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1790 Rutland, VT Census Index


Transcribed by Debbie Axtman

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Index of Pages to the 1790 Rutland, VT Census


1st #    Free white males 16 year upwards and head of families
2nd #   Free white males under 16 years
3rd #   Free white females and head of families
4th #   All other free persons 
5th #   Slaves

Abbe - Bell Bellamy - Buckmaster Buell - Clark
Clark - Danforth Daniels - Fitch Flag - Hall
Hambleton - Hopkins Horford - Lamb Lampson - Menroe
Merriam - Parmer Parmerly - Reynolds Rice - Smiley
Smith - Swetland
Swift - Weed
Weed - Zemichiple
Transcribed by Debbie Axtman

Copyright May 2000-2003

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