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                           Who We Are

Our people were forced to leave their homes in the 1930's. Our ancestors were conveniently considered by some "illiterate, and living in impoverished conditions", so the creation of the "playground for the Washingtonians"  (The Shenandoah National Park) could continue.

We are a not for profit group of people who have formed for the purpose of education, implementing change and supporting each other in our losses. We invite you to join us and our mission as stated below. 

Our Mission

We are dedicated to preserving the heritage and culture of our forefathers who once lived contented, productive and  undisturbed on the land that is now The Shenandoah National Park.

The Children of Shenandoah are also committed to seeing that other presentations of our people, such as those at the Shenandoah National Park Visitor Center, are historically accurate and do not omit personal losses and dehumanization suffered through the creation of the Park.

Our Plan of Action

The Children of Shenandoah gathers information and makes it available to the public through:

Educational activities, including public presentations describing the rich lives, steeped in  unique culture that our ancestors lived and how they were and we as their descendants continue to be affected by the Park's creation
 Providing a supportive atmosphere in which former residents, and their families can share their histories, culture and life styles, and record our  oral histories

Contact Information

Please contact Carol Laing, Web Page Designer, Descendent of Blue Ridge Mountains and Member of the Children of Shenandoah or Lisa Berry Custalow, President, Founder, and Descendent at (804) 233-9047  for more information about joining our organization.


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