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Anderson, Judy B. Virginia Connections: A Genealogical History of the Thompson-Ward Family Originating in Southwest Virginia. Covers ancestors and descendants of William Thompson and his wives, Jane Buchanan and Lydia Graham, of Montgomery, later Wythe Co., VA; William Ward, son of James Ward -- specifically descendants of David Ward of Tazewell (Russell, Washington) and his wives, Janer Cravens and Eleanor Clancy; and the descendants of William Ward of Wythe Co., and his wife, Jane Watson; the descendants of James Ward, son of James Ward, and the descendants of John Ward, thought to be the son of James Ward -- most of these descendants moved to Kentucky, Illinois and Ohio. 8 1/2 x 11 - PAGE, 832 - PAGE HARDBOUND BOOK WITH MAPS, EXTENDED PEDIGREE CHARTS, PICTURES, EXTENSIVE BIBLIOGRAPHY AND INDEX. Cost: $60 includes postabe and handling. Order from: Judy B. Anderson, 4485 South 2025 West, Roy, UT.

Bass, James K. The Weaver Families of Georgia - Volume I. Genealogical Publishing Co., 1994. The book contains genealogical details (ancestry, descendancy and family stories) of about 17 Weaver families who were in Georgia prior to (or by) the 1850 Census. The book is 555 pages and indexes over 6,000 names. The information documents the various migrations of the Weaver families from Virginia and the Carolinas into Georgia, and then the westward trek to Alabama, Mississippi, Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas and further. To order send check for $44.95 (includes shipping) to Jim Bass, P.O. Box 723552, Atlanta, GA 31139-0552. Jim's e-mail address is:

Burgert, Annette Kunselman. Eighteenth Century Emigrants from German-Speaking Lands to North America. Volume I: The Northern Kraichgau. and Volume II: The Western Palatinate. Both volumes published by the Pennsylvania German Society.
Many Southwestern Virginia settlers and/or their parents and grandparents are mentioned in these volumes. Use them to locate their homeplaces in Germany and Switzerland. Includes much information from German baptismal and other church records
Volume I is out of print. Volume II is $40.00. Order from Hearthstone Bookshop, 5735A Telegraph Rd, Alexandria, VA 22303
On the Internet: You can download an order form.

Cameron, Joseph R. Early Settlers of Old Mount Airy, Wythe County, Virginia. Old Mount Airy shared its western border with Smyth County's eastern edge. Therefore, many of the old families in this book have close connections to Smyth County. In this book you will find much more than family trees. Surveys of old land grants were drawn and put together to make a settlement map of the Mount Airy area. Directions to the old homeplaces are frequently given, including highway numbers, etc. Read old stories from the memories of those no longer here. Among the families included are: Cameron, Buck, Weaver, Staley, Kinder, Daut, Snavely, Groseclose, Gillespie, Burkett, Heldreth, Gullion, Spangler, Huddle, Musser, and many more. Order from Joseph R. Cameron, 3450 W. Lee Hwy, Wytheville, VA 24382 $29.95 You may make inquiries about the book via e-mail. CLICK HERE.

Cameron, Joseph R. and Constance L. Cameron Addendum to Early Settlers of Old Mount Airy, Wythe County, Virginia. For more information see Joe's website.

Copenhaver, Mildred (Manton) and Robert Madison Copenhaver, Jr. The Copenhaver Family of Smyth County, Virginia: A Family Record of some of the descendants of Frederick Copenhaver --.

Douthat, James L. Smyth County, Virginia Will Book 1, 1832-1844 Signal Mountain, TN: Mountain Press. Order from Mountain Press, P. O. Box 400, Signal Mountain, TN 37377-0400..

Gose, George B. Pioneers of the Virginia Bluegrass. Radford, VA: Commonwealth Press, Inc., Printer. All rights reserved by George B. Gose.[n.d.]

The Heritage of Smyth County, Virginia, 1832 - 1996 includes hundreds of family histories, histories of Smyth County towns, churches, clubs, organizations, and topical articles. Order from Smyth County Heritage Books, Attn: Barbara Hokada, P.O. Box 543, Marion, VA 24354. $58.50

History of the Descendants of John Hottel.Reprinted in 1992, over 1200 pages explaining new-found information and also listing some inaccuracies found in the original edition. In appearance and quality it is similar to the original 1930 edition. Over 400 pages dedicated to the branch of the family that settled in Southwest Virginia. The cost is $54.95 plus $5.00 for handling and postage. If you are a Virginia resident add $2.47 VA Sales Tax. Order from Hottel-Keller Memorial, Inc., P. O. Box 33, Toms Brook, VA 22660-0033.

