. NC d. 13 May 1753
Dec 16, 1996 - 15:04 - From: - Cameron Dudley

LANGSTON - Looking for descendants of John Langston d.1681 in Nansemond Co VA Please contact MaryLReed Thank you
Dec 20, 1996 - 04:48 - From: - Mary Lou Reed

KNOTT, BUTLER - JAMES KNOTT b. in Eng. Came to Nansemond Co. Va. & bought land in 1637. His wife was ELEANOR BUTLER. Is there any thing known about the parents or background of this couple? Smitty
Dec 26, 1996 - 10:59 - From: - H. Crossfield

GRIFFIN - GRIFFIN, Richard Elliott c.1800 Researching ancestry of Richard Elliott GRIFFIN He was known to have married Elizabeth Skinner. Children include John Hamlin GRIFFIN, Matilda GRIFFIN, Emmaline GRIFFIN, Addie GRIFFIN, Richard Elliott GRIFFIN JR.
Jan 2, 1997 - 13:08 - From: - Robert Glenn

BRINKLEY - BRINKLEY, Jason c.1800. Married to Elizabeth Brinkley. Had child, Javan BRINKLEY who married Ida V. Brinkley; children of this marriage included Roy BRINKLEY, Albert Sydney BRINKLEY, Larry BRINKLEY, Clio BRINKLEY, and Lyman BRINKLEY Searching for earlier ancestry of this person.
Jan 2, 1997 - 13:14 - From: - Robert Glenn

PARKER, COPELAND - Seeking info on Rosetta COPELAND, daughter of Joanna COPELAND. The 1870 census shows her living in holy neck township with mother, Joanna and the following siblings: Augustus, Scarap(?), Octavis, Calvin, and James. She married Elisha PARKER in Nansemond co in 1883 at age 20. Elisha Parker was residing in Gates Co., NC at the time. The minister's name was Austin or Justin COPELAND. Any info will be greatly appreciated.
Jan 3, 1997 - 17:52 - From: - Linda Threadgill

PIERCE - PIERCE, Julius Adolphus b. mid 1800s in Nansemond Co VA. Wifes name was Callie. One son was Euclid Jasper Pierce b. 1880s and my Grandfather. Descendants abound in Ohio, but the Virginia ancestory continues to elude me. Any help would be appreciated and any a I have is shareable.
Jan 8, 1997 - 14:06 - From: - Richard Pierce

GREGORY - I am interested in any info on the GREGORY line. My 5 gr gr grandfather, Thomas GREGORY B. 1725 in Lunenberg Co., not know parents....could any of the line of GREGORYs be part of this line? Any info appreciated. Pat
Jan 12, 1997 - 09:13 - From: - Pat Cummings

LEE - Seeking any descendants of John LEE, Esq. c.1690/1700. Nansemond Co., VA->1766.12. 4 1768.2  Johnston Co. NC
Jan 13, 1997 - 17:54 - From: - Jim Williams, Sr.

BEAMAN - Looking for any BEAMAN descendants.
Jan 14, 1997 - 02:09 - From: - Betty James Smith

ARMISTEAD, WRIGHT - Looking for information on Mary Armistead and/or husband David Wright. She is daughter of William Armistead and Sarah Jordan. Lived in 18th century (I believe). Any help would be appreciated.
Jan 14, 1997 - 20:25 - From: - Marsha Grasselli

GLOVER - Seeking info on 3 GLOVER sons orphaned at a young age. Children of Samuel A. GLOVER and Frances ELDRIDGE. James GLOVER b. 9-19-1788 Nansemond County Va. M. 11-8-1814 Windsor, NC to Mary PARKER daughter of Thomas and Sarah PARKER of Bertie Co. NC. Any info would be appreciated.
Jan 20, 1997 - 22:06 - From: - Nancy Mikell

HARRELL, BENTON - Looking for information Francis HARRELL and Mary BENTON Their son Jacob HARRELL b. 1734 in Nansemond Co, VA.
Jan 22, 1997 - 22:00 - From: - Marilyn Cain

HOLLAND - I am looking for information concerning the parents of Thomas Holland of Nansemond County, VA who served in the Revolutionary War. I noticed there is a Holland, VA. Could I find records there? Thanks in advance. Andrew Salisbury
Jan 27, 1997 - 22:03 - From: - Andrew Salisbury

DRURY - Charles and Martha Drury believed to be in Nansemond Co., Va. around 1700-1710. Moved to Halifax Co., NC where they gave birth to Elizabeth around 1745.
Feb 4, 1997 - 13:38 - From: - Patricia Barnette

JOSSEY/JOSEY - Reserching Wm. Jossey (1724/5-bef1783) with wife Suzanna ? and son Wm. Robinson Jossey 1756-1832 as second husband of Jane _____Webb.
Feb 4, 1997 - 22:40 - From: - Ann Jones

LASSITER - LASSITER, Robert C 1635, married in Nansemond Co. in 1675.Descendents removed to Edgecombe County, NC and on to Chatham Co./Orange co., NC. Have good information on generation: William Lassiter, bor NC C1720, died CFeb.1784 in Chatham Co., NC and his descendants. Need to fill in with maiden names for wives of each head of household from Thomas, b.C 1600; Robert, bc1635; Thomas, b.1670;William, Sr. b.c 1697; have information on next generation, William, b.1720 in NC.
Feb 10, 1997 - 15:22 - From: - Carolyn Burgess Knott

FOWLER - My Fowler ancestors, Daniel (1714-1792) and Mary Rollins, born about 1725, are said to be natives of Nansemond County. They moved to Duplin Co, NC in 1753.
Feb 12, 1997 - 20:39 - From: - Terry Fowler

HORN - I am seeking information concerning the HORN surname of Nansemond Co. William Horn Jr. married to Margret had son William Horn Jr married to Ruth. Their son was Elijah Horn Sr married to Susanna Killebrew Bullock. These HORNS settled in both Wayne and Edgecombe Co. NC. HELP
Feb 20, 1997 - 22:39 - From: - Bill Horn

LASSITER, EASON, SWINNEY - George LASSITER, b. abt 1675, Nansemond Co., VA, d. 15 Feb 1764, Albemarie Precinct, NC, m. Anne. Only known child: Moses, b. 1710, Nansemond Co., VA, d. 1767, Chowan Co., NC, m. to Judith EASON. Moses LASSITER (1710-1767) and Judith EASON (????-????) had two known sons: Fredrick, b. abt 1746, NC, and Jotham, b. abt 1752, d. Jul 1810, Wake Co., NC. Jotham LASSITER (abt 1752-1810), wife's name not known, had one known daughter: Elizabeth, b. abt 1760, Granville Co., NC, m. 15 Oct 1783, Granville Co., NC, to William B. SWINNEY, b. abat 1760, Chatham, Co., NC, d. Jun 1825, Chathan Co., NC. Elizabeth LASSITER (abt 1760-????) and William B. SWINNEY (abt 1760-1825). See Home Page: for additional information.
Feb 21, 1997 - 18:45 - From: - Jim M. Robertson

PEELLE, PEELE, PEEL, PEAL - Hi, I am seeking any Information on the Lawrence Peelle who was in Elizabeth City in 1621, his sone Robert who bought land in Nansemond County in 1656 and the associated Peelle family.
Feb 24, 1997 - 09:17 - From: - Horace B. Peele

MILNER - I am looking for information about Lt. Col. Thomas MILNER II b. 1610 in Yorkshire, England who came to Nansemond County VA in the mid 1600's. His parents were Thomas MILNER I b. 1585 Yorkshire, England, and Ann HARGRAVES MILNER. He had two known brothers, Francis MILNER b. 1623 and George MILNER b. 6/21/1629. Lt. Col. Thomas MILNER II was clerk in the House of Burgesses between 1681 - 1685 and was Speaker of the House of Burgesses between 1691 - 1693. Any information on this family would be most appreciated.
Feb 24, 1997 - 16:25 - From: - Judy C. Woodruff

GODWIN - I am looking for info on Godwin. Jacob Godwin born about 1800 in Virginia. Found most Godwin in this county.
Feb 26, 1997 - 21:39 - From: - Heather Godwin

BRASHALL/BREAZEALE - Henry BRASHALL, b. abt. 1600, arrived in Charles City Co., 1643. Lived lower Nansemond Co., Son Henry Breazeale, lived on Gilley Creek 1679.
Mar 1, 1997 - 18:58 - From: - Mary Anderson

MITCHELL, MORRIS, POPLIN, RICHARDSON - Seeking information on George W. Mitchell and his wife, Mary A. Richardson. Believed to have been born in Nansemond County, VA early 1800's. A son, William Sanford Mitchell was born in the county on 16 December 1853.
Mar 6, 1997 - 00:51 - From: - Aubrey Mitchell

BROWN - Searching for Adam BROWN, wife Mary, 1750 time period.
Mar 9, 1997 - 03:25 - From: - Berta Brewer Fletcher

BREWER - Seeking any info on BREWER family named in Upper Nansemond Parish Vestry Book, 1743-1783: Robert, William, Solomon, Joseph, Jacob, Moses - Robert BREWER land processioned. Also 2 Robert Brewers transported to VA per land patents. Any relation to other Brewers in Nansemond and Isle of Wight?
Mar 9, 1997 - 09:48 - From: - Jo Church Dickerson, 734 Clay Hill, Lake View SC 29563

ROGERS - I would like to receive any information regarding LOT ROGERS. I believe that he moved from Nansemond to Marion County, SC, after the Revolutionary War. Thanks.
Mar 14, 1997 - 13:55 - From: - Ed Rogers

JERNEGAN - Searching for information about Thomas JERNEGAN who removed from Somerton, Nansemond Co., to Dukes Co., Mass., about 1712. Need his ancestry. Douglas V. Smith, Box 65, Sharon, VT 05065 or e-mail to
Mar 14, 1997 - 20:29 - From: - Douglas V. Smith

CAHOON, DUNBAR - Information on Samuel CAHOON came from Dunbarton, Scotland- died 1694 at Cahoon's Creek, Nansemond-now city of Suffolk VA.Was a shoe salesman. Had court fight with a Richard WILKINSON who lived on the James River. Son Robert moved to Tyrrell Co North Carolina but other children may have remained in Nansemond VA area. ALSO -looking for DUNBARS who might have lived in same area.Samuel Cahoon's great grand-daughter-Delilah CAHOON, married a Thomas DUNBAR in Tyrell Co. NC about 1785.The Dunbars were said to have come from Dunbar Scotland. Ancestors and Descendants of wanted. Email or call collect 313 7612107
Mar 19, 1997 - 00:26 - From: - Nancy Dunbar

BAILEY - Looking for any BAILEY family descendants.
Mar 28, 1997 - 19:54 - From: - Andrew Turner

JORDAN - I am seeking proof of the birth of Frances Elizabeth (Fanny) Jordan, b. 1794 in Nansemond. Her father was Benjamin Jordan, b. 2 Mar 1772 in Lunenburg or Nansemond County; her mother was Sarah (Sally) Wood, b. 1 Aug 1753 in Horthampton, Halifax, Virginia. Thanks in advance for the help.
Mar 31, 1997 - 13:51 - From: - Mary Nell Snoddy

HOLLAND, SAUNDERS - Am looking for any information on 2 Books that have the genealogy on two families. The Books,'The Hollands and Their Kin' and 'The Lee family of Nasemond Co.' Both these publications were written by a Lee Prestlow Holland. Please E-mail if you have info on these 2 publications. Tracey Saunders Cline
Apr 2, 1997 - 16:59 - From: - Tracey Saunders Cline

REDD - I am trying to locate any information on my ancestor William REDD. He was born about 1710 and is of Nansemond Co., Virginia. He is a revolutionary war vet and shows in the registry books. However, I have been unable to find a proof of birth. Family legends attribute him to both England and Scotland. He moved to Onslow Co., North Carolina, where his son Whitakker Redd was born.
Apr 7, 1997 - 16:29 - From: - Jeff Nelson

DUKE - Duke Adolfus G.
Apr 12, 1997 - 13:41 - From: - Tom Hoover

PORTER - Searching for records regarding James Porter and his parents, grandparents. I believe he was born in late 1700s, early 1800s, in Nansemond County. Settled and died in Gates County, NC.
Apr 15, 1997 - 15:36 - From: - Mary Looney

HALL - I'm looking for any info on a John HALL born about 1650 in Nansemond Co.,Va. He married a Frances? about 1670. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
Apr 15, 1997 - 17:39 - From: - Marilynn Stewart

LEWIS - Am interested in finding more information on Exum LEWIS (1710-1795) who married Elizabeth FIGURES. My information is that he lived somewhere near what is now Suffolk and the family ended up in Edgecomb County N.C. I have his family Bible but have been unable to find out anything about his ancestors. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Apr 20, 1997 - 20:02 - From: - Richard Lewis Taylor

PEAVY - I would like to correspond with anyone doing research on, or have information on the PEAVY (misc. spellings) line in Nansemond Co., in the 1600's and 1700's. Believe they may have intermarried with the Nansemond Indians. Thank-you.
Apr 27, 1997 - 12:55 - From: - Marsha McWilliams

HORN - Researching HORN family: Henry Horn, b: Nov 1716, in Nansemond, VA, Married Ann ... abt 1737, d: 1798 in NC. William Horn, son of Henry, b: March, 1738, in Nansemond, married Mary Thomas, 1761, in ?Edgecomb, NC, d: about 1798 in NC. I have extensive information about the descendants of Josiah Horn, son of William Horn, born 1766 in NC, married Elizabeth Bunn, abt 1790, died 1845 in Montgomery County, TN. Happy to share information. E-mail:DRBHORN@AOL.COM.
May 1, 1997 - 11:41 - From: - Robert Gordon Horn

HORTON - I am searching for confirmation that one John HORTON was from "Upper Parishes of Nansemond Co. He was born 9/14/1781 and died (SC) 9/14/1863. He evidently moved to Wake Co. NC before movng to Chesterfield Co. SC around 1800. Any help would be appreciated, Bryan Horton
May 3, 1997 - 19:06 - From: - Bryan Horton

WILROY - I am interested in the WILROY family. Thank you for any information you may offer.
May 5, 1997 - 09:15 - From: - Bruce James Wilroy

GOODWYN/GOODWIN - Looking for African descendants of William and Sylvia STITH GOODWYN. William and Sylvia were married in 1873 in Southampton County. They were living in Nasemond County, Va. It is believe that their descendants are still in that area. Their children were: Charles/Charlie; Willie; Martha, Lula; Doc; Lee; Margarett; Richard; Carrie. William had a sister named Julia. A granddaughter named Nellie Goodwyn lived in the household in 1910. Sylvia would have been my great great aunt. If anyone can help, I will be forever grateful.
May 7, 1997 - 14:38 - From: - Elwood Cephus Stith

MANES/MANUS, WILSON - Does any one have info about a Manus or Manes in early 1700's in Nansemond County. Have come across info that says William Manes(s) may have been an indentured servant in area to a John Hedgeporth(sp?) in the early to mid 1700's. Would be grateful for any help. Also he may have married a Wilson.
May 9, 1997 - 11:41 - From: - Patti Leake

JERNIGAN - I would like to hear from anyone that is researching the JERNIGAN family in Nansemond Co., Va. I am looking for the parents of Elisha JERNIGAN, who m. Zilpha Gibbs of Duplin Co., N.C.
May 9, 1997 - 22:26 - From: - KMosley

HOLLAND - I am looking for the parents of James Holland, b. circa 1740. He may have been born in Nansemond County; he settled in Gates County, NC then Wayne County, NC. He had 2 boys: Elisha and Absolum. Thanks for any information relating to these relatives.
May 13, 1997 - 11:37 - From: - Diana Holland Faust

VILLINES - Hezekiah VILLINE, d. ~1783 in Nansemond Co., VA, m. Priscilla and father of Abraham VILLINES (1777-1859 /Madison Co., AR). Email Phillip Snow at pesnow@
May 22, 1997 - From: Phillip Snow

PETERS - I am trying to find John Peters, born 1772 in Va. I am trying to trace him back to a John Peters listed in Nansemond County on the Quit Rent Rolls of 1704. If you have any information on either of these men, please email me.
May 28, 1997 - From: Jill Beverly

