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William Sprinkle Will 1852

William Sprinkle's will in the Smyth County, Virginia Will Book 3, page 1:

In view of the uncertainity of life and the certainity of death, I, William Sprinkle of the County of Smyth being of sound and desposing mind memory, do make an dordain this my last will and testament as follows to wit:

1st It is my will that my beloved wife Mary shall have the possession use and control during her life of all my personal estate of every kind whatever which she may desire to keep and my property which she may not desire to keep shall be sold by my executor.  I also will to my said wife as long as she lives the thirty eight acres of land on which I live including buildings and mills thereon with all the appertenances.

2nd After the death of my wife my will and direction is that my executors sell on a credit of twelve months the thirty eight acres of land and all my personal property of every kind and out of the proceeds shall pay when the sale money becomes due to my son, Wm E. Sprinkle.  The sixty five dollars I owe him with interest from 12 months after my decease if not paid sooner as before directed out of my other means.

3rd  And after paying the said debts is is my will that the balance of the proceeds of the sale and any other estate I may have be equally divided between my children as follows viz  John T. Sprinkel, Henry C. Sprinkel, George W. Sprinkel, Wm C Sprinkel, Silvester D Sprinkle, Ananias P. Sprinkel, and Naomi Killinger each equal shares.  The share of daughter Naomi Killinger I direct my executors to place in the hand so my sons, Henry C. Sprinkel and George W. Sprinkel as trustees to be paid by them to her as she may need it.

4th  It is my will that my sons George W. Sprinkel and John T. Sprinle and their heirs or alliances shall have the use of water of the spring on said land 38 acres of land and that seventy five dollars be paid to my son Elmidrus Sprinkle.

5th  I have leased the mills to my son George be written contract for five years from about the 18 day of May 1852 I hereby confirm said lease and give to my wife the benefit of the contract with said George Sprinkle by which he is to keep the mills in good order and support me and my wife sufficiently while we live with bread, meat, coffee, and fire wood and whatever our necessities may require.

6th  I have given to my son George W. Sprinkle the tract of land containing 76 acres on which he lives which has been conveyed to him by John T. Sprinkle and wife.  I hereby confirm the said lease to said George W. Sprinkle and his heirs.

7th  I have given my son Mahlon Sprinkle all I intend him to have.

8th  I have given my son Archibald B. Sprinkle all I intend him to have and I charge him with $157.11 which he owes me upon account to be paid to my executors to be paid one year after my decease.

9th  I direct that my just debts (if any) be paid punctually as soon as possible after my decease.

10th  I hereby appoint my sons Henry C. Sprinkle and George W. Sprinkle Executors of this my last will and testament.  And I hereby revoke all former wills by me heretofore made in which whereof I have herunto set my hand and affixed my seal this 25th day of May 1852.

Signed sealed and acknowledged by the testator and witnessed by us in his presence and at his request.  Wm Sprinkel

John Overbay
Peter T. Killinger
A.P. McGhee

Virginia at a Court held for Smyth County the 16th day of November 1852:

This the last will and testament of William Sprinkle decd was proven in court by the oath of Anderson P. McGhee.


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