History of Smyth County, Virginia. Vol. I Pathfinders and Patriots: Prehistory to 1832 by Elizabeth Lemmon Sayers, c1983. Originally published by Smyth County Historical and Museum Society, Inc. Order from Betsy Sayers, 1410 Prater Lane, Marion, Va. 24354.

History of Smyth County, Virginia. Vol. II: Ante-bellum Years through the Civil War by Joan Tracy Armstrong. Order from Smyth County Historical and Museum Society, Inc., P.O. Box 710, Marion, VA 24354

Kegley, Mary B., comp. Abstracts of Court Orders of Wythe County, Virginia, 1790-1791;1795-1810. Records of military, court officials, road overseers, orphans, apprentices, executors, appraisers and guardians. $28.08 in VA; $27.00 out of state. Mary has published many genealogy books useful to Smyth County researchers. For more information, visit her website.

Kelly, John Alexander. The Ancestors and Descendants of Judge John Alexander Kelly and Martha Matilda Peck Kelly and Related Families 1515 -1959. Extensive research is included on the Kelly, Snidow, Peck, and Borden families as well as many, many more families of Smyth, Tazewell, Montgomery and Giles County, Virginia and of North Carolina and East Tennessee. Published and Edited by Roberta Matilda Copenhaver. Visit the book's website for many useful details about the families, ordering information, and price.

This book may be ordered from:
P O Box 546
Saltville, VA  24370

Presgraves, Jim, ed. Smyth County Families and History. Wytheville, VA., 1974. Washington and Lee University, Rare Book F232 .S6 P7.

Schreiner-Yantis, Netti and Florene Speakman Love. The Personal Property Tax Lists for the Year 1787 for Montgomery County, Virginia. Order from Genealogical Books in Print, 6818 Lois Drive, Springfield, VA 22150

Schreiner-Yantis, Netti. Montgomery County, Virginia: Tax Lists .... A, B & C for the Year 1788
Montgomery County, Virginia-- circa 1790.
1800 Tax Lists & Abstracts of Deeds 1796 - 1800 of Wythe County, Virginia.
Order Netti Schreiner-Yantis books from Genealogical Books in Print, 6818 Lois Drive, Springfield, VA 22150

On their new website, you'll find descriptions of all of KENNETH AND MACK STURGILL'S BOOKS, as well as prices and ordering information. The FOURTH AND LAST VOLUME OF SMYTH COUNTY CEMETERIES is available now!

Sturgill, Mack H. and Kenneth L. Sturgill. Smyth County Virginia Cemeteries, Vol. I
Smyth County Virginia Cemeteries, Vol. II
Smyth County Virginia Cemeteries, Vol. III
Smyth County, Virginia Cemeteries, Vol. IV
For anyone with Smyth County roots, these four volumes could be INVALUABLE! Thousands of gravestones are recorded along with directions to the cemeteries. Each volume is indexed by surname and given name. See Ken Sturgill's website for additional information and prices.

1840 and 1850 Smyth County Federal Census. Photocopies of the originals. See details at the website of SK PUBLICATIONS


THE SCOTTS OF SOUTHWEST VIRGINIA: THE JAMES & RACHEL SCOTT FAMILY AND OTHER IMPORTANT SCOTT LINES by Rev. LaVerne ‘Pike’ Thomas and Kay Lee Wrage Gunn   published 1999 in three sturdy soft-cover volumes totaling 900 pages.  The compilers are experienced genealogists with over fifty years of research and publication between them. Although the present book is primarily concerned with James Scott (1736-1817) of the Rye Valley in Wythe/Smyth Co VA and his 13,000 identified descendants in virtually every state, seven other major SCOTT lines whose members grace the history of southwest Virginia are traced:

·         descendants of the Widow Isabella Scott (b c1725) of Augusta Co  and sons Matthew, Nathan & Francis;

·         William Scott (b 1725) of Bedford Co VA and sons Joseph, Charles and Peter;

·         John Scott (b1706) of Guilford Co NC and sons Wm, Thomas & Samuel;

·         “Capt” John Scott (b c1675) of New Kent and several descendants of Wythe Co;

·         Samuel (b 1730) and John (b1734) Scott of PA and later Washington Co VA;

·         The “Clinch River” Scotts, including James, Alexander, Robert, and Archibald, with the later John Scott (b 1769), whose descendants were leaders of Abingdon.

·         A third section lists smaller SCOTT families in the area, like Mahlon Scott (b 1803) of Smyth/Carroll Cos.  Finally, peppered throughout are resumes of important allied families, like Bonham, Neff, Griffitts, Manifold, Beattie, Cunningham, Gose and others too numerous to list here.

