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I would like to submit a picture and the inscription on the back of picture . As it is a mystery to me and maybe someone can shed some light on this problem. The picture says Grandpa Taylor. My mother whose name is Virginia says that it was a picture of her grandfather. As you will see the picture says "Grandpa Taylor in the Garden" Below this is another writing " Uncle Lee toVirginia, taken at his Lynchburg home, in the State of Virginia, garden and barn". My mother believes her father's fathers' name was the same as her father, James Douglas Taylor. Her father also went by the nickname of Bus. I am wondering if this is my mother Virginia's Great Uncle not Grandfather. There is an additional inscription that sounds like a story in itself. Says "He made the money and Bessie Poindexter squandered it on the 3 kids". At least that is what I have been able to decipher. Hoping some one from Lynchburg may have the answers.


We have come a long way since your posting of my "Mystery Picture". We have solved most of the mystery. The picture of my great great grandfather John Thompson Taylor. We believe he is the John T. Taylor that was listed in the 1873 business directory as Inspector (Taylor and Stabler) Liberty Warehouse-Lynchburg, VA . He was married to Sarah (Sallie) Jane Jones who was the daughter of Rev. Thomas Jones and Susan Saunders Walker. John Thompson died 29 March 1918 and is buried beside his wife Sarah died 1909; Springhill Cemetary, Lynchburg , VA.
John Thompson Taylor was the son of John Osborne Taylor 1809 and Elizabeth Eleanor Jane Jones 1810. There are now 3 of us cousins connected and tracing this family. Our cousin Robert L. Poindexter is the grandson of Bessie Maude Taylor Poindexter the woman mentioned in the picture. We believe Uncle Lee is Daniel Lee Taylor. Thanks to the work of Robert L. and Annie Poindexter who reside in Lynchburg we have probates, marriage information,cemetary records from Springhill,and siblings of John Thomspson and their families. We have traced my Great Grandfather Oscar Hammond Taylor and my grandfather James Douglas Taylor to Colorado, Nevada, California and Idaho. We will have more information transcribe in the near future.

The Lynchburg Daily Virginian 19 December 1859

Page two Column 5


Taylor, John Thompson son of John Osborne Taylor and Elizabeth Eleanor Thompson Taylor to Sarah (Sallie) Jane Jones Daughter of Rev Thomas Jones

Lynchburg Daily News 4 October 1885

Death of an Old Inhabitant--- Mr. John Osborne Taylor, an old and widely known citizen, died yesterday morning at his home on Garland Hill, aged seventy six years. Mr. Taylor was born at Hartford. Conn. but removed to Virginia at the early age of sixteen years. He made Lynchburg his home in 1852 and has resided here ever since; and for many years he was prominently identified with the tobacco trade of this city as an inspector at one of the principal warehouses. He always took a lively interest in public affairs and was once, from 1866 to 1868 a member of the City Council. Years ago he connected himself with the Masonic fraternity and at the time of his death was a member in good standing of Marshall Lodge. Mr. Taylor was a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church South, having made a profession of faith forty-one years ago at the memorable Yellow Branch camp- meeting held in 1844. He was a man of earnest convictions and positive in his expressions, but with kind heart and reasonable under all circumstances. His is the second death that has occurred in his family forty years, the first being that of one of his sons, Mr. O.P. Taylor, who died about 2 years ago in New York State, after years of great business activity. Mr. Taylor is survived by his wife and three sons, who have the sympathy of a wide circle of friends in their affliction.

Lynchburg Daily Virginian 10 July 1892

Page one Column 2

Death of a Lynchburg Lady.

Mrs. Oscar H. Taylor, nee Miss Etta Farriss of this city, died yesterday in Rico, Colorado after 48 hours illness with pneumonia.

Extracted by Robert L. Poindexter