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John Groseclose Will  signed 1865 proved 1869

Smyth County, Virginia Will Book 4, page 311

I John Groseclose Sr of the County of Smyth in the state of Virginia, being of sound mind and disposing memory, but considering the uncertainty of life, do make and constitute this my last Will and testament in manner and form following, that is to say:

First,  I devise to my son Stephen all that portion of my home tract of land to which I retain little, that lies North of the Macadamized Road, upon condition that he continues to provide comfortably for & take care of me during my life, both in health & sickness, and that upon my death, he pay to my executor, to be used as herein after expressed, the sum of Five Hundred dollars.

Second.  Desiring to deal justly and equally with all my children, and having already advanced to my sons Levi and Henry each One thousand Dollars to my daughters, Elizabeth, Catharine and Fanny each One thousand Dollars, to my son Joseph nine hundred Dollars, to my sons, Stephen, John and Peter each Thirteen hundred Dollars, I therefore direct and devise that my executor first pay to my sons Levi, Henry & Joseph, each such sum of money as will make when added to the sums already advanced to them by me or which I may hereafter advance to them, the sum of thirteen hundred Dollars, and that he pay to my daughter Elizabeth such sum as added to what she has already and may hereafter receive from me the sum of Thirteen hundred Dollars but to my daughter Catharine and to my grandchild Mollie Snavely, (not because of any less affection for them than I have for my other children, but because they are already possessed of ample property) I devise nothing in addition to what they already have received from me, unless my estate should be more than sufficient to pay my sons Levi, Henry and Joseph and to my daughter Elizabeth such sums as added to their previous advancements would make the amounts received by each of them Thirteen hundred Dollars, then in that event.

Thirdly.  I devise that such surplus and undisposed of portion of my estate be equally divided between my heirs including my daughter Catharine & my granddaughter Mollie Snavely.

Fourtly:  I constitute and appoint my son Stephen H. Groseclose Executor of this my last Will and Testament, hereby revoking (page 312) any will or wills by me heretofore made.

Witness my hand and seal December 23, 1865.  Acknowledged in our presence.  Jno A. Kelly, Wm E. Sprinkle.        John (his mark) Groseclose

At a Court held for Smyth County this 22nd day of June 1869  This last Will and testament of John Groseclose, decd was presented in Court and proved by the oats of John A. Kelly and William E. Sprinkle, subscribing witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded.


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