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      A century ago living was simpler, and there was an abundance of unspoiled rural communities. They have largely vanished from the landscape, but not Tunbridge Vermont.  When driving through  Tunbridge you can really begin to appreciate the serenity and beauty of a small town untouched by modern day eye-sores and traffic. 

      Tunbridge is made of up of neat and tidy farms with green rolling hills in the background. Tunbridge is like so many places in Orange County that are untouched by time. 

      Tunbridge folks are proud of their heritage.  Likewise the townspeople were crushed when the MILL Bridge, their 1833 covered bridge was lost to the ice storm of March 1999. 


The Tunbridge Historical Society

24 The Crossroad, Tunbridge, VT 05077
Mailing Address: 24 The Crossroad, Tunbridge, VT 05077
802-889-3458, 889-5528

The society focuses exclusively on Tunbridge and promotes the town's history through preservation of artifacts and documents, research, and field trips.

Guest speakers are hosted at special programs in June, July and August. Local history walks are held on two October Sunday afternoons. Ongoing fundraising to benefit restoration of the North Tunbridge Baptist Church building includes an annual raffle and an antiques appraisal day held the fourth Sunday in July.

Contact Person: Euclid Farnham, President, or Kay Jorgensen, Vice President

Hours and Admission: Program times and dates are available through the phones listed above for President Euclid Farnham and Vice President Kay Jorgensen.

Tunbridge Town Clerk

Town Clerk's Office
PO Box 6
Tunbridge, VT 05077

M-F 9:30am-Noon and 1:00pm-4:00pm 


Tunbridge Cemeteries

Button Cemetery 
Jenkins Brook Cemetery 


Tunbridge Query Posting

Please feel free to post a surname query for your ancestors  in Tunbridge on the 
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Tunbridge Lookup Volunteers

If you have any reference material on the Tunbridge area, 
or would like to volunteer to do lookups, 
we need volunteers who will help researchers. 
please let me know if you can assist in this.

"Gazetteer of Orange County, Vermont, 1762-1888", 
Compiled by Hamilton Child, June 1888 ~ 
K. Neal

Guidelines for requesting lookups:

On the subject line enter Tunbridge Lookup.
Put the name of the Source you are researching in the first line. 
Limit your request to 1 or 2 specific names on separate lines. 

Don't forget to thank your volunteer
for their time and effort!!!



Tunbridge Surnames

Following are names of Strafford families, with the email addresses of individuals who are willing to share information with other researchers, or they want to be listed as as contacts who are searching for this surname. 

This procedure was established prior to our new COUNTY wide Query and Records Board. 

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