James S. Sayers and Mary Hutton Sayers family taken
approximately 1910

Those in the picture are  as follows : Dolph Hutton, Rush Sayers, Baxter Sayers, Early Sayers,
Grace King Sayers, Daisy Sayers, Thomas K. Sayers, Ed Sayers, Wiley Sayers, Levi Sayers, John Galliher, Mary
Sayers, Roxie Sayers, Carl Sayers, Ida Taylor, Fannie Hutton, JoAnna Sayers Hutton, Effie Sayers Dority, Maxie
Galliher, Jenny Sayers Galliher, Lena Hutton Galliher, Blanch Hutton, Ethel Sayers, James S. Sayers, Mary Ann Hutton
Sayers, Rhodell Sayers.

Submitted by Greg & Elaine Sayers