KEENE, HOLLY, CHERRY - I am searching for information on George KEENE m Elsie HOLLY; dau Martha R. KEENE b abt 1765. Martha m Joshua CHERRY abt 1782, NC ? I have found many references to a George KEENE in "Cavaliers & Pioneers 1732-1741" in Nansemond Co., VA; also "The Vestry Book of the Upper Parish 1743-1793". I have no direct knowledge that this is the George KEENE I am searching for. Can anyone shed some light on this. I also know that Martha & Joshua CHERRY lived in Sumner Co. in abt 1796; many KEENES show up there, but no George KEENE. Thank you very much for any help given.
Jun 6, 1997 - From: Sylvia Dees

DYALL/DOYLE/DIAL - DYALL/DOYLE, Edward Sr. b. Wales, Eng. 1705 & died near Suffolk in Nansemond Co. Va. in 1753. Seeking info on his wife & the wife of his son Edward Doyle Jr. who moved to Ky. after the Revolutionary War. By 1800's their name became DIAL.
Jun 10, 1997 - From: Sondra Brown

HILL - Looking for information on Abraham HILL, who was born in Nansemond Co., in 1697. He was the son of Henry and Mary HILL. Henry's son was Theophilus HILL (b.1740). I would appreciate any information on the HILL family.
Jun 28, 1997 - From: Henry Lewis

CRAWFORD - Looking for information about WILLIAM CRAWFORD AND HIS WIFE MARY who received land in southern Nansemond Co in 1711.
Jun 28, 1997 - From: Colleen Norman

OLIVER - Looking for information about ALEXANDER OLIVER. May have had brother or father, AARON OLIVER.
Jun 28, 1997 - From: Colleen Norman

FROST - Seeking information about George FROST, who was transported into Nansemond County, VA by Robert SAVEN sometime before June 11, 1653. Also seeking infomration about Thomas FROST, who was transported into Nansemond County, VA by Francis SPEIGHT sometime before April 24, 1682. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Jun 28, 1997 - From: J. Michael Frost

DUNN - DUNN, Charlotte Williams or John Cartwright, Sr. Charlotte was the daughter of John & Aramenta Williams. Born in Nansemond Co, VA Ap 11, 1775. Looking for info on when husband John C. Dunn came from Phildelphia to VA. Thank you, Paula Peterson
Jul 8, 1997 - From: Paula Peterson

MURRAY - Researching Edward Hare d. 1754 Chowan Co. N.C., came from Nansemond around 1730. Also researching Epaphroditus Moore also from Nansemond around 1730. Edward Hare m. Mary Scott
Jul 8, 1997 - 19:27 - From: - Gary

HOLLAND/HOLLAN, RICKMAN - Thomas HOLLAND/HOLLAN was born about 1750 and married Phoebe RICKMAN. Supposely he owned land in Nansemond County, VA. Does anyone have any data on this couple? Or when and where they married? Does anyone have their children? Any kind of help would be appreciated. Jackie Little
Jul 15, 1997 - From: Jackie Little

HEDGEBETH, BALLARD, HOLLAND - I'm interested in any information about the Holland family. I believe they were in Nansemond County since at least the early 1700s. My grandmother was Pauline Holland, born 1892. Her father was Elisha Edward Holland, born 1860. His father was William L. Holland but I don't know anything about him. HEDGEBETH: I'm interested in any information about the Hedgebeth family, although I don't think they originated in Nansemond County, but rather in North Carolina. My grandfather was Jesse Porter Hedgebeth, born 1895. His father was James Madison Hedgebeth, born 1864. And his father was William H. Hedgebeth who married a Francis Duke who I also believe was from Nansemond County. Beyond that I do not know anything. BALLARD: My great-great-great grandmother was Mary Jane Ballard, born 1829 (she married Benjamin Mathias). Mary Jane's father was Alfred Ballard (birth date unknown). Alfred's father was Kedar Ballard, born in 1747. Kedar's father was Abraham Ballard, unk birthday. Abraham's father was Ralph Ballard (unk. birthday)
Jul 20, 1997 - From: William M. Hedgebeth

ALLMOND, JACOBS - I am looking for information on Robert Allmond and wife, Bettie Jacobs, of Suffolk and any of their ancesters.
Jul 21, 1997 - From: Everett Padgett

STOUTHMIRE, DRIVER - Looking for info on Mary A. STOUTHMIRE born 15 Jan 1792 in Nansmond Co, VA. She married John DRIVER 9 Feb 1815 in Rockingham Co, VA. Her parents were Jacob and Dolores STOUTHMIRE. Any info on Mary or her parents would be appreciated. Thanks Kyle Hutchison
Jul 27, 1997 - From: Kyle Hutchison

HOLLAND - looking for info on the parents of Moses Holland, born Nov. 17, 1758, Culpeper, VA. Died Williamson, SC, Sept. 8, 1829.
Aug 1, 1997 - From: Franklin B. Holland

WORRELL - I am looking for any information on Joseph Worrell c.1704.
Aug 6, 1997 - From: Jesse Vann

BOOTH - Henry BOOTH was born circa 1750-60 in Nansemond Co. He was married to Margaret??? by 1781 when they owned land in Gates Co NC. He is listed in Nansemond land records in 1789 when he replaces James, probably his father. Henry and Margaret had 7 childresn: Andrew, James, Henry Jr. Christian, Robert, William and Mary. The entire family moved in 1798 to Nashville, Davidson Co. Tenn. where Henry BOOTH died in 1813. Margaret died 1820-30. I have great records of the family after they moved to Tenn. but need help with Nansemond. Any other people seeking BOOTHs???? HELP!
Aug 10, 1997 - From: Gail Compton

MCKINNEY - Would like the first names of any McKinneys (any spelling) in Virginia before 1850, particularly any that may have gone on to North or South Carolina. I understand that Barnabas/Barnaby McKinney had both a brother and a son named John. Is anyone aware of either John's descendants? Thank you.
Aug 12, 1997 - From: Carla Tate

JENKINS - Looking for information to connect John Jenkins of Nansemond Co. who m. Anne and proved 10 white rights in Bertie Co., NC in 1744. Would like to connect him to Dr. Henry Jenkins of Nansemond Co.
Aug 12, 1997 - From: Sharon Piche

KING, HIREY, CAREY - I am looking for information on the parents of Michael KING who came from Norwich, England ca 1646. He married an Elicabeth HIREY or CAREY. I am descended from their son, Henry KING, who moved to Chowan Co, NC.
Aug 14, 1997 - From: Virginia Howell

JERNIGAN - I am searching for information on George JERNIGAN who was born in Nansemond in 1753 and served in the Rev. War. He died in Wayne Co, NC in the '1830s. His parents were George and Lydia JERNIGAN. What was Lydia's maiden name.
Aug 14, 1997 - From: Virginia Howell

BEAMAN - Looking for the ancestors of Jeremiah Beaman and Ruth Barrow, Jeremiah was b. 17 May 1757 in Nansemond County and d. 12 Oct 1836 Greene County, North Carolina. He also served in the Revolutionary War. Ruth Barrow, was b. 19 Jun 1768 in Virginia, d. 19 Jul 1845 Greene County, North Carolina, and was buried in North Carolina
Aug 23, 1997 - From: Matthew J Beeman

LASSETER - I am seeking information about John LASSETER (Sp?), who was born in Nansemond Co sometime in the early 1700'. He married Rebecca (Last name?).This family moved to Nash Co. N.C. I would like to know John's birth date (He died in 1769), his wife's maiden name, his father and mother's names, and any other available information. Thanks to any who can help.
Aug 25, 1997 - From: Dr. William G. (Bill) Mitchell

KNIGHT - I'm looking for information on my great-grandfather Thomas Oliver Knight (wife - Lizzie) of Whaleyville.
Aug 30, 1997 - From: Thomas O. Knight, III

LASSITER, ROUNDTREE - Concerning LASSITER, Robert: B. 1635, mar. 1675 (?) Had a son, John LASSITER, B. (?), died, 1769. John married Rebecca ROUNDTREE.Would like the follwoing information: where was Robert born? If born abroad, when did he arrive in Nanesemond Co.? When did he die? When was John LASSITER born? Who was his mother? Thanks for any info.
Sep 1, 1997 - From: William G. (Bill) Mitchell

PRICE - I am looking for a Cartwright Price and\or his father Cartwright was living in Suffolk in the early 1800 Benjamin Franklin Price was born there in 1819.Cartwright's father fought in the Rev War and was awarded land in Ohio, for his service. Thanks, lometar@aol. com
Sep 2, 1997 - From: Elwin G. Kirby

COPELAND, FAULK - Copeland, Ann Elizabeth was the daughter of James Copeland and Mary Faulk. In 1829 she married Seth Everett (b. 1809) They both died in 1843 and buried at Holy Neck. I need information on this Copeland and Faulk family.
Sep 2, 1997 - From: Patricia Buck

WEATHERLY, DAVIDSON - Weatherly, Mary (1798-Aug. 23, 1868) married Edward Howell (1797-Feb.18, 1876). Her parents were John Weatherly and Elizabeth Davidson. I need info on this Weatherly and Davidson families.
Sep 2, 1997 - From: Patricia Buck

SUMNER, EVERETT - Sumner, Dempsey L.born Aug. 1, 1823 Nansemond County, VA. Married 1853 Martha C. Everett (b. 1832). He was killed during the Civil War, Aug. 1, 1823. I'm trying to find out "where" he was killed and where he is buried.
Sep 2, 1997 - From: Patricia Buck

HOLLAND,WARREN, EVERETT - I am interested in obtaining a detailed map of Nansemond Co. showing the Holy Neck District. If anyone knows a source for this, please e-mail me. Thanks. (Am researching Holland, Warren, and Everett.)
Sep 2, 1997 - From: Margaret Harbour-Holland

SHERWOOD - John and Nannie Smith SHERWOOD Nansemond County, VA Father of John SHERWOOD: Samuel SHERWOOD (Irish immigrant) Any information.
Sep 3, 1997 - From: Lynn Miller

SULLIVAN - SULLIVAN, Daniel Looking for information on Daniel Sullivant of Nansemond. He was a Burgess and a Clerk or Court for Nansemond around 1700. The name of his wife is unknown but he had at least two children, Daniel and Margaret. Margaret Sulivant married into the Sumner family. Need to know his wife's name and if he left a will in Nansemond or the surrounding area. He may have also had a daughter named Bridget and also a son named Michael.
Sep 4, 1997 - From: Dan Sullivan

TARLETON - Roger Tarleton had 50 acres in 1674 adjacent that of Wm Smealy + Ralph Boseman. Does anyone know anything more about Roger. Scource was from a book or book chapter "Cavaliers + Pioneers" pg 150 Can anyone make this a more thorough rederance.
Sep 13, 1997 - From: Adam Tarleton

GILLIAM/GWILLIN/GILLUM - I am looking for any info on the descendants of George GILLIAM/GWILLIN/GILLUM who was transported to VA in 1638 and owned land in Lancaster and Nansemond counties. I have much other GILLIAM info to share.
Sep 14, 1997 - From: Beverly Burton

ROGERS , HIGHSMITH, BECK - Researching Benjamin ROGERS b. abt. 1735; married Sarah HIGHSMITH, daugher of Daniel HIGHSMITH & Ann BECK, of Norfolk Co., Va., who moved to Bertie Co., NC & later Halifax Co., NC. Benjamin ROGERS died abt. August 1778 in Bertie Co., NC. Think he fought in Rev. War in local militia. He first appeared in Bertie Co., NC on 1759 tax list. Think he may have moved from Nansemond Co., Va. to Bertie Co., NC about this time. Have "clues" of a Benjamin ROGERS in Nansemond Co., Va. from 1755-57, but no proof of connection between Va. & NC.. Benjamin had a brother named William. Children of Benjamin & Sarah: 1) Reuben b. 1761 2) Annas 3) Winnifred 4) Jesse. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Sep 18, 1997 - From: Glenn N. Rogers

STALLINGS - I would like to correspond with anyone researching the descendants of Nicholas STALLINGS, including Nicholas II, Elias, Job, Josiah, Abraham, Edwin, and Walter. I would be glad to share/compare information with anyone interested. Russell.
Sep 23, 1997 - From: Russell L. Lawrence

LEWIS, BUSH, WILLIAMS, WILLIS - I am searching for information about Thomas BUSH and his son William BUSH who owned land in Nansemond and Isle of Wight Counties in the mid 1600s. I am also searching for Lewis WILLIAMS, and his grandson Anthony WILLIAMS, who married MARY WILLIS in the late 1600s.
Oct 3, 1997 - From: Cheryl Chandler

SUMNER - John (of Brideswell) SUMNER b. 1618 London, England and d. 1670 in Nansemond Co, VA. Searching for information about his decendants. The family migrated south from VA through NC and eventually settled in GA. Children of John SUMNER and Unknown: Joseph SUMNER b. abt 1641 in VA; Richard SUMNER b. abt 1643, d. 1729 in Bertie Co, VA; Francis SUMNER b. 1644, d. 04 Jul 1676 in Surry Co, VA; and William SUMNER b. abt 1645.
Oct 4, 1997 - From: Karyn C. Burke

RANDOLPH - In a Pasquotank Monthly Quaker meeting, (Quaker Marriage Certificates 1677-1800), there is a marriage of an Aaron Morris to Miriam Robertson in March 1773. Two witnesses to this marriage were Jacob F. RANDOLPH and Joseph RANDOLPH. I am trying to determine if this Joseph RANDOLPH is mine. I have a Joseph RANDOLPH who was later in Adair/Washington Co KY area, but I don't know if these are the same or not. Does anyone have this Jacob and/or Joseph RANDOLPH in their research? My RANDOLPH research dead-ends in KY when my gggg grandfather, Absolem RANDOLPH, was born to a Joseph RANDOLPH - mother unknown. Thanks for any leads.
Oct 6, 1997 - From: Judy Atkisson

JOYNES - Searching for information on the parents of Washington L. Joynes. He was born in Nansemond Co., VA, B. 10-29-1825; D. 1-21-1882. He married Martha Ann Halladay (date unknown), B.1-13-1829; D.5-21-1869.
Oct 8, 1997 - From: Jen Richards

SAUNDERS - I am particularly interested to find the ancestor for my gg-grandfather, James Thomas Saunders, who was married to Sarah Alethea Holland. All I know is that he was born in Va. about 1845. There is a possibility that his father was a Samuel P. Saunders and his mother "Nancy", but I can't confirm it. I do believe that they were part of the Holy Neck Township.
Oct 11, 1997 - From: Claire Triece

GODWIN, BEMBRIDGE - I am looking for any information on the family of Edmond/Edmund GODWIN 1660-1713. He married Sarah BEMBRIDGE and they had the following children. Thomas, Edmond, Joseph, Elizabeth, Sarah, William, Samuel, Martha, Patience, Margaret, and Mary GODWIN. Thanks.
Oct 13, 1997 - From: Jerome Tew

COLLINS - Looking for any info on a Graham COLLINS and/or his line, born 1805 in Nansemond Co. Married Ann(unknown maiden name) abt 1828 in Nansemond. Ann was born abt 1807. Children: Jerusha, b. 1829, Nanetta, b. 1834, Hugh Wilber,b. 1839, and Hester, b. 1842
Oct 15, 1997 - From: Tom Rima

DUKE, SPIVEY - Seeking information on Kedar DUKE b 1800 (Nansemond Co ?) he married a Polly(Martha?) SPIVEY in Gates Co NC on 27 May 1826 Children : Nathaniel , Sabra , William K , Jane , Elizabeth , Frances , James and Sarah. Shown in 1850 ,60 ,70 census. Have other info to share. Need information pre-1800 and his children.
Oct 16, 1997 - From: Richard St.Arnauld

DUKE - Nathaniel DUKE (born 1827) married Elizabeth A (born 1835 est) in 1857 Nansemond Co. They had (8) children. Would like to know Elizabeths maiden name and parents , place of birth etc.
Oct 16, 1997 - From: Richard St.Arnauld

COWLING, LLOYD - I am searching for information on Josiah COWLING and his wife Urania. I have no info on them at all except that I am descended from their daughter Mary (Polly) COWLING b. 1 May 1776 Old Point Comfort, VA d. 22 Nov 1872 Kemper Co, MS m. 21 Feb 1797 Warren Co, GA William LLOYD b. 1773 VA d. c. 1811 Clarke Co, AL. Any and all help appreciated and will be willing to share what little I have of Polly's descendants. Cheryl White
Oct 17, 1997 - From: Cheryl White

DUKE, SPIVEY - Looking for information on KEDAR DUKE born 1800-1803 married POLLY SPIVEY. 8 children starting with Nathniel born 1828. Above from 1850 census Also from 1850 census KEDAR DUKE born 1800 married MARY SPIVEY Gates Co NC 2 children starting with James b 1846. Would like parents of the above to distingish the two. Thanks
Oct 18, 1997 - From: Richard St.Arnauld

BURKS - Looking for information on the descendnts of William BURKS who was a merchant in Chuckatuck c. 1670. Any ideas about the family would be most welcome. Thank you.
Oct 24, 1997 - From: MK Perry

HICKS - Looking for relatives of W. M. and Bettie HICKS. Lived in Crittenden 1900. My grand father was Andrew HICKS
Oct 24, 1997 - From: Stuart K. Hicks, Jr.

