Russell Family Bible
Submitted by: Pat Russell Crawford

Following is some information on my father's side of the family. I have no positive death dates except for my father.
It was Nov. 18, 1984, in Contra Costa, Ca.  I think my grandfather died sometime in the fifties and my grandmother
in April of 1980.  As far as I know, they were buried  in Marion, Va.  My uncle Roy Russell died in Utah but I don't
know the date.  They owned a brick house behind the Dr. Pepper Bottling Plant off Main Street in Marion.
My Aunt Ruth lived there after their death.  I have tried to find information on my family, but keep running into snags.
 I did finally get the census for 1910 but some of the information is missing.  It does not have all the children listed.

Father: Jackson B. Russell                                              Mother: Rhodia L. Hayes
Born: Sept. 6, 1876                                                       Born: Feb. 6, 1882
Place: Greenville, Tn.                                                     Place: Chilhowie, Va.

Son: Houston B. Russell                                                  Son: Paul W. Russell
Born: Feb. 9, 1902                                                         Born: Jan. 17, 1904
Place: Marion, Va.                                                          Place: Marion, Va.

Daughter: Ethel E. Russell                                                Daughter: Mary E. Russell
Born: Oct. 28, 1906                                                        Born: Sept. 21, 1909
Place: Marion, Va.                                                          Place: Marion, Va.

Son: Roy B. Russell                                                         Son: Albert Russell
Born: Nov. 24, 1912                                                        Born: Aug. 15, 1915
Place: Marion, Va.                                                          Place: Marion, Va.

Son: Howard S. Russell (My Father)                                Daughter: Frances L. Russell
Born: July 9, 1918                                                           Born: Jan. 3, 1921
Place: Marion, Va.                                                           Place: Marion, Va.

Daughter: Ruth S. Russell
Born: Feb. 10, 1924
Place: Marion, Va.


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