Rhoda F.S. Richardson married James Powell Burnop in Rich Valley, Smyth County, Virginia, 22 Sep 1880. She is the daughter of George W. Richardson and Paulina E.B. Atkins. I believe much of the information was written by her daughter, Mary Ann "Annie" Burnop Waddell.

The Home Bible was given to me by Hallie Suthard Cress’ daughter while visiting Atkins, Smyth, Virginia on a visit.
I believe as I was the family member most interested in family and as she had no children to pass it on to.

From the Home Bible of Rhoda F. S. Richardson Burnop:

The page with "James P. Burnop & Rhoda F. S. Richardson was married the 22th day of Sep 1880" page
I believe was written by Rhoda.  They were married in Rich Valley, Smyth County, Virginia.

James and Rhoda's children's marriages below:

James A. Glass & Ella Burnop was married the 28 day of Dec 1898.
This was Nancy Ellen Burnop, known as Ella.

George W. Suthard & Maggie V. Burnop was married the 26 day of Dec 1900.
This was my grandmother's first marriage.  Her name was Margaret Virginia Dora Burnop.

James A. Glass & Nannie E.P. Burnop was married 28 day Dec 1898 is written at the bottom of the page.

The deaths and birth information pages appears to be written by Annie E. Burnop (Mary Ann Burnop) as at the bottom of the deaths page it says written by a true friend, Annie E. Burnop.  This signature and the writing above it look similar.

Infant son of G.W. (George W.) and P.E.B. (Paulina E.B.) Richardson died June 26, 1857, age 20 days.

Willie H. Richardson died Nov 30th 1858 age 20 days

Rachel Richardson died Aug 30th 1838 in the 69th year of her age.

P.J. M. Richardson died Dec 20th 1870, age 87 years 4 months and 20 days.

Paulina E. B. Richardson died the 9th day of Sept 1885.

Even (Evan) Jefferson Richardson died Nov 13, 1889.

G.W. Richardson died Oct 6th 1900.

Written by a true friend, Annie E. Burnop, Atkins, Virginia, Smyth Co.

G.W. Richardson was born Feb 11th 1825.

Paulina E.B. Richardson was born Dec 2th 1832

Rhoda F.S. Richardson was born May 23th 1855

Infant son of G.W. and P.E.B. Richardson was born June 6 1857.

Willie H. Richardson was born Nov 11th 1858

Martin H. W. Richardson was born April 7th 1860

Paulina Jane Maze Richardson was born July 3th 1862

Even Jefferson Richardson was born Feb 5th 1864

John Franklin Richardson was born April 14th 1868

Separate page:  Looks like Hallie Suthard Cress’ handwriting below

Henry Richard Burnop – Margie Ella Candle was married Monday, June 24, 1912

Lee Swanson Burnop was born Thursday July 3 1913

Carl Clifton Burnop, Tues. Sept 14, 1915

Virgil Francis Burnop, Monday March 17, 1919

Audrey Gaynell Burnop, Fri, May 20, 1921

Fred Eugene Burnop, Thurs, Feb 7, 1924

Helen Lucille Burnop was born Thurs, Oct 21, 1926

Eliza Mae Burnop Thurs July 3, 1930.  Dear Little Elza died Fri p.m. 8:40 March 4, 1931, age 20 months and a few hrs.

James P. Burnop & Rhoda F.S. Richardson was married 23 day of Sept 1880.

James A. Glass to Nannie E. P. Burnop was married 28 day of Dec 1898.

James P.Burnop died Nov 18, 1922, at 1030 o’clock.

Rhoda F.S. Burnop died May 19, 1923 at 6 o’clock

Rhoda F.S. Burnop was born May 23, 1855

Hallie Cress’ writing later in life (she was very ill for a long time and her handwriting progressively became worse) on another page.
I corresponded with her until her death in 1995.
Much of the information written by Hallie was probably triggered by my asking her family questions so she added information on the pages.

Nannie Ella P. Burnop was born Jan 8, 1882

Mary Annie Burnop was born Sept 17, 1883

Maggie Dora V. Burnop was born July 3, 1885

Henry Richard Burnop was born Aug 19, 1887

George Robert Burnop was born Nov 19, 1889

Another page looks like a young Hallie writing her name:

Hallie Lavene Suthard, Atkins, VA
Was borned September 8th, 1907

1920 13 years old

Fannie Mae Suthard was borned Nov 22, 1901.  1920 – 18 years old

Robert Sims & Fannie Mae Suthard was married

Lewis Bane (Bain) Wymer was borned August 29, 1914.  (28 Aug 1915 is real date.  This was Hallie’s step-brother, my mother’s brother)

Above pages translated by Robyn O. Trickel Dowd, great-granddaughter of Rhoda F.S. Richardson Burnop, 2005.

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