SCOTT, HARE - Edward HARE died in Chowan Co. N.C. in 1757. Edward was married to Mary Scott. He began to leave Nansemond Co. with records of 1731 in Chowan. His lands were processed in the Upper Parish Of Nansemond before his death. Researching the HARE, SCOTT, families of this county.
Oct 24, 1997 - From: Gary Murray

DUKE - Looking for any information on the two Kedar/Kader DUKEs listed on the Va 1850 Census in Nansemond Co. One Kedar is listed has having the children James ans Sarah.Marrying Mary (Polly) Spivey . Second Kedar marring Polly Spivey and having 8 children with Nathaniel being the eldest. Both Kedars born 1800-1802 according to census. Both resided near of adjacent to each other. Would love to know parentage of these Kedars ?
Oct 29, 1997 - From: Richard St.Arnauld

COWLING - Seeking Josiah and Urania COWLING, daughter Mary Polly in Nansemond Co c 1770s. Thanks.
Nov 5, 1997 - From: Jean Duncan

HOUSDEN - Looking for information on Thomas HOUSDEN Minister of Upper Parish of Nansemond. His daughter Elizabeth married Edward. Aug. 31, 1706
Nov 9, 1997 - From: Wanda Housden

COWLING - Mary (Polly) COWLING, dau of Josiah and Urania COWLING. What was Urania's maiden name? Any information appreciated. Thanks
Nov 10, 1997 - From: Jeans Duncan

MANEAS - I am trying to locate Elizabeth (Martha) Maneas who married Elijah Adams 13 Apr 1785 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia. I have some information that indicates she may have come from Nansemond County. I would greatly appreciate any information on a Maneas (Manes/Maness) family in Nansemond County.
Nov 18, 1997 - From: Gladys Adams Borup

BIZZELL - I am seeking any data on all the Bizzells of Nansemond County: The only data I have concerning one of the Bizzells of this county is Thomas Bizzell, b. 1749; married to Patti Stevens, b. 1749. Thomas Bizzell's father was John Bizzell or possibly, John I. Bizzell. Thanks for caring and sharing.
Nov 18, 1997 - From: Linda Sanders Bizzell

SPIVEY - Thomas Sherwood Spivey born March 9,1792 in Nansemond County, married Martha Patterson on November 9, 1828. in Butler County, AL. His place of burial is unknown.Any information will be appreciated. I will share any data I have of interest to anyone. Dan Spivey
Nov 20, 1997 (updated email Jan 5 2010) - From: Dan Spivey

JORDAN - Samuel Jordan I, died 1622 or 1623 at James Towne, "Beggars Bush" at "Jordan's Journey", Nansemond County, Virginia. Seek further information and will share. Sincerely, Robert Campbell of Long Beach, California, Jordan descendant.
Nov 25, 1997 - From: Robert Campbell

DAVIS - James Davis, born circa 1642 in Nansemond County, married to Margaret Jordan. He was son of Thoams Davis born circa 1613 in Chuckatuk, VA. Any information is appreciated and will share. Sincerely, Robert Campbell of Long Beach, California, Davis descendant.
Nov 25, 1997 - From: Robert Campbell

SHEPHERD - We found a listing that showed a Soloman Shepherd who married an Elizabeth O'Sheal in 1786 in Nansemond Co. VA. No listing for who submitted this info or where it came from can be found. Then what would be the way route or method a family would have travelled to Mason Co. KY between 1786-1790? Any Help would be great! Thank You Mark Shepherd
Nov 25, 1997 - From: Mark Shepherd

HILL, HINTON - Looking for information on the HILL family that lived in Nansemond County in the early 1700's. Henry HILL (b. abt.1660) and his son Abraham (b. 1697). Also looking for information on Judith HINTON, who I believe was Abraham HILL's wife.
Nov 27, 1997 - From: Henry G. Lewis

COWLING - Need help with information about Mary (Polly) COWLING dau of Josiah and Urania COWLING b Old Point Comford Nansemond Co Va 1 May 1776. Thank you.
Nov 29, 1997 - From: j.s. duncan

THOMPSON - Nicodemus THOMPSON (prior to 1769). Any information relating to parents, wife, brothers, etc. would be appreciated. Linked with James Murray of Nansemond Cty. Both families adventually made their way through NC, SC, and GA (Burke Cty).
Nov 30, 1997 - From: Laverne Thompson Brown

BRADDY - Seeking any information on the BRADDY family. Joseph Braddy known to be in Nansemond County as early as 1704. Trying to determine father.
Nov 30, 1997 - From: Nelson Braddy

WEBB - Looking for information on John Webb of Nansemond County married Thersa Duke of Gates County, NC in 1785. They returned to Nansemond County and stayed until the early 1800's.
Dec 5, 1997 - From: Jo Webb

BRADDY - Seeking any information concerning James or Joseph Braddy living in Nansemond County in 1704. Both later migrated to Chowan County NC.
Dec 6, 1997 - From: Nelson Braddy

JORDAN - Seeking proof that James Jordan Sr. (1745 - Aft 1820) was the son of Charles Jordan (Abt 1713-Abt 1773).
Dec 6, 1997 - From: Sandy Michel Nance

LAMB - I'm trying to find any information on a Henry Lamb b. 1697 in Nansemond County,or Isle of Wight. He was son of Josehua Lamb who was b. Abt 1659 and married Mary ????? Henry Married Elisabeth ???? Abt. 1720. They had 10 children, William, Mary, Isaac, Reuban, Isam Esau, Joseph, Bethia, Elizabeth, Jacob and Thomas. I believe all the children were born in Rowan County, NC
Dec 16, 1997 - From: Vance Trube

NORTON - Seeking any information on Meredith NORTON. He is listed as head of household in an early Nansemond County census(I don't have date of that census). He may have been related to the NORTONS in Pittsylvania Co. I'm trying to connect him to the Meredith NORTON born circa 1800 in VA and is on the 1840-50 census of Bedford and Coffee County TN.
Dec 18, 1997 - From: Valerie Simonton

SCOTT - Looking for any information on Martha Scott. She lived on Ann St. in Portsmouth VA with her children Leonard, Frederick and Carrie. They live there from 1915-1917. Leonard work for the railroad during that time. This is all the informationI have on these people. Any help would be fantastic! Looking for living relatives. Please e-mail at
Dec 20, 1997 - From: Anita

MATRAVERS - Early land grants listed in the Cavaliers and Pioneers refer to the "MATRAVERS RIVER" either as an alias for the Nansemond or part of it. Does anyone know the location of this river ? Dick St.Arnauld
Dec 21, 1997 - From: Richard St.Arnauld

BAKER, PERKINS - Am researching parents of Baker Perkins, Sr., of Warwick Co., Va., died 1784 James City County, Va. Was there a Miss BAKER in Nansemond who married a Perkins? Thank
Dec 22, 1997 - From: Cary Young Adams

JONES, YOUNG - Seek parents and siblings of Donaldson P. JONES, born 1817 Nansemond Co., Va. Moved to Warwick Co., Va. Married Mary Francis Garrow. Died 1867 Warwick. Had 5 sons: William YOUNG (Billy Y.), Donaldson Dempsey, John G., Magruder, and Robert.
Dec 22, 1997 - From: Cary Young Adams

PARKER - West Parker was; b. 1777, in Nansemond County, Virginia; d. probably in Marion County, Georgia; m. Susannah Unknown. They raised children in Marion County, Georgia. Seeking information on the genealogy of this family. Doyle T. Brittain
Dec 25, 1997 - From: Doyle T. Brittain

REYNOLDS - Josiah REYNOLDS was; b. January 1, 1758 in Nansemond County, Virginia; d. 1833 in Smith County, Tennessee; m. Abt 1800 to Sarah EXUM in Isle of Wight County, Virginia. They raised a family in isle of Wight County, Virginia and Smith County, Tennessee. Seeking information on the genealogy of this family. Doyle T. Brittain:
Dec 26, 1997 - From: Doyle T. Brittain

COLLINS - Looking for Graham COLLINS, born abt. 1805 in Nansemond County
Dec 28, 1997 - From: Tom Rima

BRINKLEY - Researching early BRINKLEY family in Nansemond Co, VA and would like to know if ANYONE knows where to find an early map of the area ?? Thanks for your time Leanne Dooley
Jan 5, 1998 - 18:16 - From: - Leanne Dooley

KEETON - Seeking info on John Keeton, father of Mary and John. John's will was probated on 9/13/1705, and witnesses wereThomas Milner, John Spring and Daniel Sulliva. John was naturlized in Nansemond Co. and was a member of the House of Burgess.John had a brother named William Keeton.The 2nd. generation moved to Wilkes Co.N.C. and then to Cumberland Co., Ky. Than you in advance for any info you may be able to give me. Ken Keeton
Jan 8, 1998 - 04:14 - From: - Ken Keeton

JONES - Family Seek parents and siblings of Donaldson P. Jones, born 1817 Nansemond Co., Va. Moved to Warwick Co., Vq., married Mary Frances Garrow. Died 1867 Warwick Co. They had five sons: William Young ("Billy Y."), Donaldson Dempsey, John G., McGruder, and Robert. Will exchange info -- Thanks -- Cary Young Adams
Jan 9, 1998 - 15:34 - From: - Cary Young Adams

SCOGGINS/SCROGGINS, EARLY, EVERETT, BAKER - Seeking info on these allied families, especially: Etheldred SCOGGINS/SCROGGINS and Susannah ? both born about 1775, married about 1796 in VA? Moved to Christian Co KY before 1800. Received Green River Land Grant in Christian Co KY in 1803. Children: James Lafayette born about 1797 and William Everett born about 1806. Etheldred died 1806. Susannah remarried Mathias EARLY in 1807. The names Etheldred EVERETT and James SCOGGINS and many BAKERS appear on the 1783 Census in Nansemond CO and again on the 1784 Census along with John EVERETT. Do you find any connections with these names?
Jan 13, 1998 - 00:06 - From: - Honey Lanham Dodge

SHEPHERD, O'SHEAL - Seeking any record or information regarding a Soloman Shepherd who may have married an Elizabeth O'Sheal in 1788 in Nansemond Co. Any info or leads would be appreciated. Thank You.
Jan 15, 1998 - 00:57 - From: - Mark Shepherd

HARE/HEARE - Would appreciate any information I can get re: Hineman/Hindman/Hinoman Hare. Found him in 1830 Nansemond Co., VA Soundex p234. Other Hares were listed but do not know how they connect. I have extensive info after he arrived in Morgan Co., WV. First record was of marriage in 1851. Hineman was my great-grandfather. Thanks in advance.
Jan 16, 1998 - 06:28 - From: - Sharon Banzhoff

KEETON/KEATON - Searching for information on family of John KEETON/KEATON, naturalized around @1676; Member of the House of Burgesses @1698; Last Will and Testament written 13th Sept. 1705. More specifically, I am looking for where he emigrated from, and a listing of his descendants beyond his son John and his daughter Mary. I believe he had property adjoining (and possibly partially sold by his son John to) Daniel Sullivan in the Maiden Hair Neck area. Also, does anyone know if a Scotsman or Irishman would have needed to be naturalized "to enjoy all of the rights of a freeborn Englishman" in Virginia in 1676? I believe KEETON/KEATON is from the British isles, but am not sure exactly where.
Jan 20, 1998 - 14:57 - From: - T. E. Keeton

HOLLAND - I am interested on information of family of Henry Holland, born 3/1/1757 in Nansemond County. His father was also possibly named Henry. He moved to Bertie County, NC and married Sarah Clay 9/2/1783.
Jan 22, 1998 - 16:27 - From: - Randal Wilson

MEADE, LATHAM - Searching for any information on Andrew MEADE and wife Mary LATHAM Andrew was born in Ireland and Mary was from Flushing, Long Island, NY
Jan 22, 1998 - 18:31 - From: - Judy Ring

BESS, KING - Looking for any information on the BESS family that was in Nansamond County about 1640 to 1740? Later they were in in Botetourt County by 1783. Rebecca BESS married Charles Woodley KING, 1787 in Botetourt County. Charles is my great great great grandfather. Any help would be very appreciated.
Jan 23, 1998 - 20:46 - From: - Sharon Settle

BEAMAN - Seeking information about Francis Beaman Sr. born Nansemond Co., Virginia ca 1735, emigrated to Rowan Co. North Carolina. Married Mary. Perhaps a Quaker. Father of Abraham who m. Elizabeth Dage. Grandfather of Isaac who m. Ellender Haislip. Emigrated to Owen Co., Indiana 1827.
Jan 24, 1998 - 22:20 - From: - Mary Beaman Risch

WEBB - Are there any tax listings for the years 1785-1789 for people that lived in Nansemond County? I am looking for John & Treacy Webb. They were married in 1785 In Gates County, NC. John lived in Nansemond County and they moved to Edgecombe County by 1790.
Jan 25, 1998 - 21:28 - From: - Jo Webb

HARRELL - I am looking for informatin regarding Jethro Harrell and Mary Raby Harrell of Nansemond Co. He was born in 1782, died 1870. Mostly I need info on his parents on back, but anything else would be appreciated too.
Jan 27, 1998 - 22:42 - From: - Beth Harrell

GARDNER - Searching for WILLIAM GARDNER b. ? died in Bertie Co. NC . His son JAMES GARDNER b. Bertie Co. NC. date unknnown. died 1780's. These Gardners children then moved to KY. cira 1810-1820.
Feb 1, 1998 - 01:16 - From: - Nancy Pattullo

PARKER - On the 1782 Tax List for Nansemond County were a Hardy PARKER and Cader/Kader PARKER, living side-by-side. Need to know something about these families. Your help would be appreciated.
Feb 8, 1998 - 15:21 - From: - Peggy A. Givens

RICHARDS - I am looking for information about Elijah Richards. He is listed in the 1820 census in Nansemond Co. I am looking for the names of his children. My ggg-grandmother was Drucilla Richards-born in MD in 1806--The family moved near Portsmouth Va. where Elijah was a farmer.
Feb 16, 1998 - 11:49 - From: - Arlene Brown

UMFLEET - Would like exchange any information on UMFLEET/UMPHLETs of Nansemond cty. Brady UMFLEET If problem with e-mail my address is 4909 Marchwood St.Louis,MO 63128
Feb 19, 1998 - 11:12 - From: - Brady

DUNN - looking for information on John Cartwright Dunn family. Married to Charlotte Williams. He died Sept 23, 1804 in Suffolk,VA
Feb 22, 1998 - 15:32 - From: - Leslie McIntosh

ROUNDTREE, LASSETTER - I would like information about (Mary) Rebecca ROUNDTREE, born abt.1690. She married John LASSETTER, and they moved to Chowan Co., N.C. They had the following children: 1. Amos, 2. Obediah, 3. Lemuel, 4. Esbell, 5. Ruth, 6. Tobias (B. in N.C.), and 7. Jonas. Would like to knw the exact dates on Rebecca, who were her father and mother, and exactly where and when she was born. Any help will be appreciated Bill MITCHELL
Feb 27, 1998 - 19:53 - From: - William G. (Bill) MITCHELL

QUILLIN - William F QUILLIN died in Nansemond Co VA and his will was administered by Wilbur J Kelley on November 9, 1865. Paid to Edgar R, Thomas H, Richard H, William K, Owen F, and Georgianna Quillin all children of William Quillin deceased. Will Book 2 page 450 Am looking for decendants of these children.
Mar 3, 1998 - 06:26 - From: - Virginia Hart Poarch

PARKER, FLOWERS - Parker family. Capt Joseph Alfred Parker (Civil War) migrated from Nansemond County to North Carolina after war. Any information would be appreciated. Married Mary Hinton Carraway 6/18/1873 In NC. He was a widower and first wife was Rebecca Flowers. He was born Feb. 1, 1825 and died in Larurinburg 1/16/1893.
Mar 4, 1998 - 18:39 - From: - William D. Parker

