Nelson Parks served in the Civil War. He lived in Smyth Co., but enlisted at Dublin, VA on Dec. 7, 1863. He served in Co. D, 1st Battalion, Virginia Infantry, Irish Battalion, serving as Provost Guard in the Army of Northern Virginia. He was born January 1843, died July 5, 1912. Nelson Parks was buried on the old Parks homeplace in the old Parks cemetery. The cemetery is located on the very top of Iron Mt., just over into Grayson County with no public roads to get to it. There are about 8 or 10 graves there. At the present, there is only one bought marker, that of Janey Hall, b. 1843, died Oct. 20, 1927.

 Nelson Parks Civil War marker was placed May 14th, 1999. Parks' great grandson, William R. Tuck, got the marker and set the stone, assisted by John Crabtree of Marion, VA. John's wife, Nina, is a great granddaughter of Nelson Parks.

 Bill Tuck also placed a Civil War marker for Jackson Reedy, who is his great great grandfather, buried in the old Reedy cemetery on the Barns land in Grayson County, VA on May 15th, 1999.

 Email June Parks for more information. It is good that these two soldiers are now recognized as Civil War veterans.



Vernard Bond's just created a new and EXCELLENT WEBSITE about the 48th Virginia Infantry. Many of the 48th's members came from Smyth County. Here you'll find the roster, engagements, details about Vernard's relatives in the 48th, confederate flags, and much, much more! If you're looking for confederate soldiers among your ancestors, don't miss this page!

Kenneth Sturgill's SMYTH COUNTY and the CIVIL WAR


When Kenneth Sturgill researched and wrote the history of the GOLLEHON family of Smyth County, VA, he found that 23 members of the clan fought in the Civil War. Their role in the terrible struggle between North and South was told by Sturgill in his book, A Southern Family in the Civil War. From the first chapter in the book, Kenney has created a website, SMYTH COUNTY and the CIVIL WAR, which chronicles the battles that took place in Smyth County, VA. If you've an interest in the Civil War or if you are researching your Civil War ancestors, you may find invaluable information on Kenney's fine page.



Jeff's EXCELLENT page covers Southwest Virginia as well as the rest of the state. This is a very COMPREHENSIVE website that includes much information and many interesting and informative links. Information can be accessed by Units or by County or City. There are pension lists and biographies. Jeff also includes all you need to know to order any of the books in the Virginia Regimental Histories Series. And there is MUCH MORE!