25 February, 1879 Page 3, Col. 1

SAD AND PAINFUL ACCIDENT-- The Danville News of yesterday says: "Mr. Johnny Poindexter, a very respectable young man, met with his death under very sad circumstances at the residence of his brother in law, Mr Walter Bass, in Halifax County, Tuesday morning. Mr. Poindexter has for some time been teaching school near Republican Grove, in Halifaz, and spent Monday night with Mr. Bass, who lives only a short distance from the school house. Early Tuesday morning Mr. Poindexter arose and went out to curry his horse, and while in the act of so doing was kicked by the animal on the left temple, from the effects of which hedied almost instantly.
Mr. Poindexter was a son of Captain Thomas Poindexter, of Campbell county, and brother of Mrs. T.M.Bass of Danville.

Submitted by: Armand and Valerie Pena