GODWIN - GODWIN, Jonathan. Looking for any information. This information is speculation based upon land transactions etc. Does anyone recognize any of this? Thank you. Jonathan GODWIN c1722 - 1791 md; c1744 Rachel ?, Nansemond Co., VA Possible issue: Lived in Sampson Co., North Carolina 1. James Godwin c 1743-d1801 Sampson Co., NC md;c1767 Elizabeth ? 2. Nathan Godwin c 1745-d1823 md; Anna ? 3. Richard Godwin c 1749-d18xx 4. Mary or Rachel Godwin c 1752 5. Thomas Godwin c1755-d1807 Rev. War #495 and possibly others Contact Charlie Godwin
Mar 6, 1998 - 04:10 - From: - Charlie Godwin

COLLINS, ARLINE - I have some COLLINS ancestors from Nansemond Co, and wonder if you have any info that could help me. My ancestor Graham COLLINS was born in Nansemond Co abt. 1805. He married Nansey ARLINE in 1821 (b. 1800) in not-far-away Gates Co, NC. His kids are Elijah, Hugh, Hester, Jerusha, and Nanetta. In my research, I have not found too many Collins, and my main focus right now is to find Graham's parents. So far the only Collins that are candidates are Thomas, David, and William. I think that Graham had a brother Elvy, born 1806.
Mar 8, 1998 - 12:00 - From: - Tom Rima

RICKS, JORDAN - I am inquiring about the Ricks/Jordan family. My great grandmother's name is Stylie Ricks. I am unsure if that was a maiden name or name by way of marriage. Since I am trying to organize a family tree and possible reunion I would appreciate any help in this matter.
Mar 11, 1998 - 13:18 - From: - Tara Y. Williams

KEATON/KEATING - I am looking for a John KEATON (KEATING) who may have lived in Nasemond Co. prior to 1811. I was told that he was born in Ireland. I est. his birth to be about 1780. He may have migrated to Pasquotank Co., NC. In 1811 he had a son named Richard in SC, possibly in Pickens Co. John was my ggg grandfather. I wish that I had more info about him. That is my problem; thus I am having much trouble locating his whereabouts prior to 1811. I would appreciate any help!! Susan
Mar 14, 1998 - 17:44 - From: - Susan Keating Koon

BIDGOOD - BIDGOOD, Walter D., son of Mary A. and James C. Bidgood. Born in Nansemond County on September 23, 1856. James C. Bidgood was a farmer.
Mar 15, 1998 - 08:13 - From: - Mary McSweeney Wisenburg

PILLAR/PILLEW/PILLOW/PILLER - Interested in Jasper Pillary, with Randall Crew granted 460 acres for their headrights on east side of Southern branch of Nansemond River on Sept. 9, 1648 (Cavaliers and Pioneers--Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents and Grants, 1623-1666). "y" on name may have been flourish, with true name Pillar (also spelled in other places as -er, -ew, and -ow). Want to trace his descendents into mid-1700's, expecially into Amelia County, VA
Mar 16, 1998 - 13:57 - From: - William F. Pillow, Jr.

GLYN, POWELL, NEEDHAM - Morris Glyn was the father of Richard Glyn born in Isle of Wight Co., VA and Elizabeth Glyn born Nansemond Co., VA who married John Powell born circa 1695 Norfolk Co., VA and died 1729 in Chowan Co., NC. Who were these Glyns? The Children of John Powell and Elizebeth Glyn were William, Isaac, Sarah, Jesse and Robert. Who did Isaac Powell Marry? Anna Needham?? John Powell at
Mar 17, 1998 - 03:28 - From: - John Powell

BULLOCK, BOAZMAN, BRANCH - Anthony BRANCH patented 300 acres of land on the Western Branch of the Nansemond River about 1685. A part of this land was in Nansemond Co. and a Part was in Isle of Wight. This land was inherited by Mrs. Mary BOAZMAN, wife of Ralph BOAZMAN, before 1693. By 1695, some of the land had passed to her daughter, Mary BOAZMAN BULLOCK, wife of Thomas BULLOCK. Any information appreciated. By 1695, Henry ALLEN had died, and Mrs. Mary BOAZMAN ALLEN married Thomas BULLOCK. The Thomas BULLOCK family continued to live on the border of Nansemond Co. in the area of Everett's Bridge from
Mar 17, 1998 - 19:55 - From: - Ron Bullock

SAUNDERS, SMITH - Have some info on Righatd Henry Saunders married to Mary Eliza Goodman from NC in 1865. Son John Richard Saunders married to Ella Day Smith from Nasemond county in 1883. Any information on Saunders/Smith families would be greatly appreciated.
Mar 17, 1998 - 22:59 - From: - Aubrey B. Saunders

STALLINGS/STALLIONS - William Thomas Stallings (Stallions) born 1830 in Nansemond Co. Who were his parents? He had a sister named Milie. He was in N.C. by 1860. I'd appreciate any help on this William.
Mar 18, 1998 - 16:35 - From: - Susie Holz

SANDERS, RAVENETT, HALL - I am looking for data on John SANDERS, who married Susannah RAVENETT (dau of William REVENETT) they had at least two children; William who married Mary HALL, and Richard. Have lots of info on descendents of this family, will gladly share my records.
Mar 20, 1998 - 09:49 - From: - Sue Feild

SUMNER - william sumner in nansemond co. Va. in the 1600's. I'm a decendant of Joseph Sumner from Emanuel co Ga. whose father was a Joseph Sumner b. 1761 from Edgecomb co. N.C. trying to trace further back.I have John Sumner b. about 1705,William Sumner b. about 1668.
Mar 23, 1998 - 16:17 - From: - Sandra Sumner Bretzius

BUXTON - BUXTON, James married Jane Avery and lived in this county when their child John O'Kelly Buxton was born in 1792.Looking for more info. on James Buxton and wife JAne.Thanks.
Mar 27, 1998 - 01:26 - From: - Tammy Walrod

MURDAUGH - Interested in any information on Claudias Walke Murdaugh
Mar 30, 1998 - 19:38 - From: - Ozzie

WINBORNE, WEBB, WEBBER - Looking for information from Old vestry books of Upper Parish. The names for which I am searching are Winborne and Webb. John Winborne, Dempsey Winborne, Elisha Webb, William Webb etc.
Mar 31, 1998 - 15:41 - From: -

GODWIN - Looking for information about James Godwin born about 1697, died about 1761, said to be married to Mary Parker. Father of Jonathan Godwin who was bon about 1732 and died in 1791 in Sampson County, NC
Mar 31, 1998 - 23:37 - From: - Robert Godwin

STALLINGS - James Stallings born Nansemond County ca. 1800. Who was his wife? They had 3 sons and 6 daughters. Milie, Male Stallings b. ca. 1826, married a Rebecca ?. William Thomas Stallings b. 9 Sept. 1830, R.G. Stallings 1832 married Cornelia Virginia. I'd like any information on this family. Thanks.
Apr 1, 1998 - 20:28 - From: - Susie Holz

HOLLAND - Looking for info on Solomon Holland and Moses Holland, said to have been brothers from Nansemond. Moses was born 11/17/1758, later moved to area of Anderson, SC. Solomon said to have move to Greenville Dist., SC.
Apr 7, 1998 - 15:48 - From: - Franklin Holland

DURAND/DURAN/DURANT - I am looking for any information abouit a Puritan minister named William Durand. He came to Nansemond from Boston in the 1640s. The Massachusetts Bay Colony received a request for Puritan ministers from southern Virginia. William Durand, a member of Boston's First Church, answered the call. He lived in Nansemond for several years and then fled, due to Governor Berkeley's persecution of Puritans during the English Civil War. He settled in Maryland, along the Severn River. Several other Puritan families joined him there, and he began a new settlement named Providence. It eventually became Annapolis, MD. I am looking for any information on George Durand's life, family or the history of Puritanism in southern Virginia.
Apr 16, 1998 - 12:25 - From: - Debbie Barclift

PARKER - Hardy Parker and Cader Parker lived side by side on the 1782 Tax Digest for Nansemond Co, VA. Boddie in his article on the Parkers says that Hardy Parker was a vestryman in one of the parishes in Nansemond. Would like to know more about these Parkers as I believe Cader Parker is my ancestor who moved to Greene Co, GA, in the 1790s.
Apr 16, 1998 - 23:05 - From: - Peggy A. Givens

BIRD - I am looking for information on William Bird who is listed on the Quit Rents role for the year 1704 in the Upper Parish of Nansemond Co as having 300 acres. Some of his desendants moved into North Carolina.
Apr 30, 1998 - 12:06 - From: - John B. Ellis

TART - I'm searching for information on Nathan Tart, father of Thomas Tart, DOB 1761 in Nansemond County. Any information would be greatly appreciated. THX Tripp Tart
Apr 30, 1998 - 13:49 - From: - Clarence Clayton "Tripp" Tart, III

BUTLER - I am looking for information on Allen Butler who married Sarah Butler in the mid to late 1700's. He was born in Nansemond County and lived there until around 1800 or 1810 when he purchased land from Jess P Johnson and wife Chasity Butler Johnson. I have information on his family to the present , but do not know who his parents could be.
Apr 30, 1998 - 18:49 - From: - Lynn Cobb Butler

RICHARDS - My gggGrandfather Elijah RICHARDS is on the 1820 census in Nansemond Co. I believe near Portsmouth. He had a daughter named Drucilla. I am looking for any information.
May 2, 1998 - 19:38 - From: - Arlene Brown

GRAY - I am looking for information on Charles and Thomas GRAY (African American). Charles had a wife named Mary and Thomas had a wife named Catherine. If you have any information, please reply.
May 2, 1998 - 21:29 - From: - Robin

MANES/MANIS/MANUS, MCNEE/MACCLANNEE - I'm looking for info on a William Manis/McNee/ Macclannee who entered the US through Nansemond Co. VA in Dec. of 1714. He had a son, Jacob Manis who lived in North Carolina. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Damon Manes
May 3, 1998 - 15:26 - From: - Damon Manes

NORRIS, HYNSON - Thomas NORRIS was born in England, probably 1606-1608 and was in Congham, Forfolk, Virginia 1630-31. He married an Ann HYNSON, dau. of Thomas HYNSON of Nansemond Co., Va. and Kent Island, Md. This is very early stuff. I am looking to confirm these names in the area that early. I would like more information on HYNSON and NORRIS progenitors in Va. and their origins in England.
May 4, 1998 - 15:48 - From: - Douglas Hall

BAINES - I am trying to find out about a Baines family who lived in Holland. The only information I have is the names of my husband's mother Vera and her sisters Inez, Odell and Louise.
May 6, 1998 - 18:55 - From: - Anne Dunning

HARRELL - I am looking for the parents and any information available on Mills Harrell who was living in Nansemond Co, Va 1790. He is listed in the clerk's fee book as the administrator of Job Harrell estate 1800. His son Elisha Harrell (of Mills) m. Elizabeth Woolfrey in Gates Co, NC 2 Aug 1855. He also had a son named William who m. Levinia Brisco in Gates, Co. NC. Any information would be appreciated.
May 11, 1998 - 04:14 - From: - Jean Paschal

MONTAGUE - Looking for any information on my 3g grandfather John D. Montague, born 1827 in NC and apparently moved to Cypress Creek near Suffolk, Virginia, before he died on a date unknown. May have been married to Juliana ???, his second wife. His first wife was Patience Thompson of Wayne County, NC; the couple had two children there, Virginia and Samuel Dixon, before Patience's death on or around 3 Aug 1854.
May 18, 1998 - 19:31 - From: - William S. Pate, Jr.

SHEPARD/SHEPHERD - SHEPARD, Israel, was in Nansemond Co. 1704, d 1708. He was b c1649 MA, son of William Shepard of England. Am interested in Israel descendants.
May 20, 1998 - 20:08 - From: - Diane Bender

BRITT - Searching for any information on early Britt families in Nansemond County.
May 23, 1998 - 20:15 - From: - Ruth Britt Wade

GRAY - I am looking for information on the GRAY family (African American) from Southampton and Nansemond Counties. Robin Gray
May 25, 1998 - 11:31 - From: - Robin Gray

NICHOLS - William NICHOLS of Upper Parish, Nansemond Co., VA., who purchased [according to reference from Bertie Co., NC Deed Book, E:23] 340 acres of land [two plantations] in Bertie Co., NC from Richard Pace, Jr. on July 29, l736. Searching for clues regarding this William Nichols and/or his family?
Jun 2, 1998 - 14:18 - From: - Marianne Ordway

ROBERTS - I am searching for information on archibald roberts and his son calvin roberts.I saw them last on the 1850 census in the suffolk area,in 1860 I found calvin in the lower parish.this is a part of nansemond county.
Jun 4, 1998 - 20:48 - From: - blanche porter

WATSON, CROSS - I am searching for the WATSON/CROSS families of Nansemond County. Scacebook Watson married Sara Cross and they moved to Marion County, SC. At Sara's death he returned to VA to marry her cousin also named Sarah. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Jun 6, 1998 - 10:27 - From: - Tami Lancaster

PARKER - Am seeking information on a Cader/Kader/Kadar PARKER and a Hardy PARKER who were living side-by-side on the 1782 Tax Digest for Nansemond Co, VA. Also, would like to know if Nansemond VA was ever a part of Surry or Sussex Counties, VA.
Jun 9, 1998 - 16:40 - From: - Peggy A. Givens

BRITT - I am searching the surname BRITT and would appreciate any information on this family...deeds, will, and Revolutionary War Records.
Jun 10, 1998 - 16:52 - From: - Ruth Britt Wade

HOLLOWELL - Does anyone have any information as to the identity of the ELIZA HOLLOWELL listed with 6 whites in the 1783/1790 Nansemond Co., VA Census? I have been researching the HOLLOWELL family for 30 years and would like to identify this ELIZA HOLLOWELL.
Jun 11, 1998 - 21:45 - From: - Vikki Hollowell Highfield

GRAY - I am looking for information on the Gray family (African American) from Nansemond Co. Also visit my website at:
Jun 14, 1998 - 20:24 - From: - Robin Gray

PELL - PELL, Joseph I am searching for info about Joseph PELL and his family. He was suppose to be living in Nansemond Co during the mid to late 1700's. He is suppose to be the father or grandfather of Richard PELL who married Elizabeth FAIRFAX in 1793 in or about Fairfax Co., VA. Any help or suggestions will be greatly appreicated. Judy in NC
Jun 21, 1998 - 17:04 - From: - Judy Davis

DARDEN - I am looking for information on James Darden (1860 census) and Jacob Darden (1870 census) of Nansemond. Thanks!
Jun 23, 1998 - 23:15 - From: - Robin Gray

BUTLER, HEDGEBETH - Looking for parents of Isham Butler, Sr. who lived in Nansemond County around 1850 - 1860. Also looking for the parents of Mary Elizabeth Hedgebeth, Isham Butler, Sr.'s wife. Thanks for any help.
Jun 26, 1998 - 15:57 - From: - Terry Johnson

RAYBORNE/RAYBOURNE, RABON/RAYBON - Looking for possible connection between John RAYBOURN listed in 1783 and 1785 census of Nansemond County and the following: John RAYBORNE B.1785 in Range Tws Madison County, Ohio; John RAYBOURNE B. 1810 in Range Tws.; John RABON b. 1827 Hebron Tws Marlboro Co, SC; and John Franklin RAYBON b. 1847 Hebron Tws. John RAYBORNE is my 4th great grandfather.
Jun 28, 1998 - 14:23 - From: - Betty McKee

HILL - Seeking any information about the parents of Henry Hill, born 1667, died 1719
Jun 29, 1998 - 09:35 - From: - John R. Hill

KEETON - Seeking info on John Keeton.He was a member of House of Burgess for Nansemond Co. in 1699. His Will of 1705 listed him as a landowner residing in Nansemond Co.;however, His Will was probated in Chowan Co,N.C. Had a son named John and a daughter named Nancy. Copy of 1705 Will posted on the Chowan Co. Page. Thank you, Ken Keeton
Jun 29, 1998 - 14:25 - From: - Ken Keeton

WILLIAMS, BANCROFT, MOORE, BRASWELL - George WILLIAMS was b/abt 1683/Nansemond Co, VA d/22Sept1746,Chowan Co, NC married 1st Ms MOORE abt 1703 dau of George MOORE & Jane BANCROFT married 2nd UNKNOWN 1 child by marrage to Ms MOORE Samuel WILLIAMS, II b/abt1704/Nansemond Co, VA d/18Nov1747 Edgecombe Co, NC and married Jane BRASWELL abt 1723 Isle of Wight Co, VA she was the dau of Richard BRASWELL and Sarah. 3 children by marriage to Unknown 1) George 2) Isaac and 3 ) Elizabeth Any info appreciated
Jun 30, 1998 - 23:37 - From: - Charlotte Wilson Williams

