Danby, Rutland, VT
Genealogy & History

Freemen of Danby 1778

From The History of Danby, Vermont, by J. C. Williams, 1869

Freemen of Danby in 1778

William Gage, Jr.

Job Congor

Caleb Colvin

Enoch Congor

William Bromley

Isaac Gage

Jonathan Sprague

Reubin Towers

Daniel Bromley

Jessie Tuttle

Ezekel Ballard

Micah Wilson

Ebenezer Day

Henry Herrick

John Sweat

Jerimiah Merrithew

Joseph Day

Samuel Barlow

Luther Colvin

Constant Vail

Levi Sherman

Obediah Edmunds

George Gage

Obediah Allen

Charles Bromley

Roger Williams

Thomas Rowley, Jr.

John Hambleton

Stephen Calkins

Nathan Rowley

Thomas Allen

Holmes Perkins

Richard Latten

William Merrithew

Edward Vail

William Garrett

Titus Colvin

Gideon Burlingin

John Gage

Joseph Wilbur

Abel Haskins

Elisha Fish

Thomas Rowlee

Mathew Wing

Capt. William Gage

Abraham Stewart

Reubin Rowley

John Brock

Joseph Sprague

Anthony Day

Joseph Sprague, Jr.

Aaron Griffith

Bethuel Bromley

Jonathan Irish

Ebenezer Wilson

David Howard

Stephen Williams

Caleb Green

Jeremiah Griffith

Pelitia Soper

Elihu Benson

Dennis Lobdell, Jr

Amos Brown

Jacob Eddy

Gideon Tabor

Joseph Fowler

John Haviland

Ebenezer Merry

Lemuel Griffith

Caleb Phillips

Thomas Dennes

Dr. Ebenezer Tolman

Water Tabor

Lawrence Johnston

Henry Lewis

Joshua Bromley

Dennis Lobdell

William Bromley, 2d

John Howard

Job Palmer

Selathel Albee

David Coonly

Benjamin Brownell

John Holmes

John Harrington

David Irish

Benjamin Tanner

John Stafford

Hezakiah Eastman

James Porter

Mathew Wing

John Marten

Charles Leggett

Gideon Baker

Jesse Irish, Jr.

William Wing

Phillip Sherman

Stephen Buxton

Joshua Herrick

William Lee

John Lobdell


The above list does not contain the names of all the males over twenty-one years of age, in town at that time. We find that Abraham Chase, Wing Rogers, Ephraim Seley, Aaron Bull and Asa Haskins, and some others were residents of the town, and over twenty-one years of age, whose names do not appear on that roll. Perhaps other names were omitted, but it doubtless contains the names of nearly all the freemen here at that time. Some of the persons whose names are on the roll, were children of the settlers, having come here with their parents. Among these were William Gage, Jr., Joseph Sprague, Jr., William Bromley, 2d, Charles and Daniel Bromley, Reubin and Nathan Rowley, Jesse Irish and Thomas Rowley, Jr., and some others. (page 35 and 36)

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