Submitted by: David Gillespie

James Gillespie's Will

Given under our hand this 31st day of August 1833

James Robinson

Aquilla Fin

John Anderson

Virginia: At a court held for Smyth County the 20th day of June

This appraisement bill of the estate of

Abram Bleping Deceased was returned to court and ordered

to be recorded.

Teste J. . Pendleton D.C.

In the name of God amen - I James Gillasprey of the  County of Smyth and State of Virginia being weak of body but of sound mind and memory knowing that it is appointed once for all men to die, do make and ordain this my last Will & Testament as follows to with

First I give and bequeath to my wife Isabel one third part Of the tract of land whereon I know live also the mantion House and all the household furniture and at her death To be equealy divided amongst my children that is to say The house hold furniture to be divided

Second - I will and bequeath to my son Thomas R Gillasprey Two thirds of the tract of land whereon I know live and the other third at the death of his mother is to be his, also a part of a fifty acre tract ajoining my old tract the divition line to begin at two sugar trees at the west end of the tract I now live on wining northwardly bareing to the west with The road to join the line of the fifty acre tract

Thirdly - I give and bequeath to my son James Gilluspie The balance of the fifty acre tract above mentioned

Fourthly - I will and bequeath to my son William Gillaspey one dollar and no more.

Fifthly - I will and bequeath to my daughters, Jane, Polly, Sally and Isabel one dollar each and no more.

Sixthty - I will and bequeath that all my live stock to Be equally divided between my sons Robert Thomas R, Elijah and Matthew.

I further bind my son Thomas R Gillaspey if he complies With my will to pay sixty dollars a peace to my sons Robert Matthew and Elijah at the end of three Years from my death.

Lastly I hereby constitute and appoint my two sons Thomas R Gillaspey and Robert Gillaspey my Executors of this my last will and testament by me made in  mtuep whereof I have hearunto, set my hand and seal
this 26th day of February 1988 his

acknowledged in the presence of James X Gillaspey seal

Soloman McDanald # mark

Joseph Sexton #

Thomas Sexton #

Virginia At a court held for Smyth Couty the 18th day  of September 1834.

The foregoing will of James Gillespie Deceased was proved in court by the oaths of Solomon McDanald, Joseph Sexton, and Thomas Sexton

Thereto and ordered to be recorded

Teste James F Pendleton D.C.

Appraisment of James Gillespie's Estate

Agreeable to an order of court to us directed we the undersigned, being fist sworn, for the purpose of apprais ing the property of James Gillespy Deceased

To 1 Grey mare                         45.00                                                         To 1 Beauro                                                10.00
To 1 Grey mare deficient         26.16 2/3                                                   to 1 table                                                         .75
To 1 Grey filly                           39.33 1/3                                                   to 1 flat iron & shovel                                1 .00
to 1 dun cow                               9.00                                                          to 25 feathers 2 pillows 4 spreads          14 .21
to 1 red heifer                              7.50                                                         to 1 bed & sted                                          10.00
to 3 yearlings calves                10.50                                                          to 1 bed & stead & 5 spreads                 15.00
to 1 Loom                                    4.00                                                           to 1 gun                                                       4.50
to 2 ovens & 1 lid                       2.00                                                          to 1 chest & wheel                                     1.50
to 1 pot & hooks                          .75                                                           to 1 Keg                                                        .25
to 2 pair harness                          .50                                                            to 1 clivis & 1 log chain                           2.00
to 1 tub                                          .37 ½                                                        to 2 calves                                                 3.00
to 1 large pot & hooks              1.37 ½                                                        to 1 mattock & hoe                                  1.00
to 1 bucket & 1 pail                     .75                                                             to 15 geese                                               4.50
to 1 pail                                          .37 ½                                                        to 7   Feathers                                          2.10
to 1 hide                                      1.86                                                             carried over                                          240.08
to 9 chairs                                   2.67                                                             Fractions encluded
to 1 cupboard                           10.00                                                            continued
to set cubbard ware                   5.15                                                            to 1 tub                                                      .37 ½


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