MATTHEWS - Looking for information on David W. Matthews, born 1836 in Nansemond County. Parents name unknown. Father's name may have been Jessie.
Jul 2, 1998 - 12:28 - From: - Lynda Tolbert

PERRY - I descend from the Perry's of Nansemond County and the Winsteads of Northumberland County. Both of these families migrated to NC. I have original info on the Winsteads but nothing concrete on the Perry's of Nansemond. Can you help? Thanks, Jennifer L. (Perry) Humphreys
Jul 5, 1998 - 02:30 - From: - Jennifer L.(Perry) Humphreys

HOLLAND - Seeking evidence of the movement of Henry Holland from Nansemond Co., VA to Bertie Co., NC; He may have had son, also named Henry Holland, b. 1757, who married Sarah Clay in 1783 in Duplin Co., NC.
Jul 6, 1998 - 14:53 - From: - Hugh Rodgers

GILLEY - I am searching for records of Emma Gilley, born 1847 in Nansemond county.
Jul 7, 1998 - 21:33 - From: - Linda Flaherty

BARR - Isaac and John Wright Barr were sons of William and Daley/Doley Barr of gates Co. NC. William was probably the son of a John Barr of Nansemond Co. He was dead by 1802.Any information on Barrs is most appreciated. John Barr
Jul 8, 1998 - 00:16 - From: - John Barr Pugh

QUILLIN - Searchiing for William H. (sometimes F.) Quillin and wife wife Margaret found in the census in 1830 in Nansamond county. Need to go back to find William's parents and brothers and sisters if any. Thought to have been married ied and buried there.
Jul 8, 1998 - 21:43 - From: - Helen Quillin Cain

POWELL - Looking for parents of Margaret Powell born 1824 and Mary Virginia Powell born 1826 in Chuckatuck, Virginia Nansemond County. Margaret married Rev. Jouett Cosby. All three moved to Ky and all three are buried in Bardstown, Ky.
Jul 9, 1998 - 22:54 - From: - Margaret Brown

BAINES - My husband's mother was a Baines from Holland and then Sufflok. Her name was Vera and had sisters Odell, Louise and Inez. I'm trying to find out about her parents for a start. He doesn't remember their first names. If anyone out there came give me a hint as to finding this information I would appreciate it. Anne
Jul 13, 1998 - 19:54 - From: - Anne Dunning

BUTLER - Looking for Samuel Butler who was listed on the 1790 census recorded from tax records in Nansemond County. He had a son named Allen Butler which is stated on a poll taken in 1827 found in the 1827 Deed book of Isle of Wight County.
Jul 13, 1998 - 20:56 - From: - Lynn Cobb Butler

HUYBERT, YOUNG, WESTON - I am interested in knowing if there is a marriage listing in the Nansemond Co for the following: James Huybert and Margaret Young December 19, 1883. and/or for William S. Huybert and Eleanor Weston, around 1889 or so They were supposed to have been married in Deep Creek, but I have been to every courthous in this area, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Chesapeake and Va Beach and I can't find any records. I have been to Kirn Mem. Lib. and the other libraries as well. As far as we know, Margaret YOUNG and Eleanor WESTON were from Nansemond Co.
Jul 14, 1998 - 01:15 - From: - Leslie Huybert

WHITE - I am interested in the WHITE family. My grandfather is James A. White. His parents were Charles and Mariah. This is questionable. I think they were born in North Carolina but died in Suffolk, Va. My grandfather was born in Suffolk. We are African-American. Thank you.
Jul 14, 1998 - 15:35 - From: - Lisa G. Johnson (White)

BRICKELL - Trying to figure out if the John BRICKELL and wife Martha, are the same in Nansemond and Norfolk Counties, as the ones in Bertie Co, NC, buying and selling property in the 1700s. Then my John BRICKELL dies in Halifax, NC. 1789 . Do you know who Martha is? When did she die? WHAT IS THE CONNECTION? PLEASE HELP!
Jul 16, 1998 - 14:14 - From: - Marcia K. Bourdeau

FLEMING, BALLENTINE, MASON - Looking for parents of Julia FLEMING, who married Church BALLENTINE in Southampton Co. VA 5 Sep 1782. The Ballentines were from Norfolk. Efforts to find Julia's parents in Southampton Co. have come up dry so far, and I am starting to look at Nansemond and other nearby counties for them. Given names of Church and Julia's children suggest there may be a MASON or MAYSON connection to this family also.
Jul 24, 1998 - 12:33 - From: - Elizabeth HARRIS

WONACOTT - Kenerly Buckingham Wonacott, my great grandfather was born in Suffolk, Nansemond Cty VA on August 27, 1819. His father was Richard Wonacott, mother was Lucinda. Any other family members or anyone with info. please contact me.
Jul 25, 1998 - 00:55 - From: - Jim Merritt

POWELL, CROMWELL - John Powell and Mary Cromwell had a son name John Powell who married Alice Brewer. They had son James b. 1759 who married Rebecca Bynum. I found John Powell and a Mary Cromwell in Nansemond in early 1700... ...apparently not married at the time. Anyone working this line? These are the ancestors of George Powell who settled in Blount County, AL. in 1818. Bob
Jul 26, 1998 - 02:35 - From: - Bob Hullette

DUKE - My name is Mills E.Stratton ,I am looking for any relatives of Joseph Henry Duke Jr. or Francis Virginia Duke.He is my cousion and she is my mother. They used to live at 329 Pinner st. just as you cross the bridge to come in too town.
Jul 26, 1998 - 18:13 - From: - Mills E. Stratton

RHODES - Searching for any information on Eden RHODES and John RHODES. Eden RHODES married Elizabeth BRENT in 1819. John RHODES married Charlotte BRENT in 1814. Elizabeth and Charlotte were sisters. I suspect Eden and John are related but cant prove it. Does anyone have any info about Eden or John's family, parents or siblins? Thanks Beau Rhodes
Jul 31, 1998 - 21:51 - From: - Beau Rhodes

HOLLAND - I am trying to trace the history of the Holland Family. In particular, I am a member of a black family that bears the Holland name and originates from Holland, VA now a part of Suffolk. I believe my family was originally slaves, belonging to the Holland brothers. Can you provide any information?
Aug 2, 1998 - 23:24 - From: - Joseph L. Hill

ASKEW - I am looking for information about Linda Anne ASKEW who died 21 Nov 1984 possibly in the Nansemond County area. She was born 7 May 1948 in NC. At the time of her death she was a resident of Gates County, VA. A correspondent on the internet suggested I try your area as people who live in Gates County, NC, sometimes work in Nansemond, VA. I am particularly looking for Linda's parents' names to see if she fits in as being someone I corresponded with in the early 1980's. Thank you for any and all help or suggestions. Fran Steadman
Aug 3, 1998 - 15:12 - From: - Fran Steadman

PIGGOTT, HORN, WILLIAMS - Am looking for information on the Piggott family- william L. piggott born in Virginia- supposedly Nansemond County- then went to Georgia. Would have been part of quaker, or former quaker community
Aug 7, 1998 - 19:33 - From: - Vicci Snyder

LANGSTUN - Interested in finding ansesters of Dempsey Langstun before 1804 and information on the old langstun plantation in Nansemond, Va
Aug 15, 1998 - 19:19 - From: - Regina Langston

STALLINGS - Stallings Brother, Elias, 1660 born he died 1749 HIS CHILDREN ARE Sarah, Nicholas, Elias, A dau. Simon, Patience, Nicholas 1656 born , John,1658 born his son Richared.the father is Nicholas 1620 born in England
Aug 16, 1998 - 16:07 - From: - Gail Hopkins

TOMPKINS, MEARS, HINES, ELLIOTT - I am looking for the ELLIOTT/HINES connection in my family. I found this info in the DAR Lineage Books: 1. George ELLIOTT served as quartermaster for the Va. Line. He was born 1749 in York Co.,Va.He married Mary MERRITT in 1770. 2. Nancy Peete ELLIOTT (b.1780) m. Robert HINES(b.1775) 3. William HINES(1801-64) m. (1822)Jane SMITH(1805-63) 4. Martha HINES(1832-92) m. (1868)James W. MEARS(1824-1908) 5. Eugenia MEARS (born in Nansemond Co.) m. J. Henrie TOMPKINS her DAR #90046 I am hoping that someone through the TOMKINS/MEARS/HINES line can help me with the ELLIOTT puzzle.
Aug 19, 1998 - 22:05 - From: - L-B Rhodes

PARKER - We are searching for information on Margaret L Parker of Nansemond County, VA. Married James Wilson Murfee Oct. 17, 1837. They lived at Murfee's Depot, Southampton, Co. VA. and she may be buried there.She was my great grandmother.We will be glad to exchange information with anyone. Thanks for your response. Al
Aug 23, 1998 - 00:12 - From: - Alex Hafner Evans

THOMAS - I am researching the THomas Family.John THomas (1705-1788) born in 1705 in Nansemond County. Married to Christenator Roberts (1712-1796). His Father was John Thomas (1668-1706) married to Mary Lawrence (1680-1736).Also the Father of the parents of the senior was Richard Thomas (1648-1687) and Elizabeth Sanders(1650-1685).Would appreciate any info or where I could obtain it.
Aug 24, 1998 - 22:03 - From: - Melinda Boykin

HONEY, FIVEASH - I am looking for the parents of Euphane Fiveash Riddick, who married John F. Honey abt.1787, had son John Jr. born Soffolk on 10/2/1789
Aug 31, 1998 - 18:42 - From: - Ellen MacKenzie

ROSE - I have a William Rose, b. 1622, England maybe Scotland ? Died in Surry Co., VA. Anyone else have the same one ?
Sep 4, 1998 - 21:46 - From: - Guy Potts

PIPKIN - I have a John Pipkin Sr., b. 1675, who is said to have migrated from Nanesmond Co VA to Chowan Co, NC. d. 1745 Married Marth Goodman. It's possible that Asher Pipkin may the father of John, Sr. Children to John and Martha: Daniel, Isaac, Lewis, Martha, Mary, Phillip, John Jr., Jesse & Joseph. Does anyone have anything on this line? Thanks
Sep 5, 1998 - 17:16 - From: - Guy Potts

SAUNDERS - I am looking for the father and mother of Jordan Saunders born ca 1740 they might of movied to Charles Co ma.he died 1804 Caswell co N.C. also had a brother Bennett saunders,Thankyou
Sep 5, 1998 - 23:15 - From: - Stephanie Routon Tayloe

NELMS, NORFLEET - I am seeking information on marriage of JOHN NELMS who married a Fnu NORFLEET. John NELMS was the father of Elias NELMS - family resided in Isle of Wight.
Sep 7, 1998 - 10:23 - From: - Belynda Pleasants Stewart

BULLOCK - Seeking info on WILLIAM JOHN EDWARD BULLOCK, married to BETTIE. He was a grocer/merchant at 240 North Main in Suffolk around the turn of the century. He was born in Pitt County, NC, in 1865, and died in Suffolk in 1925. He is buried at Cedar Hill (which I didn't find on the cemetery page), supposedly in Suffolk. Would love any info regarding the business, the area at the time, etc. He was my paternal grandfather.
Sep 7, 1998 - 13:52 - From: - Rose Rasey Bullock Buss

STRICKLAND, GILBERT, BRASWELL - I would just like to update my e-mail address. In fact, I have two e-mail addressess now. I am searching the surnames, STRICKLAND, GILBERT, and BRASWELL. My new e-mail at work is: At home, it is:
Sep 7, 1998 - 15:15 - From: - Carolyn Sue Howard

BOYT - Looking for information on: Thomas Jr. BOYT Children: Thomas Sr. BOYT b abt 1710 d abt 1779 Dobbs Co., N. C. Nansemond Co., Va. George BOYET and Edward BOYET
Sep 7, 1998 - 15:26 - From: - Guy W. Boyett

BOYET - Looking for information on Thomas Sr. BOYET b abt 1735 Nansemond Co., Va. d Nov. 11, 1786 Wayne Co., N. C. Children: Shadrack Boyt b abt 1765 Wayne Co., N. C. d abt 1806 Wayne Co., N. C. m Martha Langston, Amos BOYT b abt 1767 Dobbs Co., N. C., Thomas Jr. BOYT b abt 1761 Nansemond Co., Va. Mary BOYT, Joseph Ballard BOYT, Moses BOYT and Jacob Ballard BOYT
Sep 7, 1998 - 15:47 - From: - Guy W. Boyett

BENTON - Looking for any information on three Benton's that were on the 1704 VA Quiet Rent Roll_Francis Benton, John Benton and Epaphroditus Benton..all residing in Nansemond County..They moved to NC shortly after this record. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Jerri Lynne Smith :)
Sep 8, 1998 - 13:17 - From: - Jerri Lynne Smith

HARRELL, BENTON - Hi, I am looking for information on a Jacob Harrell is suppose to be born in Nansemond County VA in 1734 he is the son of Francis Harrell and a Mary Benton( I think) Jacob apparently moved on to North Carolina where his son Levi Harrell 1 was born in 1750. Any information would be greatly appreciated. I am new at this and a bit unsure.
Sep 10, 1998 - 10:46 - From: - Martha Moorehead

TAYLOR - I am seeking information on JOHN TAYLOR and his wife, MARY, who were probably born and married in Nansemond Co., VA. According to a deed he made in Edgecombe Co., NC, he called himself "of Nansemond Co., VA". He made his will June 12, 1785, [Will Book A, Franklin Co., NC] and mentioned his wife, MARY, their daughter, MOURNING, and "my daughters or their representatives." He appointed two of his sons-in-law, brothers HENRY and HARDY HUNT, as executors. The five daughters of JOHN and MARY TAYLOR were: SARAH marred HENRY HUNT; MARY married HARDY HUNT; LUCRETIA married JESSE WEBB; MOURNING married JOHN MITCHELL, and RUTH ANN married (1) WILLIAM POWELL and (2) WILLIAM BABB. A number of TAYLOR researchers are attempting to solve the connection of JOHN TAYLOR to LABAN TAYLOR, son of JONATHAN and ABIGAIL TAYLOR of Sampson Co., NC, as the five daughters were heirs of LABAN's estate. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Bob
Sep 11, 1998 - 07:48 - From: - Robert Powell Carver

HUNTER - HUNTER,William- Nansemond County, Virgina Looking for any information on WILLIAM HUNTER, we have a date 1694 We have this information: William,son Nicholas,his son Hardy,his son William(wife,Anna Caldwell) their son Robert Nathan HUNTER (wife; Sarah(or Ann)Edwards. have list of their children. Be more than happy to share our information. Thanks and "Peace be with you." Dorothy & Clinton Popham Email-
Sep 11, 1998 - 08:49 - From: - Clinton T. Popham, SR

MOORE - I am looking for information regarding Richard Moore and his three sons, John Moore, Benton Moore and William Moore. Richard Moore died in Nansemond County prior to 1725. There are records regarding his sons recorded in Bertie County in the Granville District of North Carolina beginning in 1725. Some related members of this Moore Family (Arthur Moore) lived in Orange/Caswell/Person County and then moved to Kentucky about 1788.
Sep 12, 1998 - 07:26 - From: - Mike Hirsch

LEE - I would appreciate any information on the Lee family, Cypress Chapel Township, Nansemond County, VA. I am a descendent of a slave owned by the Lee family. Her name was Easter Lee and she was born in 1854. Since she had the Lee surname, I assume that she was born on the plantation. She bore two Lee children, Joshua, b. 10/10/1869 and Ida b.1871. Easter was not freed in 1863 and eventually ran away . She wound up in NC where she met and married my great-great grandfather, Timothy Benton. Any info on Easter or the family who owned her will be greatly appreciated. Thanx. Mauri
Sep 13, 1998 - 03:52 - From: - Maureen R. Verner

MURDAUGH - I am a descendant of James murdaugh, b. 1624 in Ireland. He emigrated to Maryland and settled in what is now North Carolina. He had two sons, James and John who both acquired lands in Nansemond County, VA. From there, my line comes through John . I have found that a descendant of James, Capt. James Murdaugh, 1743-1798, m. Mary Walke served in the Revolutionary War. For my records, I would like to know his lineage back to James, son of James, b. Ireland.
Sep 13, 1998 - 14:22 - From: - Marianna Williams

