Randolph Center Cemetery
Randolph, VT

Flint - French


The above is the product by "computerizing" the data by Harriet M. Chase, born & raised in Randolph Center, Vermont.

This is the completion of First Section of Randolph Center, Vermont Cemetery: that which was documented in 1979. Wes & Min; the Project continues! HM


Name Location/Row Desc/Condition Inscription/Military

FLINT ?, Arthur

M Stone 50

Marble: Poor, chipped, though rarely assumptions are not made, the historian/review-er assumes this is a Flint.



M Stone 43

Marble: Poor, difficult to read.

A. M. Flint

FLINT, Andrew

M Stone 47

Marble: Fair, tilts, chipped

Andrew son of Gen. Martin & Aseneth Flint died March 25, 1832, aged 7 years 1 month and 18 days

FLINT, Arthur Hebard

M Stone 42

Marble: Fair

Arthur Hebard son of J. M. & L. H. Flint Sun Prairie Wis. died March 2 1865 AE. 16 yrs.

FLINT, Asenath M.

M Stone 42


Asenath M. Flint wife of Martin Flint born Jan 7, 1784 entered into death March 13, 1871.

FLINT, Chloe

M Stone 44

Gray Slate: Fair. Urn & Leaves dec.

Chloe wife of Martin Flint daughter of the Hon. James Burnett of Hampton CT. Died Dec. 3rd 1811 Aged 27 years. "Virtue & beauty United they were"

FLINT, Chloe Ann

M Stone 48

Marble: Fair, cracks.

Chole Ann daughter of Martin & Asenath Flint died April 15, 1832 aged 13 years, 10 months & 16 days.

FLINT, George

D Stone 48

Granite: Good

George Flint, 1824-1853, His wife Emily Burroughs 1825-1919.

FLINT, Henry

M Stone 50

Marble: Fair, flowers within circle at top.


FLINT, Hon Martin

M Stone 42

Marble: Fair, lines at bottom; scripture verses, illegible.

Hon Martin Flint Born Jan. 12, 1782 Died Feb. 28, 1855.

FLINT, Infant (2)



An Infant AE. 2 days, sons of J.M. & L. H. Flint. Our Henry "Loving and remembered by all"

FLINT, Infants (1)

M Stone 49

Marble: Poor, chips & cracks, difficult to read.

An infant AE 18 days

FLINT, Lieut. James

M Stone 42

Marble: Fair

Lieut. James Tarbox son of Hon Martin of the 55 IL. Reg. died at Nashville June 6, 1862 AE. 42 years.

FLINT, Lucinda

D Stone 47

Gray Slate: Good, Large inscription above the name, Fancy edging. Small chips.

Lucinda wife of Samuel Flint Jr. died Dec. 10th 1824 aged 34 years.

FLINT, Samuel

M Stone 46

Gray Slate: Fair, chips. Urn & leaves dec.

Dea. Samuel Flint died July 9th 1827 in the 81st. year of his age. "Help Lord for thy godly man ceaseth"

FLINT, William W.

D Stone 46

Marble: Fair, Cracks and Chips.

William W. son of Samuel & Lucinda Flint died October 13, 1844 Aged 23 years.

FORD, Elisha & Asenath

See Kezia Tracy



FOSTER, Charlotte

See William L. Tarbox



FRENCH, Betsey

P Stone 21

Marble: Fair

Betsey daughter of Gen. John & Hannah W. French born Aug. 7, 1796 Died Oct. 16, 1816

FRENCH, Gen. John*

P Stone 21

Marble: Fair

Gen. John French born at Randolph, Mass. Mar. 26, 1762 died Randolph, VT May 14, 1829; *GAR

FRENCH, Hannah

See Hannah Wales




See Sarah Dow



FRENCH, Joseph W.

P Stone 21

Marble: Fair

Joseph W. French born at Randolph, Mass July 17, 1854 Died Dec. 3, 1854


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