Randolph Center Cemetery
Randolph, VT

Egerton - Fish


The above is the product by "computerizing" the data by Harriet M. Chase, born & raised in Randolph Center, Vermont.

This is the completion of First Section of Randolph Center, Vermont Cemetery: that which was documented in 1979. Wes & Min; the Project continues! HM


Name Location/Row Desc/Condition Inscription/Military


K Stone 20

Gray Slate: Poor, Cracks. Urn 7 leaves dec.

Asa Egerton Esq. died May 1st. 1798 aged 62 years. One who obtained the charter gave the name & was one of the first settlers & first militia Capt. in the town of Randolph; *REV.WAR

EGERTON, Benjamin*

N Stone 28

Gray Slate: Fair, chipped. Urn & leaves dec.

Benjamin Storrs Egerton, Esq. son of Asa Egerton, Esq. & Eunice his wife died Oct. 12, 1816 AD aged 39 years. "Killed by the fall of a tree on his head. Late Capt. of the 11 Regt. U.S. Infantry"; *GAR

EGERTON, Catharine

K Stone 16

Marble: Fair, Urn & leaves dec.

Catharine wife of Capt. Lebbeus Egerton died Augt. 22nd 1826 Aged 52 years 7 mo. & 12 days.

EGERTON, Elizabeth

K Stone 13

Marble: Poor, Cracked & chipped

Elizabeth widow of Lebbeus Egerton daughter of Rev. Isaiah & Elizabeth Potter of Lebanon Born Mar. 25, 1781. Died Sept.5, 1818.


N Stone 30

Marble: Fair. Palm tree dec.

Emily Egerton relict of Asa Egerton died June 30, 1828 aged 44 years.


K Stone 19

Gray Slate: Poor. Cracks. Urn & leaves dec.

Eunice daughter of Asa Egerton, Esq. & Eunice his wife died May 6th 1799 aged 24 years


K Stone 21

Gray Slate: Poor, Cracks, Difficult to read. Urn & leaves dec.

Eunice consort of Asa Egerton Esq. died Decr. 13 1802 aged 59 years.


K Stone 22

Gray Slate: Poor, Cracked. Urn & leaves dec.

In memory of Mrs. Ezra Egerton who departed this life 6 February 1802 aged 50 years son of Mr. Wm. & Lydia Egerton; Connecticut. "Blessed are the dead, which die in the Lord"


M Stone 6

Marble: Fair, tilts

Hannah widow of William Egerton born March 3, 1869 Died Feb. 2, 1849 aged 79 years & 11 months

EGERTON, Henry C.*

K Stone 11

Marble: Excellent. Cross above name.

Henry C. Egerton Capt. U. S. Army World War II Sept. 7, 1914- Jan. 15, 1979; *American Legion

EGERTON, John, Esq.

K Stone 17

Gray Slate: Poor, Difficult to read, Cracks. Urn & Leaves dec.

John son of Asa Egerton Esq. & Eunice his wife died Feb. 7th 1808 aged 23 years.

EGERTON, Lebbeus*

K Stone 15

Marble: Fair, cracked. Palm tree dec.

Lebbeus Egerton Born May 4, 1773. Died Aug. 18, 1846; *GAR


N Stone 26

Marble: Fair

Lucy wife of Oliver Egerton died March 5, 1811 AE. 83 ys. & 1 mo.


M Stone 8

Marble: Fair, tilts

Nabby daughter of Wm. & Hannah Egerton died April 26, 1797 aged 8 years


N Stone 25

Marble: Fair, Chips

Oliver son of Asa Egerton, Esq. & Hannah his wife died Agust 22 AD 1814, aged 49 years.

EGERTON, Sylvester

N Stone 24

Marble: Fair, cracked

Sylvester Egerton born in Randolph VT October 2, 1792 Died September 28, 1866

EGERTON, William

M Stone 7

Gray Slate: Fair, chipped. Urn & leaves dec.

William Egerton Died Oct. 15, 1834, aged 71 years

EGERTON, WM. Orphers

M Stone 9

Marble: Poor, chipped,cracked, tilts

Wm. Orphers son of Wm. & Hannah Egerton died Dec. 9, 1813 aged 13 years

ELLIS, Hannah Jones

X Stone 9

Marble: Fair, chipped

Hannah Jones wife of Josiah Ellis died Dec. 27, 1878 AE. 89 yrs. 3 ms.

FINNEY, Catharin B.

B Stone 5

Marble: Fair, Inscription of book.

Catharin B. Finney, born at Dwight Mission, Ark. died Mar 6, 1852. Our sister dear suffered in silence and at home."

FISH, Alvin

Q Stone 1

Black Slate: Poor, chipped. Image of Jesus at top, inscription: "Memento"

In memory of Mr. Alvin fish who died August 16th 1801 AE. 35 years.

FISH, Benjamin

Q Stone 2

Black Slate: Fair, chipped, tilts, sinking into ground.

Mr. Benjamin Fish died Decr. 23rd 1813 in his 28th year

FISH, Caroline

R Stone 39

Marble: Fair

Caroline Hamblin wife of C. A. Thompson died July 14, 1860 AE. 22 yrs.

FISH, Hannah

D Stone 43

Black Slate: Poor; Ornamental Top, Fancy edging; Inscription at top "Memento"

In memory of Hannah consort of Stephen Fish who died June 16, 1804, AE. 49 years.

FISH, Hannah E.

R Stone 39

Marble: Poor, chipped & cracked

Hannah E. daughter of L. & M. Fish died Sept. 26, 1851 AE. 19 yrs. & 3 Mo.

FISH, Lucy Ann

R Stone 39


Lucy Ann wife of Philander Fish died Oct. 8, 1861 AE. 46 yrs. 22 ds.

FISH, Philander

R Stone 38

Gray Slate:Very Poor, fallen over, into ground. Urn & leaves dec.

Philander son of Peter & Ann fish, died August the 11 1812 in the 16 year.------ ------

FISH, Philander

R Stone 39


Philander Fish died Aug. 8, 1880 AE. 61 yrs. 7 ms. & 14 ds.

FISH. Huldah

D Stone 44

Black Slate: Fair, Urn Inscription, Flowers on sides of stone

In memory of Huldah Fish who died Sept. 20th 1811 AE. 27 years.


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