PARKER - We are searching for the burial site of Margaret Parker who married James Wilson Murfee of Murfee's Depot, Southampton County, VA where they lived. We believe she died there and is buried at or near Murfee's Depot. James Wilson Murfee moved his family to Alabama in 1862 but we think Margaret died prior to this time.
Sep 13, 1998 - 23:58 - From: - Alex Hafner Evans

POWELL - Looking for parents of Margaret Powell born 1824 in Chuckatuck, Va.
Sep 15, 1998 - 21:37 - From: - Margaret Brown

BOYETT - Boyett, Boyt, Boyet- looking for information on Thomas, Edward and William. Nansemond County area during the early to mid 1600's.
Sep 16, 1998 - 08:04 - From: - Carl E. Boyett

BUXTON - BUXTON, John O'Kelly John was in the 3rd Regiment (Boykin's) Virginia Militia during the War of 1812. He was a corporal. He served from Feb. 11 to August 14, 1813. He married Sara (Sarah, Sary) about 1812-1813. Need info on her last name, etc. Date and place of death. Also John O'Kelly Buxton's parents.....supposedly James and Jane Avery. "Isle of Wight County Marriages >1628-1800" by Blanche Adams Chapman 1933. R929.3 qV82 wi. On p. 94 "Marriages >solemnized by Willis Wills, Methodist Minister. Nansemond County. >1789 - June 8. James Buxton and Jane Avery. Any infoon Jane? Thank you for any help Carole
Sep 18, 1998 - 13:35 - From: - Carole Goff

PARKER, MURFEE - Parker: We are searching for the burial site of Elizabeth L Parker who, we believe, was born in Nansemond County, VA. She married James Wilson Murfee of Murfee's Depot, VA in Southampton County. J. W. Murfee moved his family to Alabama in 1862 but we believe Margaret Parker Murfee died prior to this time and is buried at or near the site of the former Murfee's Depot. Thanks for any help. We will be glad to exchange information with anyone. Al
Sep 20, 1998 - 00:07 - From: - Alex Hafner Evans

GREEN, FARNEFOLD - Re: GREEN, Roger of Nansemond Co., VA Searching for information pertaining to Roger Green, Episcopalian minister, who arrived in VA in 1635. He was also an explorer who received much land for leading expeditions. The period involved is 1635-1685. His sons were Timothy and Titus. Farnifold Green was the son of Timothy.
Sep 21, 1998 - 15:51 - From: - Ron Green

HORTON - I am trying to locate any information about my ggggrandfather Isaac Horton, b. circa 1785in Nansemond County, VA. He later moved to Hertford Co., NC. The only information I have about his is that he married a woman named Lubrina, children were Elizabeth, Martha and George Washington. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Sep 27, 1998 - 15:55 - From: - Lisa H. DeBruhl

ROBERTS, ARCHER - I am looking for any information on Calvin Roberts or Melvina Archer who lived in Nansemond County,Va.They were married either in Isle of Wight or Nansemond Co.and are buried in Western Branch Baptist Cemetery in the town of Myrtle.Melvina's parents were William and Polly E. Archer. Calvin's parents were Archibald and Catharine Roberts. Thank you for any information you can provide.
Sep 28, 1998 - 10:50 - From: - Blanche Porter

HARRELL - I am looking for any information on Obed E. Harrell.He was in the Confederate Army and was assigned to the 41 Virginia Infantry Co.I . He was married to Mary A.(maiden name unknown). Were is he buried? I have found his wife ,daughter Martha Harrell (tombstone has Mattie on it) and others in the Liberty Springs Christain Church Cemetery.Any information would be appreciated.
Sep 28, 1998 - 11:05 - From: - Blanche Porter

BLANCHARD, DAIL - I am looking for the Blanchard family. Benjamin Blanchard came to Nansemond County and then they moved sometime to North Carolina . I am trying to find a Palitah Blanchard . Any imformation on this family could be used. Also if you need any imformation just ask. I do have alot of imformation and I am willing to share. Thank you for the help. Cathy
Oct 1, 1998 - 22:10 - From: - Cathy Brown

BARNES - Looking for information known on a Thomas Barnes married to Pargenia (sp?) Baker. They had a son, Thomas Walter Barnes (born 1857) who married Sarah Winnie Harris (born 1863). Thomas and Sarah got married in Gates Co. NC and died in Bertie Co. NC.
Oct 4, 1998 - 23:56 - From: - Thomas W. Barnes

WIGGS - I would appreciate any information on the family of Henry Wiggs, born c1650-1655, probably England or Scotland. Married Katherine Yarrett on 3 Feb 1674 at General Meetinghouse, at Chuckatuck, Nansemond Co, VA. They had a son, Henry Wiggs born 6 Jan 1675.
Oct 8, 1998 - 14:43 - From: - Bob Eubanks

DARDEN - I am researching the Darden family of Nansemond and Isle of Wight counties. In a family sheet I received from another Darden researcher the source for several birthdates is cited as: South Quay Baptist Church records. My query: was this church located in Nansemond county? Are the church's birth records available for research, and if so, where are they located? I descend from Elisha and Fereby Darden of Nansemond and Isle of Wight, late 1700s.
Oct 13, 1998 - 11:52 - From: - Carol A. LaPorte

DAUGHTREY/DAUGHTERY/DAUGHTRY - Seeking information on the descendants of John DAUGHTREY b. abt. 1630, an early settler in Nansemond and Isle of Wight Co. One branch of the family moved to NC around 1740 and from there to GA and TN. I would be more interested in hearing from descendants of those who remained in VA, settling in IOW, Southampton, and Sussex counties.
Oct 24, 1998 - 10:24 - From: - Paul B. Phelps

HORN - I am looking for a Martha Horn who may be mentioned in a will or some other court papers. She shows up in Edgecombe /Nash County, NC and marries (no proof) William Pridgen. SHe is dead by 1761 when he remarries. She left behind small children. A Thomas Horn is named as guardian of some of her children. Thanks
Oct 25, 1998 - 14:19 - From: - Carol Pridgen Martoccia

PARKER - Looking for information on Borland Riddick Parker, a farmer in Nansemond Co., VA. Married Parthenia Langston January 23, 1873. Last reference to him was the 1880 Census in the Cypress Magistorial District, July 10, 1880. His name has been found spelled many ways: Boland, Bolling, Bouldin, and Bolding. Census showed he had three children, Ann Mary, Wiiliam J., Martha. We also know he had a son Borland Thomas born June 26, 1883. Borland R. is my great-great Grandfather, Martha (also known as Mattie) is my great-grandmother. We have no information on when he was born or died.
Oct 29, 1998 - 22:16 - From: - Deborah Powell

CUTCHIN - I am researching a Thomas Cutchin who was born about 1799 in NC but whose family probably originated in this area. I found a Thomas Cutchins in Nansemond Co. in 1704 listed in the rent roll of Virginia. I would appreciate any Cutchin information.
Nov 1, 1998 - 18:12 - From: - Marthael Troester

OXLEY - Looking for any information on John OXLEY who appears on the rent rolls for 1704. Need to know his parents and origin to see if he is a lost link to other early Virginia and N.J. Oxley family members.
Nov 1, 1998 - 18:15 - From: - Jean Oxley

HOLLAND, O'MALLEY - HOLLAND, Esther/O'MALLEY, Patrick-married around 1880. Moved to Lumber City Ga. around1890. Would appreciated hearing from anyone with information on marriage
Nov 2, 1998 - 13:10 - From: - Jeff O'Malley

HARE, HARRIS - Looking for info on Jesse Hare and his wife Sarah Harris. I have a marriage date of 21 April 1792 and 1 daughter named Ann who married Exum White
Nov 6, 1998 - 20:39 - From: - Bruce White

BRYANT, MacLAND - Will exchange information on William BRYANT who is believed to have been born in Nansemond County before 1705. His father may be John BRYANT and his mother Alice MacLAND. Will exchange information.
Nov 7, 1998 - 10:45 - From: - Kenneth Lindsay

MODERNO - John R. Moderno resided in Nansemend County Va., prior to 1820 and at leat 1826 when he left Vir- ginia and left the united states. He applied for his US Citizenship in 1824 before John C. Littlepage, Clerk of the Nansemond Superior Court on October 1, 1824.He became a citizen and his passport was later signed by Henry Clay. I understand that all records of this court were sub- sequently destroyed. I am interested in deveolping and possible information of this individual.
Nov 14, 1998 - 14:21 - From: - John Moderno DaSilva

GOFF/GOUGH - In 1683 Hugh Gahan (sic) patented 400a in southern Nansemond adj James Griffin and Cypress Swp. And in 1687 Thomas Goughf (sic) patented 350a at Somerton adj John Odom. Thomas and Hugh Goff held 150a each in the 1704 Nansemond rent roll. Is there a connection with the Thomas Gough who died by 1695 in nearby Perquimans Co. NC? Thomas Goff Sr. and Jr. are later found in Chowan Co. NC records and Hugh Goff in the Vestry Book of the Upper Parish (Nansemond Co.) Happy to share and exchange research... Connie Fisher
Nov 15, 1998 - 16:21 - From: - Connie Fisher

LOCKHART - Need absolutely any information on Capt. James LOCKHART and his sons, Benjamin, John, James, and Joseph -- all of Nansemond County. Capt. James LOCKHART came to Nansemond as an adult in the 1680's and died about 1711. My sincere thanks.
Nov 17, 1998 - 13:24 - From: - Toni Turner Alvarez

PRUDEN - Information on Pruden family. I have information on Nathaniel Pruden(mentioned 1737 & 1747), Nathaniel(d. 1799), Henry(d. 1801), Henry(d. 1866), Arron(1818-1894), and more. Also information have information on Prudens in New England starting about 1700. Peter Pruden & ???
Nov 23, 1998 - 08:37 - From: - Joseph A. Pruden

BRICKELL - Who was Martha, who married John BRICKELL, went to Bertie/Hertford, NC between 1746-1762. Then they moved to Nansemond/Norfolk, VA, 1762-1791. Does anyone know about this family? Would love some info, or trade, if you know about them. Thanks,
Nov 23, 1998 - 21:35 - From: - Marcia K. Bourdeau

LEE - LEE, John b. ca.1650 Coton Hall, Shropshire, England, d. Nansemond County, Va. ?..I'm researching my ancestor James Lee b. ca. 1675 in Nansemond co., Va. and d. 1731-2 in Bertie Co., N.C. I beleive that John Lee was the father of James Lee of Bertie Co, NC(formerly Edgecombe Co), but am not totally sure. Does anyone have any definitive proof of the issue of John Lee and the place and date of death? From correspondence w/other researchers it appears that above John Lee left following issue: John Lee b. 1673, d. before 1739, Richard Lee b? d?, William Lee b? d?, and James Lee b. ca.1675, d.1731-2 in NC. James Lee of NC is my direct ancestor, and I have been able to acquire quite a bit of info on him...If anyone has more information on John Lee of Nansemond Co. please e-mail me..I will gladly share any info I have from NC. Thanks.
Nov 25, 1998 - 01:19 - From: - Patrick Sturdivant McKinney

HARRELL - I am looking for information on Lott Harrell from the Upper Parish in Nansemond County,Virginia.According to the 1850 census he was 61 years old.Is his father Moses Harrell?Thank you for any information you can provide.
Nov 25, 1998 - 14:54 - From: - Blanche Porter

ROUNTREE - Seek information about a Rountree line that migrated to Nansemond County. Several of these Rountree offsprings migrated futher south. Seek any Rountree info that may help me located a Cornelius Green Rountree b. 1856 in Effingham County, Ga. His father also resided here, but are seeking others that may have come to Ga. Thank you. Judy Rountree Mason
Nov 26, 1998 - 03:16 - From: - Judy Rountree Mason

HEFFINGTON - I am seeking information on Henry HEFFINGTON, born 1787-1789 in Nanesmond County, Virginia. His wife's name was Nancy. They had 11 children. He migrated to Lawrence County, Tennessee and Kaufman County, Texas.
Nov 28, 1998 - 08:04 - From: - Laveta Morren

ELAM, ARNOLD - Am looking for information on Thomas Gordan Elam, age 25, who married Emily Susan Arnold, age 24, on 2 June 1870 in Nasemond Co, VA. Thomas Gordan was one of four Elam brothers who fought for the South in the Civil War. Family stories say that when the war ended, he settled in Suffolk Co, married and became the editor of a newspaper and served a term as town mayor. Would like to hear from anyone who can confirm this information, or offer suggestions as to sources for confirmation.
Dec 5, 1998 - 02:58 - From: - Juanita Thinnes

PERRY - John Perry resided in Upper Parish of Nansemond Co., VA prior to 1721, at which time he purchased land from Edward Howcott of Albemarle Co NC, Chowan Precinct (an area which became Bertie Co. in 1722). I am interested in any information available on this John Perry, ie land deeds, wife's name, parents' names, etc. My GGGGGgrandfather was Abraham Perry of Bertie Co., born prior to 1736, whom I believe may have been a son to this John Perry. Any information that any Nansemond Co. researcher can give me on this John Perry would be greatly appreciated. Zane D. Perry
Dec 8, 1998 - 18:30 - From: - Zane D. Perry

CLARK, JOHNSTON, WALKER - Searching for information the families of Christopher Clark, born 1681, Edward Johnston, born 1638, Elizabeth Walker, born 1657, all in Nansemond County, VA.
Dec 8, 1998 - 23:22 - From: - linda tutt

MILNER - Hi, I would like to correspond with anyone that knows any history of the milner family from nansemond county. thanks! margaret milner fontenot
Dec 11, 1998 - 00:10 - From: - margaret milner fontenot

WILKINS - Looking for info on JOSIAH WILKINS and family b.1826 d.11-20-1889, m. GEORGIANNA SKINNER 11-28-1852. They had 9 children:William Theodore, Theodore Scott, Barsheba Eoline, Joseph Henry, Annie Lou, Georgianna Ophelia, Willis J., Mattie G., and Abner Luther. GEORGIANNA SKINNER was the daughter of ABRAM SKINNER and BATHSHEBA BRINKLEY. Josiah's father I beleive was SAMUEL WILKINS b.1775 d.1867.
Dec 13, 1998 - 12:17 - From: - Robert P. Wilkins

SKINNER - Looking for info on JOSIAH WILKINS and family b.1826 d.11-20-1889, m. GEORGIANNA SKINNER 11-28-1852. They had 9 children:William Theodore, Theodore Scott, Barsheba Eoline, Joseph Henry, Annie Lou, Georgianna Ophelia, Willis J., Mattie G., and Abner Luther. GEORGIANNA SKINNER was the daughter of ABRAM SKINNER and BATHSHEBA BRINKLEY. Josiah's father I beleive was SAMUEL WILKINS b.1775 d.1867.
Dec 13, 1998 - 12:18 - From: - Robert P. Wilkins

BRINKLEY - Looking for info on JOSIAH WILKINS and family b.1826 d.11-20-1889, m. GEORGIANNA SKINNER 11-28-1852. They had 9 children:William Theodore, Theodore Scott, Barsheba Eoline, Joseph Henry, Annie Lou, Georgianna Ophelia, Willis J., Mattie G., and Abner Luther. GEORGIANNA SKINNER was the daughter of ABRAM SKINNER and BATHSHEBA BRINKLEY. Josiah's father I beleive was SAMUEL WILKINS b.1775 d.1867.
Dec 13, 1998 - 12:19 - From: - Robert P. Wilkins

KING, HARE - I'm interested in receiving/sharing information about the Michael KING family who lived in Nansemond County,VA in 1667. I have the following information that I received from a relative. I have not done this research, I'm only sharing what I have read. Michael King came to Virginia from Norwich, England. He was supposed to have served his indenture under John Wright. Michael KING settled and bought 300 acres of land in Nansemoind County,VA. he married Elizabeth Hiry or HARE. They had a son, John KING, circa 1670-1734. John moved to Elizabeth City County, where he served as sheriff and captain of the militia.
Dec 23, 1998 - 10:00 - From: - Phyllis Zeleny

WALKER, VAUX - Looking for information on Edward WALKER b. abt. 1775 in England m. Elizabeth VAUX also b. England. They had at least two sons that I know of, George J. WALKER and William WALKER. All 3 men served in the Civil War - I have the following note about Edward's military service: Lawyer; served in Co. F, 9th Inf. Civil War, Confederate Army with his son, George. He fought against his son, William, who was in the Union Army. The 9th Infantry was commanded by Captain James Jasper Phillips and was garretted out of Nansemond County, Virginia. This was an attached artillery company which was enlisted in about May 1861 for a one-year term, then reorganized in May 1862. The 9th Infantry was used for garrison duty in and around Portsmouth and Norfolk serving both heavy artillery and the Infantry. I believe Edward's son, George J. WALKER, was also a lawyer. I would appreciate any information on where I could obtain more information on this family, their military service and/or their licensing as attorneys, if there was such a thing back then ... Thanks, Kay
Jan 1, 1999 - 12:16 - From: - Kay Melvin

