Lamoille Co.

The following are some of the communities, past and present, that are located in Lamoille County. If you know of others that are not listed here, please contact me.

Belvidere Center Belvidere Junction Cadys Falls
Cambridge Cambridge Junction Centerville
Cleveland Corners East Johnson Eden
Eden Mills Garfield Hyde Park
Ithiel Falls Jeffersonville Johnson
Lake Elmore Lower Village Morristown
Morrisville Morses Mill Moscow
North Cambridge North Hyde Park North Wolcott
Pleasant Valley Pottersville South Cambridge
Stowe Stowe Fork Waterville
West Branch West Settlement Wolcott

VTGenWeb Lamoille County Towns Table
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TOWN When Founded? Villages & Communities Within Contact
BELVIDERE 1791 Belvidere Center, Belvidere Corners, Belvidere Junction Host Desired
Contact Peggy Tebbetts
CAMBRIDGE 1781 Cambridge, Cambridge Junction, Jeffersonville, Morses Mill, North Cambridge, Pleasant Valley, South Cambridge Host Desired
Contact Peggy Tebbetts
EDEN  1781 Eden, Eden Mills Host Desired
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ELMORE 1781 Elmore  Host Desired
Contact Peggy Tebbetts
HYDE PARK 1781 Centerville, Cleveland Corners, Hyde Park, Garfield, North Hyde Park Host Desired
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JOHNSON 1792 Johnson, East Johnson Host Desired
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MORRISTOWN 1781 Morristown, Morrisville Host Desired
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STOWE 1763 / NH Lower Village, Moscow, Stowe Host Desired
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WATERVILLE 1824 Waterville Host Desired
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WOLCOTT 1781 North Wolcott, Wolcott Host Desired
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   Founded in 1791

BELVIDERE includes the villages of Belvidere Center, Belvidere Corners and Belvidere Junction.

  • Belvidere Town Clerk:

  •    RR 1 Box 1062 - Belvidere Center, VT 05442  Phone: (802) 661-2498.

       Founded in 1781

    CAMBRIDGE encompasses the city of Cambridge and villages of Cambridge Junction, Jeffersonville, North Cambridge, South Cambridge, and Pleasant Valley.

  • Cambridge Historical Society

  •     P.O. Box 16, Jeffersonville, VT  05464-0016
  • Cambridge Town Clerk:

  •    P.O Box lu - Jeffersonville, VT 05464  Phone: (802) 644-2251.

       Founded in 1781

    EDEN encompasses the villages of Eden and Eden Mills.

  • Eden Town Clerk: P.O Box 11 - Eden Mills, VT 05653  Phone: (802) 635-2528.

       Founded in 1781
  • Elmore Town Clerk:

  •    P.O. Box LU - Lake Elmore, VT 05657  Phone: (802) 888-2637.

       Founded in 1781

    HYDE PARK encompasses the town of Hyde Park and the villages of Centerville, Cleveland Corners, Garfield, and North Hyde Park.  A large portion of the Morrisville Village forest, with the Green River Reservoir, is within the boundaries of Hyde Park.

  • Lanpher Memorial Library

  •    141 Main Street - P.O. Box 196 - Hyde Park, VT 05655   Phone: (802) 888-4628.
  • Hyde Park Town Clerk:

  •    P.O Box 98 - Hyde Park, VT 05655  Phone: (802) 888-2300.

       Founded in 1792

    JOHNSON encompasses the city of Johnson and the village of East Johnson.

  • Johnson, VT Home Page or Try this link to the same Johnson site
  • Johnson Town Charter - 2 Jan 1792.
  • Johnson Public Library

  •    Railroad Street - Johnson, VT 05656     Phone: (802) 635-7141.
  • Johnson Town Clerk:  P.O. Box 383 - Johnson, VT 05656  Phone: (802) 635-2611.

       Founded in 1781

    MORRISTOWN encompasses Morrisville and the village of Cady Falls.

  • Morristown Centennial Library

  •    7 Richmond Street - Morrisville, VT 05661    Phone: (802) 888-3853.
  • Morristown Town Clerk:

  •    P.O Box 748 - Morrisville, VT 05661  Phone: (802) 888-6370.

       Founded in 1763

    STOWE encompasses the city of Stow and the villages of Moscow and Lower Village.

  • Welcome to Stowe.
  • Lamoille Valley Chamber of Commerce.
  • Stowe Free Library

  •    Pond Street - Stowe, VT 05672    Phone: (802) 253-6145.
  • Stowe Town Clerk:  P.O Box 248 - Stowe, VT 05672  Phone: (802) 253-6133.

       Founded in 1824

    WATERVILLE encompasses the town of Waterville.

  • Waterville Town Library

  •    P.O. Box 1472 - Waterville, VT 05492    Phone: (802) 644-5683.
  • Waterville Town Clerk:  Box 102 - Waterville, VT 05492  Phone: (802) 644-5758.

       Founded in 1781

    WOLCOTT encompasses the town of Wolcott and the village of North Wolcott.

  • Wolcott Town Clerk:  P.O Box 100 - Wolcott, VT 05680  Phone: (802) 888-2746.
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