            The books contain numerous biographical details, fully documented to available source records, with charts, maps and photos.  It contains a full name index.

            The work sells for $55 including tax, postage and handling. It is available through Rev. Pike Thomas, 3800 Viking Dr., Bossier City, LA 71111 (E-Mail:

Vogt, John & T. William Kethley, Jr. Smyth County Marriages, 1832- 1850 $7.95 + $5.00 shipping & handling. Include code (SMYT) when ordering.
Vogt, John & T. William Kethley, Jr. Wythe County Marriages, 1790 - 1850.

Order Vogt & Kethley books from The Iberian Press, John Vogt prop., 548 Cedar Creek Drive, Athens, GA 30605. (1-800-394-8634) Complete catalog at their website

Wilson, Goodridge. Smyth County History and Traditions. Reprint of the 1932 edition. Available from Frank Detwiler, 627 Dover, Marion, VA 24354.

 Plumb Full of History A Story of Abingdon VA

Hunt Multimedia Genealogy
P.O. Box 3826, Kingsport/TN 37664
Voice 423.279.0422 / Fax 423.279.0522

Southwest Virginia publications

     VA-Dickenson County, School and Community History
     VA-Russell County, 1880 Census
     VA-Russell County, early 1900s McCaskey Store Register
     VA-Annals of Southwest Virginia 1769-1800, 2 volumes
     VA-Southwest Virginia, 1840 Mountain Empire Census
     VA-The Life and Adventures of Wilburn Waters
     VA-Pathfinders, Pioneers, and Patriots (CD)
     VA-Scott County, 1922 Gate City Business Ledger
     VA-Scott County, Births 1874-1895
     VA-Scott County, Cemeteries, 7-Volume Complete Set + Index
     VA-Scott County, Cemeteries, Volume 1
     VA-Scott County, Cemeteries, Volume 2
     VA-Scott County, Cemeteries, Volume 3
     VA-Scott County, Cemeteries, Volume 4
     VA-Scott County, Cemeteries, Volume 5
     VA-Scott County, Cemeteries, Volume 6
     VA-Scott County, Cemeteries, Index to 6 Volumes
     VA-Scott County, Marriage Book 1, 1815-1853
     VA-Scott County, Marriage Book 2, 1854-1893
     VA-Scott County, Marriage Book 3, 1894-1912
     VA-Scott County, Marriage Book 4, 1912-1931
     VA-Scott County, Marriage Book 5, 1931-1937
     VA-Scott County, Marriage Books, Complete Set 1815-1936 + Indexes
     VA-Scott County, Marriage Books 1-6, Male Index
     VA-Scott County, Marriage Books 1-6, Female Index
     VA-Scott County, Marriage Consents & Bonds 1815-1853
     VA-Scott County, License & Returns of Marriage 1815-1853
     VA-Scott County, Marriage Consents/Bonds and License/Returns 1815-1853, 2 Vol. Set
     VA-Scott County, History of Scott County (Addington)
     VA-Smyth County, 1880 Census
     VA-Smyth County, Marriages 1851-1891 and 1860 Census
     VA-Smyth County, Marriages 1892-1905
     VA-Tazewell County, Tazewell County (by Louise Leslie)
     VA-Tazewell County, History of Tazewell County and Southwest Virginia 1748-1920
     VA-Washington County, 1850 Census Annotated
     VA-Washington County, Cemeteries - High on a Windy Hill
     VA-Washington County, 1880 Census, Annotated
     VA-Washington County, Designated Colored Marriages, 1853-1881
     VA-Washington County, History of Southwest Virginia 1746-1786 and Washington County
     VA-Washington County, Marriages 1891-1902
     VA-Wise, Wise County, Virginia
     VA-Wise, The Story of Wise County, Virginia

  Historical C.D. (Pathfinders, Pioneers, & Patriots) has recently been completed.
It  shadows the early explorers to "the New World" then follows
the progression of the frontier across Virginia to 1800.  From 1760 to 1800,
it focuses on the largely untold history of S.W. Virginia, E. Kentucky, and
N. E. Tennessee.
     It was completed in a MS- Word '97 Format which allows the user to
literally "point and click" their way through history.  It also contains a
MS-Word Viewer for those without a compatible word processor.  (It will run
on virtually any computer.)  It contains a historical timeline of over 30
pages with hyper-links to over 100 pages of the stories about the people and
events listed (along with many original color pictures and primary
documents).   The C.D. sells for $28.00 (including tax and shipping) and
can be obtained by contacting :
Danny Dixon
Echoes From the Past
Rt. 2 Box 872
Nickelsville, Va. 24271


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