GRIGGS, KEETER, SMITH - My Mother, Mildred Christine Griggs, was born in Whaleyville in 1910. I will gladly share what information I have about her family and mine.
Jan 1, 1999 - 20:30 - From: - Bob Smith

HORNE - Looking for anything on HORNE or HORN families from Nansemond Co. Go to the following URL for a complete listing of my Horne ancestors: Specifically searching for Jessee HORNE who married Nancy LANGLEY. Who were his parents and were they really HORNE's or HORN's?? If anyone can help, please e-mail!
Jan 3, 1999 - 10:14 - From: - Tara Maggard

OADHAM/ODIUM/ODUM - I am interested in the origin of the name and any information on the families.
Jan 4, 1999 - 00:52 - From: - Bruce Odom

FISHER, BOOTHE, JOYNES - I am searching the family of Thomas Wilcox Joynes, son of Napoleon B.Joynes, and especiallly Sarah Hamitt Joynes, who married William C. Fisher, also Washington Lafayette Joynes and the family of Martha Ann Holliday (1850s)
Jan 4, 1999 - 02:14 - From: - Charlene B. Riikonen

POWELL, SMITH, GLYNN, CONNER - Researching Thomas Smith born circa 1620 and died in 1691 in Norfolk Co., Va. His wife was Sarah (who?). His Son Thomas Smith II b circa 1644 in (VA?) married Alice who? Thomas II and Alice had a daughter Meriam Smith born c. 1670 in Norfolk Co. and died in Perquimans Co., NC. She married John Powell. Thomas II had a son John Smith who married Mary (who)? Their children were John Smith, Thomas Smith and Lemuel Smith. Anyone know their wives and children? The other sons of Thomas II were Thomas Smith b. c. 1679, Henry Smith b. c. 1681, James Smith b. c. 1683 (looking for their spouses and children). Their daughter (name?) married Henry Bowles who died in Norfolk Co. in 1716. I decend from John Powell and Meriam Smith and would like any information on their children and grandchildren. Especially then maiden names of the wives. John Powell, son of John Powell and Meriam Smith, married Elizabeth Glyn of Nanesmond Co., Va, and died in Chowan Co., NC John and Elizabeth had 4 known children. They were William Powell b. c. 1713 who married Mary (who?), Isaac Powell b. c. 1720 in Chowan Co., who married Anna (who?), Robert Powell b. aft 1720 and married Sarah Johnson, Jesse Powell b. aft 1721 married Liddy (who?) and Sarah Powell married who? Isaac and Jesse are buried in Johnston Co., NC What happened to the other children of John Powell and Elizabeth Glynn?
Jan 7, 1999 - 14:25 - From: - John Powell

MONTAGUE - Trying without success to reach William S. Pate, Jr. about John D. MONTAGUE and family of Nansemond County, Virginia. I am descended from John D.'s second wife, Juliana Farmer. I have lots to tell and lots to ask. I think I've traced the line back to Peter Montague, the original emigrant. Also, did you know that John D.'s maternal great-granddaddy was a Revolutionary War soldier? Please write so we can compare notes! -Cousin Jenny
Jan 8, 1999 - 00:59 - From: - Jennifer Glenn

SANDERS, HOLLOWELL, PHILLIPS - I'm looking for information on Joel Sanders and Charity Hollowell who were married about 1743. Their son Benjamin Sanders married Leah Smith. Ben and Leah's daughter Rachel Sanders married Lazarus Phillips whose parents were Ann and Jeremiah Phillips of Nansemond Co. I would appreciate any held with these families.
Jan 8, 1999 - 10:46 - From: - Cindy Ranucci

RUSSELL - My great great grandfather was William Francis Russell. He married Nannie/Nancy/Nanny, last name unknown. His mother may have possibly been Lucinda. He and his wife had 12 children, 10 of which survived. My great grandfather was one of the youngest sons. His name was Tobe Russell. William Francis was possibly born in NC. My great grandfather was born in Nansemond Co. Any information connected to this family would be appreciated.
Jan 8, 1999 - 12:12 - From: - Kim Underwood

POOLE - John Franklin Poole I am looking for any information concerning my great grandfather John Franklin Poole. He was born 2-20-1887 in Virginia. Two brother: William Robert Poole and Thomas Jefferson Poole. He married Ethel Margret Blanchard in Suffolk City around 1910. Any information greatly appreciated!
Jan 11, 1999 - 16:05 - From: - Laura Bobbin

BAKER, LASSITER - Looking for info. on Baker/Lassiter family. Amy J. Baker, b. Apr. 1882, married William L. Lassiter, b. Apr. 1846. They were married about 1897. Their children were Eva, Goldie, Mildred, Willie and Dempsey. Any help is appreciated.
Jan 16, 1999 - 00:15 - From: - Dianne Johnson

JORDAN - JORDAN, Pleasants of Nansemond County: I am seeking info on Pleasants JORDAN & wife Mary CORBIN md 1739 Pagan Creek Meeting House. I believe they are parents of Elizabeth JORDAN born abt 1752, md Joseph PLEASANTS & Dorothy JORDAN born abt 1745, md James PLEASANTS in 1765.
Jan 18, 1999 - 14:52 - From: - Kennye Decker

THOMAS - Looking for any information on John THOMAS, b 1608 Carmarthshire, Wales; d Virginia bef 1653, age 45; m Dorothy _____; son: John THOMAS, b 1628 Virginia; d ca 1655 Nansemond County, Virginia; m Eleanor Montague; son: Richard b 1648, Richmond Co., VA; d 1687; m 1668 Elizabeth Sanders; son: John THOMAS b 1668 Nansemond County, VA; d 1706 age 38; m Mary Rogers 1688; son: John THOMAS b 1705 Nansemond County, VA; d Wilson, Edgecomb County, NC; m Christenator Roberts.
Jan 19, 1999 - 17:27 - From: - Sharon Thomas

RABEY - I am looking for information on Kedar Rabey and his wife, Elizabeth Knight. Would particularly like to know who the parents of Kader Rabey were as well as any siblings of Andrew Jackson Rabey (his son).
Jan 26, 1999 - 20:53 - From: - Carol Rabey Talbot

PELL - I am looking for any information on JOSEPH PELL during the mid to late 1700's living in Nansemond County. His descendants were Richard Pell who married Elizabeth Fairfax in Fairfax County, VA, in 1793. Any information would be helpful and appreciated. Thank you.
Jan 27, 1999 - 21:44 - From: - Claudia Salvatore

MADDEN - MADDEN, Elizabeth Looking for a marriage between Elizabeth Madden who is said to have married John Cole Jenkins. Their offspring are: WHHarrison Jenkins/Jinkins born 1820/21 James E Jenkins/Jinkins born 1824 WHHarrison Jenkins/Jinkins married Nancy Smith 1850 Gates County, NC. James E Jenkins/Jinkins married Mary Vaughan or Vann and place of marriage is not known. ASSOCIATED NAMES ARE: PARKER/RAWLS/ SMITH/GODWIN/WHITEHEAD/HARRISON OR HARRIS/WALTERS/EVERETT OR EVERITT OR EVERIT/BRIGGS/TWINE/BRIDGER/FARMER/ BENTHALL/BEASLEY/DEWS/COWAND/HYATT/ GATLING/VANN/VAUGHAN/WINBORNE/PERRY/ JENKINS OR JINKINS
Jan 28, 1999 - 18:23 - From: - Susan Jenkins Lacerte

Jan 28, 1999 - 18:49 - From: - Susan Jenkins Lacerte

HUDNALL - Looking for information on John HUDNALL of Nansemond Co. VA, circa 1680 - 1720. Would like information on his marriage to Mary HAILE and their son Robert HUDNALL b. approx. 1703 or 1713. Need proof that Robert HUDNALL was indeed the son of John HUDNALL of Nansemond Co. and Mary HAILE. Thanks to anyone who might have an answer.
Jan 29, 1999 - 14:36 - From: - Vickie L. Carter

TARLETON, TALTON, NASH, NOLLEYBOY, - Looking for information on Joseph and Joshua Tarleton -plantation owned and sold by these two/1772 there parents . Are they related to Roger Tarleton of Isle of Wight co Va. came in 1664 looking for james, john tarleton - Talton Elizabeth Tarleton married to a NASH ., Sarah married to a Nolleyboy. any information appreceated Thanks Gail
Jan 29, 1999 - 17:51 - From: - gail hopkins

BEDGOOD - Seeking pedigree, birthplace and any other info on James Easton BEDGOOD, b. 1804, Virginia, d. 1871, Rising Sun, Ohio, Ind. He m. Clarissa BELL DUDLEY BEDGOOD. They were living in Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio, in the 1840s and moved to Rising Sun by 1850. BEDGOOD families were recorded in Nansemond County, Va., in the 1820, 1830 and 1840 censuses, and a connection seems likely. Any info would be appreciated.
Jan 30, 1999 - 17:06 - From: - Barbara Beal

HAMILTON/HAMBLETON - Looking for information on John HAMILTON/HAMBLETON b. 1640 and died abt.1711 in Nansemond Co., Va. married Catherine /unk/ children: James John Andrew Mary William b, 1706 Nansemond Co. d.abt. 1788 Wake Co., NC
Feb 1, 1999 - 20:35 - From: - Tonya Bingham

BOONE - There was a family of BOONE in Nansemond County. William Boone was my ggrandfather, so I can't go back very far. I was born in 1951. He was said to be a descendant of American Indians. Any connections would be appreciated.
Feb 2, 1999 - 16:33 - From: - Frances Knight Thompson

CUTCHINS, RIVERS, HOLLOWELL, RATCLIFFE - I am looking for any information about a CUTCHINS family of Nansemond County, Va. ELIZABETH CUTCHINS the daughter of THOMAS CUTCHINS married HENRY HOLLOWELL on 8 July 1680. ELIZABETH HOLLOWELL the daughter of HENRY HOLLOWELL and ELIZABETH CUTCHINS married RICHARD RATCLIFFE II on 18 July 1700 and they died in the Isle of Wight Co., Va. HENRY HOLLOWELL was the son of THOMAS HOLLOWELL and ELIZABETH RIVERS. If you have any information about this family it may unblock my grandmother's research.
Feb 5, 1999 - 19:15 - From: - Louise McLeod

BOOTHE - Am searching for info on parents of Daniel Lucallus Boothe, b. 1816, d. 17 Oct. 1882, married Christian Jones on 26 Oct. 1856. Parents are believed to be Robert Bootheb. 1779, d. after 1850, and Christian Duke. They were married in Gates Co. in 1811. Robert Boothe is believed to be the son of henry Boothe and Elizabeth Rabey, but have found no proof beyond family anecdotes. Have a good deal of info on Daniel's children, if anyone needs it.
Feb 9, 1999 - 14:26 - From: - Mary C. Hoppe

PRYOY/PRIOR - Am searching for any information on Edward Pryor/Prior believed to have owned land in Nansemond co. l740's or l750's. Husband of Mary, father of John, Obediah, and Allen. Thank you, Dottie Tinsley e-mail pmtinsley@web
Feb 9, 1999 - 23:59 - From: - Dottie Tinsley

GODWIN - Godwin, THomas Jr.-He lived in Nansemond in 1800s and built a home there in 1824. He later sold the house to Samuel Eley in 1833. My husband and I now own the home and are trying to get it on the National Historic Register. We would greatly appreciate any help.
Feb 12, 1999 - 14:42 - From: - S. Augustine

ELEY - Am looking for infor on a Samuel ELey who purchased a home in Nansemond County in 1833 (from THomas Godwin, Jr.) House was burned, but not destroyed by Union Soldiers during Civil War and was renovated by 1868. My grandparents pruxhased the house in 1924 and my husband and I now own it. We are trying to get the house on the National Historic Register and woudl appreciate help. Also, I am writing my thesis on the families who have lived in this house, so I realy need your help. Thanks, again.
Feb 12, 1999 - 14:46 - From: - S. Augustine

HARRELL - Looking for information on Obed Harrell who died in Nansemond County in 1866.Am looking for where he is buried,possibly on the Harrell farm.I believe he was from the Cypress Chapel area.His father's name was Lot Harrell. Any information would be appreciated.
Feb 18, 1999 - 17:32 - From: - Blanche Porter

BENN - Would like to contact others who are researching the BENN family that resided in Nansemond and Isle of Wight counties in the 1600 and 1700s.
Feb 21, 1999 - 22:09 - From: - Kevin W. Daniel

DAUGHTRY - Searching for family information about Thomas Daughtry Born 1693 Nansemond Co. Died 1757 Edgecombe Co. N.C. Married Mary 1729.
Feb 22, 1999 - 00:52 - From: - James M. Daughtry

AUGHTRY - Looking for ancestors or decendants of Thomas Daughtry born 1693 Nansemond Co. Married Mary (maiden name unknown)1729. Went to Edgecombe or Northampton Co.,N.C. Died there in 1729. Any Help greatly appreciated.
Feb 23, 1999 - 16:23 - From: - James M. Daughtry

MACON, REY, GARLAND - I am looking for William Macon. There is a Land Office Grant listed in Nansemond Co. Nov 7, which was formerly granted to Henry REY (a Frenchman). I am trying to find out where William came from in England. I believe he was a Huguenot. His wife was Ann GARLAND.
Feb 25, 1999 - 11:25 - From: - Nancy Holt

HAMILTON/HAMBLETON - Looking for information about ancestors of John Hambleton born 1640 in Nansemond Co. Died shortly before April 25, 1711 (will probated this date.)He married Catherine (maiden name unknown.) He was known to have 200 acres of land at a place called Salem. Children were James, William, John, Mary, Jo, and Andrew. (My line descends from William.) Willing to share information I have about John and Catherine's descendants.
Feb 28, 1999 - 12:25 - From: - Kristi Lane

LAUGHLER, LAWLER, LALLOR, LOLAR - Looking for any records of family name LAUGHLER, LAWLER, LALOR,LALLOR,LAWLOR,LOLLAR prior to 1704. Have record a PATRICK LAUGHLER in Deed book for Chowan Co. NC which reference Patrick Laughler as a "planter of VA" and "of Nansemond Co. in ye Col. of VA".
Feb 28, 1999 - 14:15 - From: - Richard Lawler

ALDRICH, KING, BRIGGS, DROGGET(/ DOGGETT(?), WILSON - I am interested in knowing more of the history of Suffolk Military Academy, which my g grandfather Fred Aldrich attended in 1886-1888. I have his grade reports. Joseph King was the principal at the time he attended. His teachers were W. W. Briggs, Rowland Droggott or Doggett(?), and (?). J. Wilson, Does anyone know when it closed and why?
Mar 7, 1999 - 18:23 - From: - Loretta Craig

DAVIS, OLIVER, KAUFFMAN - Looking for information on William Thomas Davis's (mother and father). My great grandfather owned a farm on Portsmouth Blvd (Old Norfolk County Road) just beyond Shoulders Hill Road across the railroad tracks. I have been trying to find out about this side of my family for a long time, so any info would be greaty appricated. His son William Judson Davis married Martha Delia Oliver, my grandparents on my mother's side.
Mar 8, 1999 - 08:16 - From: - J. A. Kauffman, Jr.

