We all want the query page to operate and sort properly. 

This  will not happen unless everyone posts correctly. 

Some posts are in error. 
(Those which start with the town, or an event.)

Do NOT begin with Re:  or  Town: or Type of Query. 

Anything that does not start with a surname
will be removed!! 



    1.   Your queries will be posted immediately!

    2.   Posting must refer to Orange County area.

    3.   In Subject Box add Surname ONLY and capitalize. 

    4.   If you reply to a posting it will appear with query.

    5.   If you DO NOT want your reply posted, use email. 

    6.   When  posting be sure to include your name and email.

    7.   Births, Obits, Deeds, etc post on RECORDS BOARD






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