So, you're interested in adopting a county. Hopefully, this page will answer any questions you might have. If you have any suggestions that might be of help on this page, please let us know.


  1. A love of history and genealogy, and a willingness to share information on a web site.
  2. The ability to create web pages.
  3. Familiarize yourself with the mission and the purpose of the project. For more information on the American Local History Network, Inc. (ALHN, Inc.), please visit the national website at You will want to visit the Mission page as well as the About ALHN page.




    As the state coordinators, we have a few requirements for county and town webmasters for their web pages.

  5. You must obtain your own web space. You are free to get web space from whomever you choose. Many of the ALHN webmasters do use because they offer free space to all ALHN-affiliated webmasters.
  6. You must provide a link back to either the county (for town webmasters) or the state (for county webmasters). You may also provide a link to the national web pages if you wish, but it is not required.
  7. A logo is also required. You may use a state logo that is provided on the graphics page or a national logo provided on the ALHN Graphics page. For those that like to create graphics, you are also welcome to create your own, if you would prefer. The logos must contain either "ALHN" or "American Local History Network".
  8. Your site contain some original content and not be a page primarily of links.
  9. You must respect copyright law. If you have any questions regarding copyright, please see U.S. Copyright Office
  10. All web pages must be child-safe sites. In other words, no pornography or obscene subject matter, photos or otherwise.
Other than these above listed requirements, these are independent sites and therefore are yours to create and maintain.

Once you have decided to adopt a county, please get in touch with the state coordinator, Rhonda Smith at . If you are interested in adopting a town, please get in touch with the appropriate county webmaster. If that county is available, maybe consider adopting the county.


As a county or town webmaster affilitated with ALHN, you will want to be on the ALHN mailing list. For more information and to subscribe All ALHN webmasters are eligible to join this list.

All ALHN webmasters are not members of ALHN, Inc. To become a voting member and have a say in the running of the corporation, you must request membership by subscribing to the ALHN membership-voting list. For more information and to subscribe

Need a little assistance on your pages, boards, etc., try WEB-HELP


Want to adopt but don't know how to create your own web pages? Try these tutorials:

Writing HTML - This is the one I learned from in 1998 and had a lot of fun with it. [ from New Hampshire ALHN SC]
Creating and Publishing Web Pages
Publishing Web Pages
Here's another helpful web site with lots of information: Help4Web


Ftp is a program that allows you to upload your newly created or edited web pages onto your webspace provider. These are two of the more popular programs and have free trial versions available for downloading.


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