PORTER,  RAWLES/RAWLS - Looking for information on marriage and children from that marriage of Benjamin PORTER and Anne RAWLES or RAWLS of Nansemond County. I know they had a daughter Lydia, who married in 1837. No other dates available.
Mar 10, 1999 - 12:55 - From: - Mary Looney

BRANTLEY - I am searching for Joseph Franklin Brantley, Sr. born c.1850, Died 8-5-1899 Married 1-15-1879 to Emma C. Ivey. As near as can be discovered he was born and married in SH cty, worked in Greenville Cty, Va. and Nash cty NC. I have been told he was buried in Cedar Hill but have not been able to prove that since I'm about 3000 miles away and cannot locate CH on the the internet. I have bible records regarding above. Thanks for any help, Bill
Mar 10, 1999 - 15:00 - From: - Bill Brantley

CREACH/CREECH - Charles Creech and William Creech found in 1783 Nasemond Co, VA Heads of Families. Also, Loses to British in Nasemond Co. Does anyone know anything about the two Creeches?
Mar 23, 1999 - 21:44 - From: - Juanita Creach

WILBURN - In the 1870 Gloucester, VA Census there is a Jesse Wilburn, age 63 with wife (?), Mary, age 38 and children: James, George, Udora, William, and Lucy. It is said he was from Nansemond County. Missing any kinfolk? Sylvia O. Rowe in Gloucester, VA
Mar 25, 1999 - 15:13 - From: - Sylvia O. Rowe

GRADY - BAREFIELD/BARFIELD (Richard, Thomas & Thomas), listed in 1704 VA census, Nansemond Cty., but a Richard was in Bertie Cty., NC, in 1704 (court record). Have copy of a Richard BAREFIELD's handwritten will dated 1728, and copy of his gson's handwritten will, dated 1754, whose dtr (mentioned in the will) married Wm. GRADY. Need documentation of their presence, or any further information about them, in VA. Thanks, Ed Grady
Mar 25, 1999 - 18:57 - From: - Ed Grady

CABE - Looking for information concerning John Cabe who was transported to Nansemond CO Va in 1704 by John King. Thanks, John Burbage
Mar 25, 1999 - 19:16 - From: - John Burbage

HORTON - Need any information on Samuel Horton who was born in Nansemond Co about 1755. Fought in the RW and died in Botetourt Co. about 1826. Who was his first wife and who were their children???
Mar 29, 1999 - 14:46 - From: - Clara Hill

RAWLS - I'm looking for information on the Rawls families that lived in Nansemond back in the late 1700's. My e-mail is
Mar 30, 1999 - 20:36 - From: - Ben Rawls

PRYOR - Am trying to locate any information on Edward Pryor, husband of Mary, father of John, Obediah, and Allen. Edward was born before l740, moved to Georgia l740's or l750's to Richmond County Ga. Believed to have owned land in Nansemod County either alone or with someone else. Thank you for any possible information. Dottie Tinsley -
Apr 2, 1999 - 17:47 - From: - Dottie Tinsley

NURNEY - I am looking for any information on the Nurney Family, especially the parents on William M. Nurney, born November 25, 1874 in Nansemond, died September 14, 1948. He is interred in the Mill Swamp Cemetery in Isle of Wight. His parents are listed as John and Mary E. Nurney. I think they were married on February 29, 1872. John's parents are listed in the Va Archive as William and Mildred Nurney. There the trail goes cold. I am the granddaughter of William M. Nurney. I am trying to document the family tree. I am also looking for information on a Charles Nurney born 1842 who served in the Confederate 16th Virginia Infantry Company B. He died on October 22, 1862 in General Hospital 12 in Richmond. I am trying to determine if he is part of this Nurney family.
Apr 3, 1999 - 11:02 - From: - Sue Warman

STARLING, STERLING - Looking for info on Isaac Starling b. 1663 in Nansemond and/or William Starling, who sailed to Virginia from England in 1635 on the "Primrose".
Apr 4, 1999 - 03:12 - From: - Robert Starling

GILLEY - I am looking for info regarding Lilly Gilley who appears in the Nansemond County census for 1860. Township or other info is Suffolk
Apr 5, 1999 - 21:15 - From: - Linda Flaherty

HARRELL - Looking for information on Lot,Obed,Isaac,Oliver Harrell from Nanxemond County,Va.Any information on any of these people would be appreciated.Would like to know where the farms were located.I have found out that Obed's wife was a Parker.On a map there is a Parker farm located near a Harrell near the N.C.line.Any idea where it is? Thank you for your help.
Apr 10, 1999 - 10:06 - From: - Blanche Porter

COFFIELD/COFIELD - I am trying to find info on Gresham COFFIELD born Nasemond 1643 and tie him to the Coffields of Northampton, Bertie and Edgecomb counties of NC. Thanks for any help. Bill Gilbreath
Apr 10, 1999 - 10:17 - From: - William Gilbreath

OUTLAND - I am looking for any information on family name OUTLAND. Given names I have from word of mouth are.. Josephus, Josiah, Jeremiah (?).
Apr 11, 1999 - 15:53 - From: - Randa

Apr 12, 1999 - 15:33 - From: - Blanche Porter

HILLEY, BRIDDUCK - Seeking information on the Hilley family in Nansemond County. Believe that Thomas Hilley was there in 1671 and had an apprentice named James Bridduck who arrived from Bristol, England. Is this the same Hilley family that is in Amherst County in the 18th century? Have information to share on this family. Thanks for any help you can offer.
Apr 15, 1999 - 18:08 - From: - Sandra Whittington

DUNBAR, CAHOON/CALHOON/COHOON - In the late 1600's william Cahoon and Alexander Dunbar were in the Nansemond area. Lake Cahoon is named for william cahoon. The Cahoon's and the Dunbars then settled in North Carolina. Tyrrell, Hyde and Beaufort counties. If anyone has any information on these Dunbars or Cahoons, I would greatly appreciate the info. The Cahoons and Dunbars came from Scotland and remained friends throughout life. They married into each others family. Seeking any and all decendants and information on the Dunbar/Cahoon family's. Thanks for your help. B.j
Apr 19, 1999 - 23:58 - From: - B.J. Rountree

BEST - BEST, Thomas - Looking for Will dated 24 Sep 1683. All help appreciated.
Apr 20, 1999 - 08:36 - From: - Margo Everett

PINNER - I am looking for John Pinner, born March 23, 1755, married to Mary ______. I don't know where John was born, but he had at least two sons: Dixon Pinner, living i Isel of Wight in 1815 and Jeremiah Pinner, living in Nansemond County in 1815. Dixon was born in 1775 and married Emily Everitt.
Apr 21, 1999 - 11:08 - From: - Catherine Royce

WATSON, CROSS - We are looking for the WATSON and CROSS families of Nansemond County. Samuel Watson land grant dated 1687. John Watson land grant 1734. I know that my descendant, Scace Book Watson, married first, Sarah Cross, and second her cousin Sara Cross also from Nansemond County. Believe one of them may be the daughter of John or Hardy Cross. Any leads or information would be greatly appreciated!
Apr 21, 1999 - 14:31 - From: - Tami Lancaster

BISHOP, DAVIS, FIERS/FIRES/FEARS, LAWRENCE, SPENCER, VICK - I'm looking for anyone researching FIERS/FIRES/FEARS in the Albermarle Parish, Surry, Nansemond, or Sussex Co., during the 1700s. Lines that married into FIERS are LAWERENCE (Lucy), DAVIS (Lucy), SPENCER, BISHOP, VICK. Please contact me to share notes. Thanks in advance.
Apr 24, 1999 - 16:27 - From: - Mary

HAMILTON, REYNOLDS - I am looking for information regarding my 6 great grandmother Henrietta HAMILTON. She was born in Nansemond County Virginia about 1729 and married William REYNOLDS, also born in Nansemond County on 10 Feb 1725. Their wedding was in 1756 (date unknown) in Nansemond County. Would like more specific dates and info regarding Henrietta's parents. Any help is appreciated.
Apr 30, 1999 - 17:52 - From: - Bill Reynolds

WALKER, VAUX - Looking for information on the following WALKER family. Here are my notes on Edward WALKER: Lawyer; served in Co. F, 9th Inf. Civil War, Confederate Army with his son, George. He fought against his son, William, who was in the Union Army. The 9th Infantry was commanded by Captain James Jasper Phillips and was garretted out of Nansemond County, Virginia. This was an attached artillery company which was enlisted in about May 1861 for a one-year term, then reorganized in May 1862. The 9th Infantry was used for garrison duty in and around Portsmouth and Norfolk serving both heavy artillery and the Infantry. Any information as to how and when Edward and Elizabeth came to the States, who their parents are, who their siblings are, etc. would be greatly appreciated. This is my "brick wall." Here goes the family outline: Descendants of Edward Walker 1 Edward Walker b: Abt. 1775 in England . +Elizabeth Vaux b: in England . 2 George J. Walker b: Abt. 1830 in England d: September 11, 1899 .... +Mary Johnson/Johnston b: in Ohio . *2nd Wife of George J. Walker: .... +Martha J. Gaskill b: Abt. 1832 in Ohio m: March 06, 1856 ..... 3 Catherine Walker b: Abt. 1858 ........ +Matthew Wright ..... 3 Ellen Bessie Walker b: Abt. 1865 ........ +J.C. Hood ..... 3 George Jr. Walker b: Abt. 1867 ..... 3 William Edward Walker b: Abt. 1870 ........ +Phronie Alice Bailey ........ 4 Ralph Bailey Walker b: April 25, 1882 d: May 06, 1960 in Jackson County, West Virginia ........... +Medora Mae Johnson b: June 29, 1880 in Roane County, West Virginia d: April 11, 1957 in Jackson County, West Virginia m: November 25, 1899 ........ 4 Cody Walker ........ 4 Fred Walker ........ 4 Roy Walker ........ 4 Dora Walker ........... +Marshall Comer ........ 4 Emma Walker ........ 4 Maude Walker ........ 4 Stella Walker ........ 4 Hiram Walker ........ 4 Robert Walker ........ 4 Walter Walker ..... *2nd Wife of William Edward Walker: ........ +Minnie D. Douglas b: Abt. 1881 in Jackson County, West Virginia m: June 26, 1906 in Jackson County, West Virginia ........ 4 Minnie Walker b: Abt. 1911 ........ 4 Jack William Walker b: Abt. 1913 ..... 3 Maggie M. Walker b: Abt. 1872 ..... 3 Susie Walker b: Abt. 1874 ..... 3 Charlotte Walker b: Abt. 1879 . 2 William Walker
Apr 30, 1999 - 23:48 - From: - Kay Melvin

BAKER - Researching ancestors/descendants of James BAKER,b abt 1768 in nansemond co, who had a son named Blake. The family may have moved to Edgecombe Co, North Carolina abt 1803/4. Any help appreciated
May 3, 1999 - 12:50 - From: - Bob Baker

GARDNER, BRINKLEY - I am researching several Nansemond County families. One is the Lawrence Gardner family who lived in the South Quay area and owned a farm across the Blackwater River in Southampton County. He was born about 1800 and died 1870-1880. Another family are the Brinkleys who lived in Cypress Chapel.
May 5, 1999 - 11:01 - From: - Herbert Daniel

RAWLS - Looking for info. on all RAWLS especially GABRIEL RAWLS who I beleive was the son of LUKE RAWLS that died before 4 MARCH 1754 in NANSEMONDCO., VA. BOBBY RAWLS 100 N. COTTONWOOD BIG SPRING, TEXAS 79720-1769 (915)267-5636
May 7, 1999 - 20:32 - From: - BOBBY RAWLS

HOLLAND, JONES - Looking for connection to this Holland b. 1837 in Nansemond County, Virginia, married to Martha Jane Jones b. 1838. Both are buried in the Holland cemetery at Holland, Suffolk, Virginia, fomerly Nansemond. Would like to know children of this couple as well as ancestors. Thanks.
May 18, 1999 - 18:41 - From: - Kitty Holland

PINNER, BABB, RIGHT, BULLOCK, PARKER, SMELLEY - Through references in deed and wills, I have assembled the following two generations of PINNERS and am looking for confirmation: Generation 1: Thomas PINNER (d.@1765)m. Mary _____ (d@1778) had the following children: Thomas PINNER (m. Patience BABB), Hannah Pinner (m. _____RIGHT), Penelope PINNER (m. Thomas or William BULLOCK), John PINNER (b. 1755, m. Mary_____), Martha PINNER (m. ______PARKER); Generation 2: John PINNER (b. 1755) and Mary_____ had the following children: Josiah PINNER (m. Tabitha_____), Thomas PINNER, John PINNER, William PINNER, Jeremiah PINNER, Betsey (Elizabeth) PINNER (m. William SMELLEY), Mary PINNER and Dixon PINNER. References to any of these would be greatly accepted.
May 19, 1999 - 12:46 - From: - Catherine Royce

RHODES/EASON - The Rhodes and Eason families were early settlers in Nansemond County before moving to Bertie County, N.C. Looking for info on Charles Rhodes and Robert Eason.
May 25, 1999 - 17:23 - From: - Janet Shade

TUCKER - Joshua Tucker, d. about 1779 m. Sarah Wright and family tradition said that he came from Nansemond Co., Virginia about 1760 to Pitt Co. N C
May 27, 1999 - 00:23 - From: - Allen Churchill

PIERCE - I am looking for information on my great-grandmother, Ethel Hortense Pierce, who married Henley Wescott Churn. Any help or information will eb very much appreciated. Thanks.
May 28, 1999 - 18:03 - From: - Jacqueline Fields

HUNTER - William HUNTER came to Nansemond Co. before 1636,from Scotland. He was one of 60 brought by Richard COCKE. COCKE received 3000 acres of land in Henrico Co. as payment by the king. Does anyone have any information to help me get across the ocean?
May 30, 1999 - 01:34 - From: - Doris Hunter Jackson

RANDOLPH - George Bruce RANDOLPH was born in Nansemond Co. 1864. on Marriage licence Oct 24 1888, Berkley, Norfolk Co. Va Parents are listed as R. G. Randolph and B. E. Randolph. They would have be living in Nansemond Co. 1860's Also does anyone have information on Randolph Family plot James River area. Thanks Ken
Jun 1, 1999 - 23:17 - From: - Kenneth K. Koch

ELLIS - ELLIS - possible HUNTER connection I am writing this for a James Paul Ellis who is 71 years old now. b. July 28, 1928 His father James Shirley Ellis was born in Holland on Feb 22, 1904. He died at the age of 25 in an auto accident in Dinwiddie County on Sep 8, 1929. His wife Frankie Louise (Sears - maiden name) died a few years after that, leaving James P. Ellis to be raised in the Richmond Orphanage. He has always wondered about his family on his fathers side. His father James is buried in Blandford Cemetery in Petersburg and that is where I was able to obtain this info. James Shirley Ellis Residents at death - 33 Franklin St, Petersburg, VA Occupation - White Star Steam Co, Police Dept Dispatcher, Power Co Lineman Born - Holland VA 2-22-1904 Died - Hatchers Run, Dinwiddie County 9-8-1924 Wife - Frankie Louise Ellis (maiden name - Sears) Son - James Paul Ellis Father - J. Walter Ellis b. Gates Co, NC Mother - Hunter Ellis b. Holland, VA Sister - Sable Ellis Robins lived in Suffolk (sp) Brother - Doc Ellis, lived in Holland, Va Brother - Howard Ellis livid in Newsoms Any advice or assistance would be appreciated as Mr. Ellis is on oxygen and can not travel due to failing health. Donna A. for James Paul Ellis
Jun 5, 1999 - 16:42 - From: - James P. ellis

HEFFINGTON - I am seeking information on Henry HEFFINGTON born in Nansemond County 1787-1789. He married Nancy, born 1800 in South Carolina. Henry migranted to Kentucky, Tennessee and Texas. I am especially interested in Nancy's surname. I will share information.
Jun 6, 1999 - 22:09 - From: - Laveta Morren

SAINTPERE, SIMPERS, SEVEN, SEVON - Does anyone know of a migration pattern from nonsemond to Calvert Co, MD? Records of both couties were lost by fire. We have nathaniel Saintpere transported to Nansemond in 1653 by Robert Saven/Savon (CAVALIERS) and Simpers (derivative of Saint Pierre) in Calvert Co 1682.
Jun 7, 1999 - 11:24 - From: - Cathy Berger

WEST - JOHN WEST born in 1786, believe he was born in Nansemond County. He was captured by the British during the Revolutionaary War, and after the war was released in Hampton. Would like to hear from anyone searching the West family
Jun 8, 1999 - 21:20 - From: - WJ Harris

HUNTER - I am looking for information on William and Joane HUNTER from Nansemond County,VA around year 1675. Thank you
Jun 9, 1999 - 07:43 - From: - Roy Hunter

OATES - I am doing researching on the family of James OATS/OATES,since he is connected with Perquimans County North Carolina in 1693, I believe he might have appeared in Nansemond County Virginia first. He was born in 1660. He married ELizabeth EIVANS of Perquimans County North Carolina in 1695. I would like whoever might be doing research on this family to please contact me. I would like to know how to obtain records which may lists his name as being in this county before 1693. Please contact me, email me, at or write me, Jacob L. Bateman III 3870 Strathmore Drive Montgomery Alabama 36116-4614. Thank you Le Bateman.
Jun 10, 1999 - 17:33 - From: - Jacob L. Bateman III

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